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  1. i would like to see a "kit up" wave. each hero built as what is now a 10 dollar set, but with a large pice of weaponry that is removable and has some feature (ex, large arm covers that go over the normal ones, with flip out blades.).

    the biggest hero and villain sets would be armoured mech suits that could be seperated into sections, and have the smaller weapons attatch on to them to upgrade the mechs. ex: furno having shoulder cannons, surge with a big lightning sword, bulk with super arms, and nexwith transforming multi tools, would combine with the hero mech, and boost up the power of the rider, a new guy named "darrek mechina", who has the power to link with machines in universe.

    villains would be "hakerz", a group who broke into the hf to upgrade themselfs and steal weapons, their mech would be black and red. and their add ons would be something like "scyth, gatling gun, fire arm, ect.", and their defeat in story would have furno and stormer geared up with tons of weapons taken from the mech basicaly sealing their mech shut with them in it.

    in sets only, the characters can actually combine with the mechs to bulk them up, but not in series.

  2. what if its an upgraded version of that drone stormer fought in von nebulas origin? you know, out of spite, von nebula models the heavy hitter villain bot' from the anti factory after the thing that made him go rouge in the first place to taunt stormer.

    or it could even be the new von nebula, just built up to look like a show version we havnt seen yet.

  3. I like how everyone is saying he's a placeholder when there is no proof he is. He could be a new villain that just came out of nowhere and decided to work for Von Nebula, for all I care. But honestly, where's the proof he is a placeholder?

    its just because he is almost exactly the same as black phantom just with different spikes on his head and slightly changed shoulders that physicaly can not be built in set form.

  4. Does anyone else wish that there were bigger hand molds for titan sized charecters?

    Not me, personally. Witch Doctor is perhaps the only titan-sized set big enough to need more than the standard hand piece, and once you get to a scale like that it would be more worthwhile to build hands from scratch using parts like Exo-Force robot arms than to have a separate specialized element for the task.

    thats the next thing im working on, if only i could get back into the imigur acount and post the last few pics i did...

    what im thinking is a new piece for a hand, witch would have fingers with every 2 fingers moulded together onto something the size of an exo force arm, a new hand piece with technic axle holes in the middle of them, so that you could use a bar and put 2 together with a standard y-joint and make a big hand using exo force arms as the fingers. still no clue what to use for the thumb though.

    also, since it would be redundant to draw it out, the one pices would each be made in translucent colors corresponding to the character they are used for, with a separate set of them in standard black included in the larger sets, to reflect a power upgrade that allows the hero core to be charged by kinetic motion in the story.

  5. Not impossible, just highly improbable. That means you can make it presentable, then start a CUUSOO project for it and you have chance to have it accepted.

    that is true, but i dont expect it to be good enough for me to upload any time soon. well, maybe once summer vacation starts and i have more time, or maybe a bit before then, but atleast a few months.

  6. This is pretty good, ever thought of starting a CUUSOO project for this?

    yeah, but i didn't for 2 reasons, 1- its not entirely fleshed out yet, i want it to be entirely presentable if and when i put it on cuusoo. and 2- cuusoo is meant to get individual sets released not entire themes, so its highly improbable that suggesting entirely revamping an entire building system would get through, no matter how many votes it has, unfortunatley.

  7. hero factory: regenerated

    a project created to show just how far the hero factory system could go with some new parts and stuff.

    first post here, and i wanted to make it a good one, so here it goes:

    hf: regenerated is my project, the creation of an ideal hero factory system. to create fully customizable and professional looking action figures with an adaptation of the hero factory build system.

    while based in the hero factory system, this project aims to deliver what the hf system hasnt been able to. in the past, we have had gappy backs, unfinished designs, and terrible weapons (bulks drill anyone?). these things will be improved on in hf: regenerated. excuse the crude drawings, my tablets bugging out and i wanted these done today, so ill post up more and better finalized designs tomorrow hopefully, if not the on Tuesday.

    ok, part explanation time:

    heads: one i really wanted to fix, the current heads are good for one the character they are supposed to be, and hardly more without some creative parts use.

    my head design is a mix of the current and 2.o versions. creating a 5 (sometimes 6) section head, with 1 technic pin in there as well.

    it is seperated into the upper and lower base, right and left gear, helmet, and sometimes visor. this allows for custom combinations of gear parts into special gear sets, making the heads look unique on each combination. the edition of the visor would allow an even better "new character "look, covering the face with new detail prints or colors. and last bet not least, the new system would let the user pick a different color for the eyes and lower face details differently from one another, and allowing more expressive characters "ie. red=mad, blue= calm and so on"


    HERO CORE: not a big change here, but a more streamlined looking symbol would be added, and the current "all white" design would be swapped with the cores having colors in translucent plastic on the inside, like how the colors shine through on the tv episodes.


    BODY: the second largest modifacation in this set (other than weapons, but im getting ahead of myself with that one...) are the torso/body parts.

    now, the current system is fine for what it is, but the customization options are not verry large, though brain attack has the right idea with the option of up to 4 different colored exo force arm bits.

    my torsos would have two sections, an upper and a lower, that each have a joint inside of them that connect to one another and give mid torso articulation. they would have every joint on them replaced with friction joints to make more stable figures, and would have axels behind the standard shoulder joints that could have an axel passed through it with ball joints at each end to make a wider shouldered character for a more brawny type characters. they would feature the current point of attachment for the hero core, along with the (as of brain attack) standard exo force arm connections. it would also have an axel point so that a new type of colored chest Armour could be used that, like in the show, actually had a hole were the core was, so when you put the core in it feels like its really completing the figure.

    this picture is actually a terrible representation of what i want it to be like, but i will redraw it tomorrow since im practicaly falling asleep at my desk right now. sorry.