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    Wanted: GB Olympic Minifigs.

    Hi, can't get you PM. Please pm me back if you want.
  2. what is non proportional? Maybe we could build one with off the shelf bluetooth module n a simple microchip.
  3. I am able to sell whole sets of it. or 60s PM if with your price for a whole set =] Not much sets left here... But willing to get a much done as possible.
  4. clcwong

    Wanted: GB Olympic Minifigs.

    How much are you willing to pay? I can pbb grab a whole box =] or a whole set PM me
  5. clcwong

    MOD: 10219 Maersk 2.70 Meters Long

    Great work =] I got some too...but not as long as yours... no space to lie them all out
  6. clcwong

    AFOLCON & The LEGOShow

    finally found I'm Caleb Nice pic btw....hope to see your trains again soon!
  7. clcwong

    MOD: 10219 Maersk 2.70 Meters Long

    the link is removed? =[
  8. clcwong

    10224 Town Hall

    How do you twist them? I still can't figure out how to fix it...just sent an email to Lego
  9. clcwong

    10224 Town Hall

    I am have the same problem...the front left and back right have 1mm sticking out. Is this because of the new 1x4 connection method? How do you fix it?
  10. clcwong

    MOC: Pumpkin Factory

    Thanks. Possible to upload some photos for each floors lift area, so I can see the whole setup? =] n some part which gear at the bottom u used? Kind of get it, hope I can finish my town hall and do this soon! Thanks!
  11. clcwong

    MOC: Pumpkin Factory

    How does the lift work with the motor? Any more instructions? This is fantastic if could build into town hall =]
  12. clcwong

    Why Pay More?

    where do you see this in 50% off?
  13. clcwong

    LDraw MOC: My EMD F7 (New Gray) Project

    wooo....this is cool...! Just got a fire brigade for myself ytd..hope can spare some time for your trains soon lol
  14. clcwong

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    yea...this one looks great! We see a lot in Hong Kong as well!
  15. clcwong

    Canal Street Houses - Modular Building

    the slim one looks great although it only have 12 studs wide, it is full of details!