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    Lego v.s. Action Figures

    I have a feeling this isn't an AFOL's bedroom The idea for the comic is good, but it feels like something is missing.
  2. A_Town


    Lil wayne liked Nirvana and I like nirvana so I have something in common with lil wayne.
  3. A_Town

    wussup everyone!

    Hahaha are you serious? you guys are all adults collecting lego? I thought I was going to be the oldest one on these forums. Ok so not talking about future lego sets vs under 18 not allowed. I guess I'll have to go back to FBTB.com
  4. A_Town

    Which set should I buy?

    You have 666 posts? Anyway to stay on topic; I have the comic-con exclusive star wars set and I would like to sell it. So should i buy the at-te or buy the magnaguard fighter and buy 3 stormtroopers battlepack? I'm into storm troopers now.
  5. A_Town

    wussup everyone!

    I don't really want to give out names, but the other lego forum where I come from focuses on star wars legos and has the support the brick thing. Anyway A little bit about me, I'm a junior in High School, I enjoy playing/watching sports(football,baseball,soccer) I also watch basketball, but I don't like it as much, and I also go for Atlanta Braves. Although they haven't been doing too well
  6. A_Town

    Comic Con Exclusive

    I think it would be worth gettng for bragging rights, but for opening it? no way
  7. A_Town

    7678 Reivew: Droid Gunship

    You're me want to buy this
  8. A_Town

    LEGO Wishlist

    I always wanted fort legoredo, but they go for like 300 on ebay new. I should've bought it when it was $200 back in 2003.
  9. A_Town

    Z95 Headhunter MOC

    Looks nice and with good detail. Good Job
  10. A_Town

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Aww, living in US I guess I won't be able to get a bonus clone...
  11. A_Town

    Comic Con Exclusive

    I attended the con and I got this, but I didn't really know what it included so I was quite dissapointed when I got home and reasearched the contents. So I think i'll probably sell it.
  12. A_Town

    wussup everyone!

    Hi everyone! I have collected legos since 2002, mostly star wars legos. I'm from Atlanta, GA in the US for any who don't know. I came to eurobricks because they wouldn't let us discuss future lego sets there.