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  1. Devid

    MOC - Gundam "Hammer Judge"

    My new Gundam "Hammer Judge" , I hope you like it Link with more photos Primary weapon Secondary weapon
  2. Devid

    Classic Spacekoma

    This is only the first... Link
  3. Devid

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    This is my first Optimus Prime (G1) transformable Link Flickr
  4. Devid

    MOC - Drone CS-1P

    This is an experiment... probably a new level of "Neo Classic Space Era", a mecha pilotated trough the ment of the pilot that it can stay in a base without any danger to die. Small drones can operate in every condition and can be replaced simply A close up of my Drone CS-1P Link Flickr Link Flickr
  5. Devid

    MOC - Mosquito CS1

    Small lightweight spaceship for quick trips with 2 big motors for maximum agility. Link Flickr
  6. A spaceship to carry heavy loads Link Flickr First photo Link Flickr Second photo
  7. Devid

    Classic Spacekoma

    My Classic Spacekoma CS1 now on Lego Ideas!!!Support and share!!! Link Lego Ideas Link Flickr
  8. Devid

    MOC - Nemesis Prime (G1)

    My Nemesis Prime (G1) Link flickr
  9. Devid

    MOC - Optimus Prime (G1)

    Thanks to everyone for the compliments! and it is not finished yet... I have modified it for put inside the minifig, i will make pictures as soon as possible.
  10. 2 suits of support for military troops in a small diorama Link Flickr
  11. This building was the first draft...
  12. Devid

    Military Mech X85/V

    My Military Mech X85/V Link Flickr
  13. Devid

    Military Micro Mecha X84

    My Military Micro Mecha X84 Link Flickr
  14. Devid

    Military Mech X85/V

    More photos of my Military Mech X85/V This is the second photo of my Military Mech Suit - X85/V with a different weapon, "Bolas of the soul" This is the third photo of my Military Mech Suit - X85/V with a different weapon, "Serrated Blades" I Don't know why but is so hilarious The cockpit
  15. Devid

    Military Mech X85/V

    Sorry but i have some problems with html code,now it's ok
  16. Third? Yessss!!! I'm so happy to be so high up!!! Thanks to all! and congrats to the winners! only a little sad to can't have a signed exo suit... grrrr
  17. Devid

    MOC - Gundam "Arbalester"

    My new Gundam "Arbalester", I hope you like it Link with more photos
  18. This is my second entry for the contest, entitled: "Ooooh pap!!!" Link to another photo Link to the photo below
  19. This is my entry for the contest... and now i have the honor to present my "Turtle CS-1" Link to another photo
  20. Ok it's so cool this contest but when i read this... " Intellectual property rights By entering this competition you accept that the ownership and all intellectual property rights to your entryare automatically awarded and transferred to LEGO SystemA/S, Aastvej1, 7190 Billund, Denmark without any limitations. You will not receive any payment for the transfer of your entry or any intellectual property rights, nor will you receive any payment for any products that may be sold in connection hereto. The LEGO Group can use the entry and any intellectual rights deriving from the turtles without any limitations via all forms of media now known or hereafter devised (including on http://www., worldwide, in perpetuity, without notice to you and without compensation." Linked from here This isn't cool... use Afol Ideas without at least say thanks or put the name of the creator if Lego use the creation is not very nice. However, I want to participate and give my contribution
  21. Musha Gundam are Gundam units modelled after samurai, ninja, or other forms of feudal Japanese warriors. I wanted to continue on the line of my mecha like my Gundam Arbalester,Seraphine III and Hammer Judge but with something like a Samurai Link Flickr Link MOCpages
  22. Devid

    Home Sweet Home - Results !

    Bob De Quatre can you put the score of each in a list? I'm so curious to know the total scores! and... Congratulations Disco86!!! (i love your Blacktron MOC but let's not say to anyone ) and congratulations to all the winners !
  23. I'm soo happy to present my Classic Space Robotech Valkyrie VF-1 CS I love this creation because it combines two genres unique for me, Lego Classic Space and Robotech/Macross Link: I hope you like it!
  24. Now on LEGO IDEAS!!!! happy!!!!!! Support and share for the return of Classic Space Theme!! Support! Support! Link