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  1. I put some power puller tires on mine. Using the tires for my 4x4 chassis.
  2. mike4slund

    [MOC] Airport Crash Tender

    OMG. This thing is absolutely beautiful.
  3. I have tried doing some research and really havent found the direct answer I need. Is this cable designed to use the NXT Brick to power a motor. Or is it desgined to use the battery pack to power a NXT Motor. I have tested and I can do both with this cable. But I have read somewhere that it will burn up my NXT Motor. I need some help please. Thank you for your time. http://shop.lego.com...NXT-8528?p=8528
  4. mike4slund

    Toyota BJ Flatbed

  5. I tried to message you through this forum. It might be a problem with my settings or lack of posts. PERFECT! I will purchase the regular instructions of this trailer now :D and patiently wait for truck.
  6. I tried to message you, but I could not. Do you plan on making instructions for the orange truck that is in the picture?? This will help me in purchasing the correct instructions :D
  7. mike4slund

    Lego Technic Tractor Truck

    wow! absolutely amazing!
  8. mike4slund

    Quality of service at LEGO stores.

    Ive been to the one in Lynwood, WA and Bellevue, WA. nothing but absolute perfect service no matter how busy they are.
  9. mike4slund

    How to get something on the front page?

    i dont have that option. must be for different users,
  10. I think it would be really awesome to feature this guys store on the front page. he buys, sells, and trades! check him out. He has a lot of awesome stuff! link removed
  11. mike4slund

    Lucky LEGO finds

    scored all of this today in working condition! all i had to do was trade some of my old minifigs and a couple bucks on top! screamin deal. :D
  12. mike4slund

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    how the heck does the string get routed on page 337???
  13. mike4slund

    Help Finding A Few Parts

    thank you so much . this is perfect !!!
  14. mike4slund

    Project Shipyard

    i just want the money so i can buy that many pieces. holy crapola!