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  1. The Brick Train Awards are back for 2022 for their third year. The awards are open to all LEGO train fans to submit their models for free during September in 15 categories: Best steam locomotive Best diesel locomotive Best electric locomotive Best other locomotive Best consist / full train Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best special wagon Best digital locomotive Best digital wagon Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) locomotive Best TFOL wagon Best TFOL display Public vote Best display 2021 saw over 750 entries from builders around the world, and showcased a huge variety of creativity in the LEGO fan community. Winners are judged for most categories at a regional level (Americas, Asia & Australasia, and Europe) and a global winner is then picked by a panel of international judges from the LEGO train community. The Brick Train Awards started in 2020 during Covid to try and provide some meaningful activity for LEGO train fans. The TFOL categories are aimed at teenage LEGO train builders aged 13 - 18 to support up and coming LEGO fans, and the quality of submissions is particularly strong here. Prizes for global winners are sponsored by, as well as contributions from TrainedBricks and Brick Model Railroader. Entries are open from 1st - 30th September 2022, and winners will be announced in the first week of October on the Brick Train Awards website,
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    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Hello again all, The Brick Train Awards are back for 2021! These are a virtual awards for LEGO train fans around the world, and are they are free to enter via from 1st - 28th February 2021. If you followed them last year, you'll have seen the huge variety and a lot of brilliant LEGO models from railways, railroads and transport systems from around the world. Prizes We'll be announcing prizes shortly, courtesy of the very generous Trixbrix who have once again stepped in to support the awards, including the cost of shipping prizes and winner's bricks worldwide. Additional sponsors for individual regions may follow. 2020 winners If you missed them, winners from last year's Brick Train Awards are listed on the website here; there's a 15 minute announcement video of winners here. Entering the Brick Train Awards 2021 As before, the awards are free to enter. You can enter up to 3 models per category; this time, models must have been completed in the last 24 months (2 years). Digital models can be submitted in the first 11 categories below: Best steam loco Best diesel loco Best electric loco Best other loco Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best special wagon Best structure Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) locomotive Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) wagon Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) display / structure The above awards are drawn at a regional level (best models in Asia, Americas, Europe and Australasia) before a global winner is picked from those. The two categories below are judged at a global level only (as there are relatively fewer entries for these): Best group display Best individual display Enter your models for free from 1st - 28th February 2021; see details at We look forward to seeing what's submitted this year! Richard - Organiser, Brick Train Awards
  3. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Yep, it seems to be a harder task each year to pick winners! 1. This is something we've considered both years. I think it is currently quite hard for "purist" LEGO builds to win, though Holger's 12V train shed slipped that trend - we decided it looked at home in a LEGO catalogue! Something we'll consider, but like you say it could end up very crowded. 2. Yep, was thinking a "train" category might be nice next year. We're a little limited on category numbers as that effects the cost of sponsorship, but as you can see from this year's entry stats, some categories had quite a poor participation level, so we can maybe look at swapping some around.
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    Brick Train Awards 2021

    I think it depends on the judges. Sometimes, over-Photoshopping things probably cost a few modellers a prize. A good photo certainly helps create a better entry - we did run and promote a free LEGO photography workshop this year to help participants improve their model photography. I was very impressed with the Hush Hush. Perhaps we need to stop the Aussies building next year :p
  5. Great review. A nice addition for LEGO train fans keen on keeping 9V alive!
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    Brick Train Awards 2021

    No problem, look forward to seeing what you enter
  7. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Place of residence - does mean that if you’re building a loco from another region it’s a little odd, but last year we had a few winners who’d built locos etc which weren’t from their own region. A minimum of 800 x 600 pixels is asked for, but not technically required. Important thing is that images all fit in to an email - makes life a lot easier for judges!
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    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Sounds interesting! There's always something you can add, a loco builder's task is never complete ;) No problem - see you Sunday. Link should go out Saturday afternoon (UK time).
  9. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Good question! Fictional designs can be entered in the relevant category for the model - judges are able to score these as with any other models.
  10. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    6 should be plenty - remember judges have hundreds of entries to review, so make the most of those 6 images. You don’t have to create a video (most entries don’t include one) - but it can be helpful to show functionality for some models. If you have a smartphone you should be able to capture video - it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece of filmography. You can include additional text - it’s nice to have some history and information of the model. One modeller last year went as far as putting together a whole presentation on the model! Look forward to seeing what you submit.
  11. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    A few updates on the awards: 1. Free LEGO photography workshop We're offering a free LEGO photography workshop as part of the awards - you can register here: This is on Sunday, 31st January 2021 at 1800 GMT, and will be held on Zoom. 2. Prizes for 2021 We've now had confirmation of prizes from our sponsors so far. Every winner will receive a Brick Train Awards 2021 winner brick, as well as... For regional winners (ie, winners in any category in Asia, Australia, Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa), Trixbrix are sending: 1x double straight tracks Box 10pcs 1x R56 curved tracks Box 8pcs (half circle) 1x half straight tracks 10pcs 50EUR giftcode for For global winners, they will also receive the below: 2x double straight tracks Box 10pcs 2x R56 curved tracks Box 8pcs (half circle) 1x half straight tracks 10pcs 60EUR giftcode for BrickTracks have also sponsored all winners in the Americas region, who will receive the following: 2x BrickTracks r104 left and right points / turnouts Finally, TrainedBricks have sponsored all winners of the steam locomotive category with $50 USD voucher for their store, which can be used towards shipping costs too.
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    [MOC] Botanical Gardens Station

    That's really impressive. Love the shot towards the restaurant particularly (06)!
  13. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Yup, all on the website linked above
  14. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Yep, noticed a lot of interest in TFOL categories last year, so makes sense to add a few more categories.
  15. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Yep - you can submit digital models for all categories except the individual and group display awards.
  16. In the U.K., our main LNUR group covers LEGO train fans over 18. Under 18, there doesn’t seem to be a group that exists. We will be having a think about what the next step is, as the LEGO train hobby is a great hobby and we’d like to support people entering it as much as we can. Few other good Facebook groups for LEGO train fans - LEGO RAIL (created by a member before we started), LEGO Train Fan Club, Amazing LEGO Trains and a few others. If you’re in the U.K., you’re eligible for membership of the main club!
  17. BricksMcgee

    L&YR Class 27 Locomotive

    Wow! What a well rounded model - nice of you to share the digital model, too.
  18. Lovely build, thanks for sharing. As an organiser of the Brick Train Awards, sorry we couldn’t post every entry. We’re working on processes to allow us to do that for next year’s event (coming February 2021).
  19. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] LMS Class 5 "The Jacobite Steam Train"

    Wow. Some truly superb models! The lining really makes those models stand out that extra mile. Nice work!
  20. BricksMcgee

    Looking for constructive criticisms please

    Those aren’t awful - room for improvement, but most models have! The boiler looks a little large to me compared to the cab, so perhaps try reducing that. It all depends on the prototype you’re basing it on, of course. the image that Selander posted is a good resource for boiler building techniques.
  21. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] LEGO Amfleet I Coach

    What’s posted was the only image sent from what I remember. We’re looking at ways to post all entries and share more images of certain builds in future years.
  22. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Steward's Glen Station

    Very nice, suggests a small British railway station nicely. What’s the inspiration behind the name of the station, “Steward’s Rest?”?
  23. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Narrow gauge diesel engine "V 52" in 1/25

    Beautiful model - stood out for me!
  24. BricksMcgee

    Is anyone selling ME Models Rails

    I have bags of one of the original runs I’ve never used. If you’re U.K. based happy to part with them for a decent price.
  25. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2020 winners

    Hi all, The winners of the Brick Train Awards 2020 have been announced (there's a 15 minute announcement video if you prefer that), so here's a round up of the global winners (you can find winners in each category for Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe linked there too); Best steam locomotive P2 “Prince of Wales” Samuel Sims Australia, Australasia Just a stunning model - all of the details and customisations made this the standout entry in a category with a lot of tough competition. I love the use of the bucket handles and the lining particularly. Best diesel locomotive Bangor & Aroostook Diesel Alexander Geary USA, Americas A superb rendition of this American loco - particularly impressive tube bending, as mine always end up messy! Best LEGO® Electric Locomotive Alstom Pendolino ED250 PKP Intercity Mateusz Waldowski Poland, Europe This was one of my personal favourites, and I'm glad it came through from the Europe region to win best global electric locomotive. The shaping work is beautiful, and the nose is well captured - definitely a hard profile to replicate in LEGO bricks! Best Other LEGO® Locomotive Narrow Gauge Climax Geared Loco Alexander McCooke Australia, Australasia Another standout model for me - it looks like its real life prototype so closely; it looks like an O Gauge model to me at a distance. Best LEGO® Passenger Wagon Amtrak Amfleet II Andy Tanjaroon USA, Americas One of three digital renders to make it through to the global awards, the profile of this passenger car is really nicely captured - I'd love to see it built in the brick. Best LEGO® Freight Wagon GATX Tanker Wagon Mateusz Waldowski Poland, Europe Another European win for this superb tanker wagon. The undercarriage details are nicely done, and the few smaller stickers/vinyls give it that little bit extra. Wouldn't mind a rake of these to run at home! Best TFOL Model JR西日本125系電車 / JR West 125 series Y.Higashibata Japan, Asia The TFOL awards was one of my favourite categories, as it bought out so much hidden talent I hadn't seen before. This render of a Japenese unit is superb; lovely shaping, and the cab front work leaves a smooth finish for some challenging angles. Best LEGO® Group Display MLTC Display Melbourne LEGO Train Club Australia, Australasia Not sure there's not surprise at this one - the MTLC layout at Brickvention each year is a huge collaborative work, and each section is beautifully detail - the photo above shows only half of the layout! Best LEGO® Individual Display 2020 City Tim Howell USA, Americas A lovely little city display - custom cars, vans, buildings and locos, and it looks more finished than my LEGO cities every did! This one has inspired me to set my own city up again - it's been 6 months since I moved house and much of my LEGO city is still in boxes! Best LEGO® Structure Blast furnace Yvonne Strijbos Netherlands, Europe This was another "wow" model when I saw the entry come in. The above shot is a render, but the builder has also built it in the brick, and it's a lovely piece of railway infrastructure - a lot going on in a relatively small space. Thanks to everyone who entered this year - and we have the happy news that the Brick Train Awards will return for 2021 in February/March, to allow contestants time to enter OcTRAINber too. We'll be looking at adapting and adding some categories to better suit model entries, as well as a few other changes based on feedback we've had.