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  1. This is great news and great idea! The modules look very good and clever! I know that for some time Paul(crowkiller) has been selling various front and rear suspension modules as well as Gearboxes and he seems to do quite well, so there is most definitely an interest in Supercar mix and match Modules! Looking forward to see what you have in store for the future! Am I mistaken or are these Modules for 1/8th scale autos?
  2. The Instructions are finally up at Paul's site. I must say that they are exceptionally well done. Great job Blakbird and Crowkillers!
  3. I e-mailed him yesterday and he said that he and Eric were charging only $12 for 2 sets of instructions and the parts list for both the red Model and the black one. That is a extremely good deal considering you get both sets. I see a new video has also been released. I don't think he could have picked a better song choice.
  4. So Blakbird, in a round-about way, that is a YES??? When can we expect to see them? Hopefully soon. I would also like to commend you on the amazing work you have done and would like to offer to you the much deserved respect from the AFOL and TFOL from around the world for the time that you put into everything that you do for us. This image may be the best that I have seen from you. Once again my friend, truly amazing work. I applaud you.
  5. Glad I spotted this thread. I have been wanting to PF the drive of the 8070 for quite some time now.
  6. Grohl, you are a real inspiration to AFOL around the globe.
  7. Just seen these up at Brickshelf. Could this mean that instructions may be on the horizon? By the way Blakbird, these look amazing!
  8. Does anyone know the target release date for the 9397? late Feb early March?
  9. No, you are not. I hate to see Lego models painted, especially when they are painted in colors that never existed. Plus spray paint just doesn't hold up as well as the original molded plastic. However, I must admit that I absolutely love the Chromed out wheels especially the darker colored chrome. I even own a few sets myself now . The original Black and Light Stone are just boring and horrid colors. These dark colored chrome wheels look great and are not overdone or too gaudy. @Dluders I don't see an issue with the panels Paul painted as a temporary solution, but I would have just held off posting pictures of them. But I do remember him posting somewhere here that if he wouldn't have seen the new panels on the new sets that he wouldn't have done the model in black at all. I think he did the same thing with the long skinny panels in the Yellow Murcielago that he did. Someone also mentioned at Technicbricks that even designers at Lego paint parts before they are available to them.
  10. Here is a transmission that is fairly basic and studless. Not sure what you mean by the current trend is to build something and sell it, there are only a handfull of people that I know of who actually do that.
  11. And it is equally frustrating to all of us that you keep tap dancing around this thread title's actual topic with Google searches and theories that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. What has been displayed in every video that you (and the creator) have posted not only does not show an actual Lego build lifting off it's own weight, but consistently disproves itself in it's claims.
  12. No one is denying that this model isn't "Flying" after it is aided off of the ground by the counterweight. If not for the counterweight, this model would do absolutely nothing but sit on the ground and run out of battery power. But the topic of this thread is "Enough Lift for Helicopter Flight" which is not being displayed here. It is not generating enough propulsive thrust to move itself off of the ground surface without being helped off of the ground by an outside source which is completely defeating the purpose of what this thread topic is about.
  13. No need to Google anything because in my opinion, I have never seen a plane or helicopter flying through the sky being supported by a semi invisible string with a counterweight. Once again, this thread is about Lego lifting Lego off of the ground unassisted. This model in question is not displaying that at all.