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  1. jerryyao

    Chinese Pagodas

    It’s been a long time since the Buddhism spread from Indian to worldwide, especially in China. The 1st memory building was named “STUPA” in Indian to memory the Buddha, stored the replics and chanting, mostly it is a tomb of Buddha. When foreigners landed in South China, them were taught the 8 corner tower pronounced “Pagoda”. The word was collected in the dictionary till today, a minus change is to be “Chinese Pagoda” to mean the towers in Asian-Pacific area. Today Chinese people call Pagoda as “Ta” since the word was invented by Ge, Hong in Jin Dynasty. (around AD 300) I selected 6 typical types of Pagoda to be LEGO model, the superstructure of Pagoda can be separated by 3 parts as the picture below: Base, Body, Cha; 1. Basic Stupa The model reflects the main characters of Stupa which is the resource of all pagoda, stupa and etc. Flat base; Hemispherical body; Upside Lotus petal; The “CHA” of tower; 2. Lamaist Stupa The Lamaist stupa was heralded in hemispherical tomb in Fo-kuang Ssu in the latter part of the tenth century. The earliest Lamaist stupa was built in Xizang, China. The model reflects the main characters of Lamaist Stupa Flat and thin base; Higher base (Shu – mi - tso); Aquarius body “Belly” (The variant of hemispherical body); Truncated cone Bottle “Neck” Top “umbrella”; 3. One storied Pagoda The One storied Pagoda may be the 1st culture combined pagoda in Chinese. It mixed the different architecture elements from both Chinese and Indian. It more likes a Chinese pavilion with solid walls and stone or brick roof. The top of body adopts a building technique called “Corbelled brick courses”, they have 2 ways to be shown, positive and negitive. Using the LEGO parts to build this is a real challenge. The picture will show you how. You can also see the “Cha” part is real like the Stupa. 4. Multi-Storied Pagoda I build the 2 storied pagoda only for example. The real Multi-storied Pagoda usually looks similar with the Multi-Eaved Pagoda. The key of distinguish is to see the highest eaves, if they are real close, the pagoda shall be Muti-Eaved, others are Multi-Storied. 5. Bustling Pagoda The bustling pagoda normally use very complex decoration outside, the body sits on a very high Shu – mi – tso. Some pagoda allows people walk inside to the top. 6. Multi-Eaved Pagoda As the name shows, it has several levels of eaves, I built this model in order to show the extreme case, the eaves are very close. I also use a wheel as the “umbrella” part. Through the building progress of these 6 models, you will have a Buddhism trip in Chinese. You can con tact me via for the full instructions with a little bucks. Enjoy it! Jerry
  2. jerryyao

    KUBO in LEGO Version

    "KUBO and two Strings", the animation movie is so fantastic, I loved it so much. So I try to build the characters by LEGO pieces, and try to make them as small as I can. Here we go. I will show you 1 by 1, first is KUBO. i kept the shape of his mouth just like that he was telling the story. You can look at the back, I used a spider to present the bug image. When KUBO carried the two strings, he looks like this. The photo he taken with Mini-Hanzang. And the "Mother Monkey" And the "Father Bug" Let's look at the size compare. Father and Son Mother and Child The family I used the unique building technique to build the heads, and make them close to 7.5 similar with they are in the movie. Front looking The Back looking And the short video for introduction: Thanks for watching, See you next model.
  3. One day I went to the natural museum with my family, my wife asked whether I can build some insect with LEGO parts, and the goliathus was picked. I spent 2 days to build it, and for more fun I put it on the photo frame which from IKEA. Let's see how it looks. When it was took out from the frame, it looks like a real insect. Front view Back view, you can see all the studs are removed. The photo frame is from IKEA, Gunnabo, 13x18cm The introduce video Thanks for watching. You can send email to me to buy the instruction via
  4. Happy New Year! Start at 2017, I would like to present to you the new transformer I build. The leader of Autobot: Optime Prime. Let's look at the front page of it. I build this model from 3 parts as below: Nice shape to balance the Robot mode and Truck mode-----------------------Done Smooth transform progress-----------------------------------------------------------Done Mobility------------------------------------------------------------------------------------50% So it isn't the perfect version, I believe I will make perfect at the next version. Robot Mode You can find the studless at the backside which is huge different with the available versions. Truck Mode The Accessories (Gun and Matrix) This time I didn't build the container, because I would like to build other Autobots, and hope they can be insert into the container. (Keep the nice ratio!) The small screens with Spike The final picture leaves to the Truck mode. Also I make the PDF instruction, if anyone interested, please send the email to I made a video to record the whole transform progress, enjoy it! Thanks for the watching!
  5. jerryyao

    <Overwatch> Winston in LEGO version

  6. Short introduction from A super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant scientist and a champion for humanity's potential.[2] When he loses his temper, Winston becomes a raging ape. In his off-time, he enjoys peanut butter and bananas The original picture In LEGO version Let's see the equipments Tesla Cannon The Jump Pack And the Barrier Projector and The Primal Rage The short video to show the flexibilty Thanks for watching!
  7. jerryyao

    LEGO Blaster in G1 style

    David: Enjoy it! GREG998: Thanks!
  8. Inspired by Joe Perez who made the soundwave, I tried my version in Blaster. Refer to the blaster toy in G1 style and its transforming methodology, the LEGO version is on. Let's have a look at the pictures. The front of Auto-Bot mode The back view The pose holding the gun The front view of Blaster mode with the big Gun The back View Openable cover and rotatable tape ring The corner A little update when I make the video, mainly on the arms. The video shows the transforming progress. Thanks for watching, enjoy it! Joe: Thanks for your soundwave. Attached the Soundwave and Blaster
  9. jerryyao

    The Motor-Jet

    Thanks!, here it is.
  10. jerryyao

    The Motor-Jet

    Hello, this is the 1st motorcycle MOC I made. Inspired by the color "Medium Azure", the major parts from the Simpsons House and the Technic set 42050 Dragster. The photos Front Side look Back look The detail and other picture can be found in the video introduction as below:
  11. Thanks for the replies. G_phy made the little adjustment on the weight down there, so it went more smooth. Adding the motor will cause the size and other mechanical problem. I tried, but running not well.
  12. Inspired by the Kinetic Device the "Lift", made by Jennifer Townley. I made it by Lego Parts. The pictures Side show A little detail And the most important, the video, the link is attached for backup. The mpd file was attached for anyone interested :) 999-Lego Kinetic Device with
  13. jerryyao

    Battle Droid (Around 1/4 Scale)

    Thanks for your comments. The reason of white color set is the head part, otherwise I would like it to be tan. Because I am not good at working on the sticker stuff, I didn't use it. I like the printed parts :)
  14. B1 Battle Driod in Lego version, based on the 1/6 scaled driod model in 30cm size produced by Sideshow. The Lego version is around 55cm high, and 1/4 scaled. Use the ballon parts as the head and fully studs removed techniques. The other highlights are the gun, the backpack, the flexible neck and the flexible antenna. 3 poses as the photoes presented. 1: Fully equiped with gun and backpack at the back; 2: Gun in hands as the guard or battle position; 3: Stand-by pose in the vehicles. Hope you like it! Yes, it is not a perfect version. Because the color, the hands, maybe the illegal building techinques, but it is a start as you all know. Please support me on ideas if you like it! 1st position Left Back 2nd Position Removed the equipments Front Left Back 3rd position Misc. The Gun Another side The backpage Another view Hanging the gun Other pictures Please support me on ideas if you like it! Thanks for watching!