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  1. In 2000's, nobody was thinking on store legos to increase their profit. I haver one example: I have a 7666. I thought: WOW, this LIMITED set will increase with time. It rose from $60 to $110. Then, stopped. New and better sets came, and made it obsolete. I even forget to sell the 7666. It is still in attic... The 2000's sets were great. But do they worth more than they valued? NO way... except from VERY RARE STUFF like Chrome Vaders, there is no reason for this bubble. But it will not burst. It rises and keeps their top value, like my example. Inflation eats their value thru time. Bricklink is a very interesting market to observe thru time.
  2. I do not care about the terrible last movie and its sets BUT THIS..... OHH YEAH they are saving the franchising via Streaming
  3. Mr Meleca

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Merry Christmas every year my daughters were in the raffle, and this year will not be different, They always play with their lego friends in ice. We live in Brazil and the Christmas is always very hot this time of the year. Thank you all for this incredible raffle building event you have organized every year. Wish you all the best! (message from my daughter: Fenk you)
  4. Mr Meleca

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    MY GIRLS JUST GOT the manatees! thank you so much guys!
  5. Mr Meleca

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    HI all this is my youngster daughter´s entry and photo for this year Hope you all have a great Christmas this year! Thanks again Cop Mike for this traditional celebration in the forum!!
  6. Mr Meleca

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi how much is the price of the castle in singapore?
  7. Mr Meleca

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    my 2 daughters and wife are Potterheads however, the $400 set was never included in their list... till today they are in heaven, and YES, they think th enano-minifigure scale was the best idea EVER for the set. I agree, and I am very upset of not have a SW set like that
  8. I have the 4504 You don't know how painful was to watch the new releases and not buy another one "You already have a Millenium Falcon!" No, not this time
  9. hi I have 4 entries: the first one is "gathering generations". The aim was to integrate different generations in one MOC, showing the oldest generation molding the LEGO Space and the newest participating during the process. It contains my oldest mini figure (the statue) and my newest Classic Space, from the CMS. I had problems during the building, I had not enough black pieces to make a proper scenario for the mini figures. The others were moments of fun, trying to recreate the Classic Space design. the Mobile Ground Laboratory and Communication Station, the Space Patrol Craft (inspired on the old X1 Patrol Craft) and another tribute for Lego Classic Space (trying to get a Bronze minifigure!!)
  10. Hello friends I was trying to put some order in my collection and found the poster of CMF series 1, from the Beano magazine (from UK, where I lived that time). The magazine was the price of the mini figure, but came with ONE minifigure from S1, the poster, a sticker sheet and 16 pages of activity. I was trying to find something related to it, and I could not find anything... and I remember I found here the information about the magazine I bought 4 or 5 of them... the package was biodegradable and now it is DUST... this is the sticker sheet and this is the poster. It has around 70x50cm in a very vivid YELLOW layout more images from the magazine and a sticker sheet from CMF S4 you can see here
  11. that is the entry of my daughter for this year MERRY CHRISTMAS COP MIKE!!!!
  12. This post is an invitation for ou to show your first minifigure and his story. Dear Fellows, I present you my first mini figure. 30 years ago my Aunt, who lived in USA brought me one set of Space (in Brazil, there was not Lego on sale in Stores). I do not remember which year but I do remember its box and where I did open it. I was 4 or 5y-o (1979-1980). It was the set 452 - Mobile Ground Tracking Station. From that moment, this was obviously my favorite minifigure. He used to fight against the horrible big heads gang with a cannon in their fist (I removed the firemen (218) hands). Years later my adorable aunt gave me the second Space set, 6881 - Lunar Rocket Launcher. I had my adventurer fellow and a friend. All changed in 1986 when Lego Company opened a factory in Brazil. That Christmas my father gave me 2 amazing sets: the FX Star Patroller and the Inter-Galactic Command Base, my best Christmas ever. My relation with Lego Space lasted until the early 90´s, my Dark Age. In 1999 TIE Fighter & Y-wing brought me back. So finally I show you the bravest adventurer in my collection: My first minifigure As you can see, the helmet is broken in the chin, a predictable accident that only happened after years of use. I used to remove the air tanks during his travels, and the repetition made the head loosed. I had to attach the head to the torso with paper. Because of that, it was hard to remove the head. The head marks are consequences of it (teeth involved sometimes, of course). The torso had the printing gone in the first years. The hands still have a good clutch and broken arms appeared only in the lasts years of "service". My first minifigure and a brand new one The Hips and legs… these pieces suffered the action of time. During the lasts years of intense activity, the legs could not clutch in the vehicles anymore. My friend was loosing his Swooshability. He used to fall off from any opened vehicle. The studs did not make pressure over his tired limbs. Hands, hips and legs, front view. View of his back, note the paper on his right hip articulation. For years I had the question: to clean or not clean my friend. As you can see, he was used intensively for a long time, his scratches and dust do not denies the time. I have decided he must stay how he is. It shows me the time has passed and we cannot clean all we have been through. Also he shows me who I was and encourage me to don´t loose the virtuous human been I used to be as the time is always trying to make me forget. Framed display were he is in exposition, in my bedroom.
  13. Mr Meleca

    LEGO Clone Building Event (2002)

    I have 4 one chewed by my passed dog, in 2007-8 I do remember the boxes were quite common in early 2000' ON e-bay
  14. Mr Meleca

    Ideas For Future Friends Sets

    Did you see the result of the Lego Friends Contest???? Thee winner will be a Lego Friends Set quite disappointing ..... tens of very good sets, well planned and following the rules of the competition. However, they chose this one here are other competition entrances
  15. Mr Meleca

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    my daughter got her today THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKE
  16. Mr Meleca

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Blast! J2G never misses. Sad news
  17. Mr Meleca

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    and chat about the cannons?? are they new pieces or just technic assembled?
  18. Mr Meleca

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    the ship is good looking, however, ZERO swooshability and playability. Also overpriced. Let´s compare with black Pearl and Queen Anne´s... I will pass
  19. Mr Meleca

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    I will be honest I am loving this
  20. Mr Meleca

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Wow, Great vehicle! much better than the first version (which is BTW my favourite CWset) looks much more sturdy, The previous always loosed some lateral parts.
  21. Mr Meleca

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    The Lego Batman Pack doesn't have Batman. There will be Batman's pack with bis original outfit?
  22. Mr Meleca

    Harry Potter chances?

    Buy with fantastic beasts is the possibility of re-release I have been in Florida last month And The HP popularity is quite high
  23. Mr Meleca

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Xbox one in my console I fixed the problem. I had to change my xbox store location, from Brazil to USA. BTW, in Brazil the starter pack costs more than $ 250! I bought in usa and the 360? Do you know if the console tolerates the game with only 3 gigabytes in its memory?
  24. Mr Meleca

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Hello I bought some packs this Christmas. Previously I had only wave one mini figures. after all updates, I added the Harry Potter pack. However, despite this, the HP worlds are not there. I know I have to download it, but my system says they will be available soon. the portal in voltron is in red, the mini figure passes thru it but do not enter. I tried a new series one mini figure and worked perfectly. Another question. I bought the Xbox 360 pack for my nephew. does he need to buy memory for his console or not? thank you