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  1. The Alchemyst

    Titian Mk. II

    Click above for Flickr Set. Just a slight retooling of my last work while I had an inkling of time home.
  2. The Alchemyst

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

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  3. The Alchemyst


    Click for main pic on flickr
  4. The Alchemyst

    Hero Factory 2012

    The white underneath looks nice on Breez. Lower legs are too short, just looks kind of stumpy.
  5. The Alchemyst

    Hero Factory 2012

    That cycle looks really skeletal. Those angled electricity pieces show up again.Wish there was more purple, I count about 7. Other than those, the recolored head and possibly the back arm parts [dunno if they've been in lime], everything else already exists as far as I know. Bulk and Stringer look great [dem subwoofer shoulders]. I'm really digging Bulk's colors and overall design. Nex looks meh, not sure Stormer will be worth it. Core Hunter has a bunch of those claws in red, those new armor pieces and a solid design. I wish he had some better/newer parts for his weapon. XT4 looks like it has nearly no new pieces and Voltix will be a parts pack. In other news, Rocka is a great set. Great design, some nice parts and a lovely, lovely helmet. He just looks really good.
  6. The Alchemyst

    Hero Factory 2011

    Rocka XL looks cool, whatever color that may be. So does Witch Doctor. The new jungle direction is unexpected. They need to stop with the Thornax launchers though.
  7. The Alchemyst

    Hero Factory 2011

    Geez, I thought Von Nebula was terribly designed, but "FIRE LORD" takes the cake. I'll be interested in the new head mold, it looks like the bottom of Stormer's original helmet was made into a head. Heroes have fancy colors and pieces, and the villains will hopefully be cleaned up and have some decent armor pieces.
  8. The Alchemyst

    MOC: Jack

    Blerp, copied off BZP. Something for the season. v Click for pic v Full detailed flickr gallery Criticism welcome.
  9. The Alchemyst

    Best titans/large beast?

    Takanuva 08 for sheer amount of those ball joints and great pieces. Also well articulated and looks pretty nice. Loved the look of Brutaka as well. The colors just worked so well. Props to Nocturn for having lime and glowy pieces.
  10. The Alchemyst

    Robocop A-14

    For Primus's blog contest on BZP. Tons of fun making pieces work and incorporating that sound brick.
  11. The Alchemyst


    Buzz just couldn't take anymore of Woody's sickening loyalty to Andy. With that crazed look in his eye, Buzz decided to commit the most heinous crime. Made a looong time ago, finally got to taking some pics.
  12. The Alchemyst

    Best Bioncle / Hero Factory set for MOCing?

    I'm sticking to the Rahkshi. Each of them had 10 of the sockets in their respective colors. Useful? That's an understatement. I'd also say Skopio for the sheer amount of ball joints. Such a useful piece.
  13. The Alchemyst

    MOC: Seraiel

    Hey there EB, it's been a while. I bring you a [mostly] Bionicle MOC as an offering. Click the pic for the flickr set. Started as a mech, turned into some sort of angel thing. Idea started off from a couple Gundam Model Kits I got as gifts
  14. The Alchemyst

    Hero Factory 2010

    -Pops in- Bulk and Vapour hopefully won't disappoint. With names like those, they have to live up to it. >.> I also hope they have some snazzy parts. I've yet to get a Stars because of the eh parts, and I'd rather get a Ben 10 [sand Green <3333] at this rate. But the Hero Factory has those swooshable leg guards, and neato colors on the canisters. Hopefully the price won't be jacked up again. I hope more lore is built around this. The building architecture in the video page back caught my eye. The design a villain/creature thing is a little bugged when I get to backgrounds, but it's a neat addition. Love some of the Calls though: "Opposums! Opposums everywhere! They're setting fire to my house!"
  15. The Alchemyst

    VBBN's Project Reconstruction

    This, with different dates. Good luck VBBN, it's going to be a pain. Poor Nuhrii, without his hands or foot.