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  1. On 9/18/2019 at 12:11 AM, DuckBricks said:

    That's actually a really good idea - you may have cracked it! Fragility isn't an issue as I'm using a heat gun and soldering iron to basically melt every piece together and make it super sturdy. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Maybe printing the white part and then doing a resin pour to fill in the gaps in the pattern with tr blue, get it fully flush and embedded without loosing the transparency.

  2. 6 hours ago, Rockstaremcee said:

    When people talk about U.S retail releases, do they mean outside of the Lego stores?  I know the Lego store here (Minnesota) has carried them since release/re-opening from pandemic shutdown.

    Outside lego stores. specifically at least target. It’s big news for the line since a major reason it hasn’t taken off is because with the show not airing here and the sets being lego store only, general people just don’t know it exists. This will likely come with a wider release of the show as well, which will further boost the lines presence. 

    On 12/20/2020 at 11:52 AM, Vindicare said:

    It seems like we’re getting one of those accessory packs next year. So there’s going to be at least one cheap end set. 

    Oh, maybe it’ll be the special apoc outfits from the season one finale, or maybe on of the variant mk clones, like the manic one with paint splatters or dj mk. I’d also love a print for mei’s helmet with an expression on it like it does in the show, or any kind of variant on pigsy’s face. 

    I think for me ideally it’d be party mk with his dj booth, a version of mei, and either tang or wukong, and maybe delivery outfit mk, to represent the clone power training. With mk making the clone then having to save mei when it goes party crazy. 

  3. So if golden wu comes with the gardens and the overlord dragon doesn’t have an anniversary ninja, then we have atleast 1 if not 2 more sets coming, since the box graphic for the golden figs shows all 6 ninja with a “collect them all” graphic. It’s possible but unlikely one will come with the 4+ mech set, but that still leaves one, and I don’t think they’ve ever directly promoted stuff on the box of a set that isn’t released at the same time, so it’s not likely that zane and nya are just in the next wave. 

  4. 6 hours ago, Takanuinuva said:

    Glad to see Tang get a minifigure. 

    Also wonder if Red Son is sided with the Spider Queen or is working with Monkie Kid against her. It feels like it could go either way until we get the box art/description. 

    Given spider queen has new tech in this set (VR headset on one of her minions, whatever that gun in the container does, and those little spiders look more mechanical than organic) I’d assume son is working with her. 

  5. 1 hour ago, bluedog1111 said:

    I was looking over the Chima wiki where I found something interesting in concept art it shows the dark tribes (Scorpions, Bats, and Spiders) working for a figure in a red cloak who was never revealed in Chima however I was thinking ninjago and chima are both part of the 16 realms and that the red cloaked figure could be the vengestone buyer who would have been seeking other valuable resources elsewhere (chi for chima) now this was 6+ years ago but the vengestone buyer could be anyone and the chima references have been happening more often maybe after the island season we (finally) get a chima/ninjago crossover I am not usually one who buys ninjago sets but I totally would get them all if they released a chima crossover season or even better in my opinion canceled ninjago and brought chima back (probably not going to happen).

    Chima flopped hard in legos eyes, the references to it have just been jokes. They aren’t going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ninjago by making it about chima. The molds for the animal head parts aren’t even around anymore, so they aren’t going to have them in any major role, just an Easter egg for anyone watching who remembers chima

  6. 17 minutes ago, a guy from somewhere said:

    hey guys! im literally day 1 new here so I dont know much of how euro bricks works, (im guessing that there's some secret unwritten rules or something, I would love some pointers. can we post leaked images here?) from what I can tell from the promo bricks image, the gardens are on a corner module, with the 2 towers on the 32 x 32 base plate, and the pagoda structure is on its own separate 32 x 16 baseplate that it can connect to. looking at the shape of the tower though, I cant really find any one in the Ninjago Movie that bears a good resemblance. I have commented on a promo bricks yt video though, and after asking some questions, they confirmed that " You will be able to connect it, it looks 1:1 like the outline and will be released in January as a D2C Set, a few months later for selected retailers. " im really hoping that we get image of this set soon, as I missed out on both ninjago modulars last year. (I wasn't allowed to spend that amount of money on plastic....) so I have resorted to building my own modular sections to connect with the city. is it alright if I post pics of my Mocs or is there another place for that? really hyped for season 14 and 2021 as a whole.  (also someguy827, I didn't realise our usernames were so similar until after I put it in, so sorry about that.) looking forward to discussing ninjago with you guys!

    You can’t post leaks or link them, but people do talk about them. 

    if you want to show mocs start a thread for them, threads like this are for news and discussion on the official sets.


    and on the gardens, I’m pretty sure none of the sets are meant to 1-1 show anything from the movie or show worlds, they’re meant to give the feeling the city in the movie has, as well as occasionally translate certain design elements at different scales, so you aren’t gonna find anywhere that looks quite like city, docks, or gardens, but they will look like areas that could exist in that universe.

  7. Blast cab v2Blast cab v2 backBlast cab v2 front

    version 2 of the blast cab, closer to my original vision of it being a blue truck reinforced with green armor, I feel it’s a lot more cohesive in this version. I refined the shape slightly, moved from bolt shooters to stud shooters with built up ammo, covered up the back, and slightly reinforced the front end to be more solid. Now it’s solid enough to stand up to play like any real set would need to. All that’s left is the roof and the back mounted canon, plus the bike and small environment builds for the “set” to be completed.

  8. 12 minutes ago, JintaiZ said:

    I thought none of the Creator Expert large scale cars included minifigs...

    So my guess would be that this is part of the Large Scale Vehicle series...

    This is part of those, it’s also based on the ghostbusters afterlife design, given the rc car ghost trap, the rust, and the images on the back, so any figs included would likely be spoilers as we still don’t know who or what the movies villain is, and don’t even have names for all 4 of the kids who will be the new ‘busters.

  9. I’m not sure the rules about linking worldbuilder projects here but I’ll just say this is connected to mine, under the name “lego clash!” On there, and if you check that out there will be a lot more context to what this is. 

    the blast cab, main vehicle of the villain “wrecker”, is a classic tow truck converted into a mobile weapons platform. With an armored front to ram opponents, rebar blasters on the sides of the cabin, and a dock at the back to equip wreckers newest giant weaponry packs, the blast cab is a powerful weapon in the hands of its creator. 

    to combat him, the hero “lightfoot” creates a motorcycle that can interface with his power, turning into a bolt of energy to avoid attacks and using its own weapon to plant trackers and mini-bombs on the larger truck. 

    so far I’ve only got a prototype done for the blast cab itself, but that should be refined within a few days and the ultracycle should be done shortly after as that one isn’t going to be a large build. Posting the wip here to give myself a bit of pressure to actually finish it. 

    Blast cab protoBlast cab proto frontBlast cab proto side

    Some sketching while I designed this version of the truck. A sketch of a previous design can be seen on the worldbuilder page but isn’t included here since it has little resemblance to the model now.

    Blast cab rough design rev


  10. So in the new special it does confirm the existence, atleast at some point, of SPOILERS vampires, demons, living gargoyles, werewolves, and the Loch Ness monster, as well as countless other potential “sides” where monsters and other villains can come from SPOILERS which could lend some validity to my theory of the line being canceled to do away with the phone gimmicks and eventually return with a new name, more varieties of antagonist, and a retooled play pattern that doesn’t rely on the digital aspects. 

  11. 2 hours ago, s0up____ said:

    I was debating whether to go through every page or just look for a link to each completed mech, but I'm so glad I decided to go through every page, seeing the processes of Glap's projects and seeing everyone else's projects was just incredible. They're all amazing, keep up the good work Glap I'm so excited to see the end results. I am wondering though, have you or anyone else ever attempted a movie scale Emmet's Constructo-Mech?

    I’ve tried, didn’t get far tho. I think in the “assembling bricksburg” thread someone got it atleast partially done tho! 

  12. 4 hours ago, Lyichir said:

    It's not totally clear if that comment was referring to media content and sets for upcoming years, or additional media content for this year. With an announcement possibly expected "soon", I'd lean toward the latter—it's not a stretch to assume that we might get additional webisodes covering the second half year's sets and story like we did for the first half of this year (possibly timed to be released as we get closer to Halloween).

    Those have already been announced, a full set of shorts for the new wave plus a longer special (rumored to be a Halloween special)

    im banking on this being something else since he’s the one who announced those things already and was fairly open about it at the beginning of the year.

  13. 6 hours ago, Blazej_Holen said:

    I hope that Gardens of NC will be connectable to the modular buildings and that it will apear as also standalone set, not only "add on" to the NC which is now retired (except Docks). 48x32 footprint sounds promising. 

    The docks and the city both look great on their own, I highly doubt the gardens will be worse. If anything I would guess the gardens will be a “new start” of sorts for the city since it is likely to be rebranded as a series/legacy item instead of a movie one


    so we are getting SOMETHING new. I have to wonder if the reason we aren’t seeing any hidden side leaks is because this is the end of the story, and will pick up with a retooled version of the theme under a new name later next year. It’s not like LEGO doesn’t listen to fan complaints sometimes, so to see the theme retooled to ditch the app focus and introduce some new villains/monsters/whatever wouldn’t surprise me. Heck, if this story ends with them sealing away the ghosts for good then it wouldn’t even make sense to keep calling the theme hidden side. 

  15. A trailer for season one has dropped online, no English version yet. It doesn’t show too much plot-wise but definitely does still have stuff held over from wave 1 along with the new wave 2 stuff, and seems like it will be expanding on the iron bull plot a good bit as well as introducing the new villains that were hinted at in the pilot and intro. Given they know they’ll have atleast 2 seasons to work with now, I would expect the pacing to be far better than the pilot which HAD TO showcase everything in some way or another. 

  16. The likely reason for the multiple answers is because Batman is played by different people in the different movies. The ones in the “LEGO movie” series are will arnett, but the cheaper, direct to dvd movies use someone else, if not multiple other people, who I’m not sure the names of. He was also voiced by different actors in the games based on the LEGO movies and the LEGO dc games, which may add to the list.

  17. 25 minutes ago, Lyichir said:

    Has anybody in the U.S. seen the new Ninjago sets at stores like Target or Wal-Mart? I've been doing a lot of my Lego shopping online lately but my sister's girlfriend is visiting and I wanted to try to get the Legacy Destiny's Bounty for them to build together before she leaves next week, so I'm not sure whether I'd be able to get it on time if I ordered it. A couple days ago I checked Wal-Mart to see if they had it yet, but it didn't look like they had many newer Ninjago or Hidden Side sets at all, so I was wondering if they were planning to put the new sets on shelves at the start of this month since that was technically when they were delayed to (even though online they've been available since the 24th of last month).

    I'm gonna be on the road some today and will probably check Wal-Mart again but it'd be helpful to know if anyone else from the U.S. has had any luck finding them in physical stores in their area.

    I’ve only seen the smaller sets at Walmart (one Walmart had the fire-stone mech and that’s the biggest of anything that showed up)

    targets have been stocking them consistently though in my area, all of them have atleast most of the sets.