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  1. Hey all, I actually started my account back in January and was kinda confused about the restrictions and navigating the forums. But I'm back now, ready to dive in and read as much as I can! ~ Aeridian
  2. Neat design! I've had a similar idea to make buildings from games as well, like: the Settlers, Age of Empires, Battle for Middle-Earth, etc. I haven't gotten around to it yet though. You seem to be getting a hang of it!
  3. Aeridian

    Blacksmith's mini workshop

    Very cool. Love the simplicity.
  4. Aeridian

    Hey :)

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  5. Aeridian

    Hello from Indonesia!

    I'm not into sci-fi that much, but your Steampunk builds are fantastic! I've been wanting to try my hand at it sometime soon...
  6. Aeridian

    Hello, i'm Nokow

    Welcome! MOCs always vary from builder to builder. It takes some time, but you'll get there.
  7. Aeridian

    Hi. I'm writing from Italy!

    Welcome to one of the best Lego communities to hang out in!
  8. Aeridian

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello and welcome!
  9. Aeridian

    What set should/will replace the MMV?

    That would be really neat! I'd love to see a village/fortress cross over set. It'd be a great addition to the previous ones.
  10. Aeridian

    MOC: lakeside castle

    You did a great job making the chapels pillars diagonal. It looks really neat. Fantastic work on the whole thing!
  11. Aeridian

    MOC: The Desert Rose

    You made dark red such a great choice for the desert. I like the addition of the river and the cacti as well.
  12. Aeridian

    [MOC] Nazgul in Lego Store

    That's such a sleek design. Impressive part usage for the neck. Well done!
  13. Aeridian

    [MOC] LOTR Minas Tirith

    Great job capturing the variety of buildings in and around the walls. It looks fantastic.
  14. Aeridian

    Review: 70402 The Gatehouse Raid

    I have yet to pick this up, but I think it looks really good. I agree with fhomess, it's a nice step up from the $20 set, and includes another minifig and more castle pieces.
  15. Aeridian

    MOC: Labyrinth of the Minotaur

    Great color choices and texture on the floor. Didn't want to give him some hair?
  16. Aeridian

    Pirate Paradise.

    Spectacular work guys! Love the lush vegetation and the natural rockwork. You've got a great eye for details and such.
  17. Aeridian

    Twisted Tales

    Great progress! I love reading your story and seeing the clever builds you make.
  18. Aeridian

    Westfold Under Attack 2.0

    Nice work! You really captured the intensity of the raid well. I think if you added a little more dark tan to the ground it might have contrasted the buildings a bit better. Just a thought...
  19. Aeridian


    Love the eyepatch on him, it's a great touch. Sweet addition to the sides of the boat, looks neat.
  20. Aeridian

    Troll Dreadbringer

    Man, so many comments I agree with! Absolutely love the mix of dinosaurs, orcs, trolls and wargs. They all make for a very fearsome foe!
  21. Aeridian

    [Moc] Stonewall Castle

    Sweet job Matt! I haven't really tried my hand at micro, but you seem to have a growing knack for it already!
  22. Aeridian

    My fantasy MOCs

    The Fellbeast is totally boss! I've been wanting to find a use for that d. bluish gray piece that you have on its head. And using BrickWarriors bear traps for the monsters feet is brilliant. The treasure room's design is so well done. You have such clear lighting and great builds! Keep up the fantastic work.
  23. Aeridian

    Blood and Bones

    Nice work man! I like the contrast of the dark, rocky dungeon and the lighter hallway.
  24. Aeridian

    The Council of Elrond

    Outstanding work Disco! I really love the curved wall, the vines and all the little nitpick details.
  25. Aeridian

    [MOC] Corinthian column

    I agree. The design looks fantastic!