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  1. Crane-Trucker

    [MOC] Swingloader Mark Two

    beatiful piece of equipment it looks simular to an ahlmann shovel http://www.entreedin.../picbig1259.jpg
  2. Crane-Trucker

    my 8258 crane truck and all of its mods

    Time to blow some dust of my topic after the last posts my truck is already rebuild and i placed the crane back at its normal position. How ever my truck itself isn't that special anymore i've done more about detailing the truck to make it look more like a real scania. So with hundreds of scania pictures ive rebuild the cab to a more modern scania, in that case i've changed the roof and the grill. I fitted it with a flat loading floor and made a 2 axled cargo lorry. I let the pictures do the rest of the story enjoy. the cargo lorry The new front grill including red colored bumper new designed roof
  3. Crane-Trucker

    8258 Truck cab

    8258 is more likely a scania cab then the 8109, but that is just how you want to imagine it yourself i think (and i share your thoughts)
  4. I love this one stunning creation on one of the most beautiful looking supercar of the world
  5. Crane-Trucker

    Mercedes AMG 6x6 - like truck

    Very nice G i like it
  6. Crane-Trucker

    Mgx4 Crawler

    Your MOC looks nice but i don't think that your suspension is too hard but i think that the body needs more weight to get more angle of your axles
  7. Crane-Trucker

    8258 vs 8110 Which one is bigger?

    i find it hard to compare the 2 sets. Because there is a difference in scale, buildwise, and functions. first of all i think that the unimog is more complex to build and its on a bigger scale (1:10 i think), while the crane truck is (in my opinion) less complex to build and is in a smaller scale (around 1:18). I really like the crane truck because of its real looking (and working) knuckleboom crane. But i think that both sets are worth buying/owning.
  8. Crane-Trucker

    my 8258 crane truck and all of its mods

    that depend on how you wanna use it :) it's lifting capacity now (read post above yours) is an empty can of bear max!!! so it hardly lifts heavyer things. By the way the crane in that setup is a lot heavyer than the normal box crane, so heavy that the motor has real trouble unfolding the second boom and its need certainly manual help
  9. Crane-Trucker

    my 8258 crane truck and all of its mods

    After the recovery vehicle i wanted to make something else. I always liked rear mounted cranes so i want to try and make it work. Besides the front part of the chassis with the 2 axles and cabin again everything is completly rebuild. The gearbox, PF motor al found a new place at the chassis. It was almost impossible to mount the crane direct on top of the 2 rear axles because of the gearbox so i build it right in front of the first rear axle. This time i developed a new 3x extending jib for this crane some specs: lenght: 62cm wide: 15.3cm weight: 3.8 KG maximum outreach of the crane: 84cm maximum height of the crane: 91cm 7 stabilizers: 4 normal, 2 on extending traverse on the rear of the chassis, 1 on the front equipped with a small loading floor. For more pictures click here
  10. Crane-Trucker

    my 8258 crane truck and all of its mods

    tnx but there is still more to come and i think that the next build is really something special but that's up to you all to decide
  11. Crane-Trucker


    woow your ship is massive man really nice work greets from a fellow lowlugger
  12. Crane-Trucker


    thank you all
  13. Crane-Trucker

    my 8258 crane truck and all of its mods

    time to continue the story (where not there jet ) i've shown you already some work to 8258 crane truck but there is much more to tell en show. Between the first pictures i've showed you and the next i'm about to is more ten 1,1/2 year of little adjustments and improving things, but no great rebuilds. So after more then 1 year i've wanted something else, so i started to breakdown and rebuild the truck. This time i want to make a recovery vehicle so i build the recovery crane of the 8285 towtruck on the back of the truck. @ this moment i already improved the knuckleboom crane compared to the first pictures, here it has 3 extension and added some look-a-like hydraulic cilinders more pictures of this truck: click here it was quitte a big thing and i wasn't very satisfied about it, the mix of an european truck with a american recovery back end didn't suite me so after a few days it was time to rebuild the truck to a more normal recovery truck, after good looking at pictures of recovery vehicles i made up my mind and want to make a 8x4 chassis with a century recovery type crane so the loading crane was dismounted and builded the 8285 recovery crane on the loading crane rotating platform driven with its functions. more pictures of this truck:click here so this was the build half way past last year
  14. Crane-Trucker

    my 8258 crane truck and all of its mods

    yes i could do that but for wich 1 do you mean? the 8258 crane truck or my own build truck
  15. Crane-Trucker

    Hello from the Netherlands

    welkom landgenoot have fun here