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  1. Hello! This my 6th moc for my entry in the Legends of Brickdom Global Challenge. Story and more mocs can be found on my photostream. Feedback is very welcome!
  2. Ryclen

    How many minifigures?

    At first when I saw the subject I thought, "How many minifigures does it take to screw on a lightbulb?" I don't know why... I would say you should build whatever size moc you feel you can make look good, and then see how many minfigures you can pose well in it.
  3. This is my fifth moc for my entry to the Legends of Brickdom Global Challenge. Story, info and more mocs can be found on my flickr. Without action: As always, C & C welcome!
  4. Ryclen

    {Moc} Assassination!

    Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Ryclen

    {Moc} Assassination!

    Thanks everybody! It's sort of like Guilds of Historica and the LCC, but it's a different one on flickr. Link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lob-dawn_of_legends/pool/
  6. This is my first entry for the Legends of Brickdom Global Challenge. The task assigned to Tarduan was simple enough: kill a certain Platinus commander involved with the planning of invading Daien, and take any intelligence he could while at it. It was good money too. Tarduan's services usually went to the highest bidder. In these times of war, the government was the highest bidder. After dispatching the guards, he rushed into the commander's quarters and slew him with a quick stroke of his sword before his target had a chance to reach for the ceremonial sword on his desk. Flipping through documents, rifling through chests and drawers, he pocketed valuable documents, even ones which were not his target. Those could be easily sold to other kingdoms for good profit. However, something caught his eye. Several maps and aged parchment scrolls describing a certain object. One of the legendary god weapons, named Athor's Gift. After quickly scanning the description, he was sure that investigating such an artifact would be worth his time. He also noted that the translations had been recorded weeks ago, meaning others would most likely be after it too. Tarduan would have to hurry. C & C very welcome!
  7. Ryclen

    Assault upon Stonevale Citadel

    Thanks everybody for the feedback! I'm glad you like it.
  8. As the darker powers in the corners of the world grew, the former strength of great kingdoms no longer seemed so unshakeable. Magic found its way back into the world, and the world trembled. I was gone for a while, but I was still following the community when I could. But now I'm back, and hopefully will be able to build some more. This is my entry to the CBC Epic Siege category, and is definitely one of my bigger mocs. Credit for damaged wall technique goes to Legonardo Davidy and Mark of Falworth. Comments welcome!
  9. Ryclen

    Transport Vessel

    Thanks everybody! Nice to see people like the stand too. Yep! I was sorting, and then this happened....
  10. Ryclen

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    That's really amazing. Great work!
  11. Ryclen

    Transport Vessel

    I felt like microscale. It seems to look better in real life. Comments and criticism welcome!
  12. Ryclen

    MOC - Mobile Space Crane

    Very nice! Clean and greebled!
  13. A bit lacking is sci-fi, but all those ancient warriors make me happy. Have some ideas for that medusa too.
  14. Ryclen

    Sci-Fi Month Winners!

    Thanks to everybody who voted, it was an excellent contest! I didn't even expect to get to top ten...
  15. Ryclen

    (LCC) The Siege of Lost Souls

    Wow, that castle wall is really great with that battle damage.