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  1. 6 hours ago, Fenghuang0296 said:

    So far we’re getting news and leaks regarding sets with a January release date. Monkie Kid 1HY sets have consistently released in March. This is normal.

    Of course, if January comes and we still haven’t heard anything, then we can worry. But considering the TV show’s supposedly going to continue until 2023 at least, I think we’re safe.

    We also know that set designs for 2023 are in development, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about

  2. 1 hour ago, RichardGoring said:

    Just another data point, but I saw loads of Monkie Kid sets discounted at a local LEGO Store (Boston South Shore) yesterday. They had a table full of them, with a few Brick Sketches too. The only other sets I've seen on sale before like  this recently are Hidden Side and Chinese New Year ones. I do hope that the Amazon tie in starts to broaden the awareness of these sets. Or it could just be this one store that ordered too many.

    A lot are on sale, but if you look at them (atleast if it’s anything like my local store) it’s wave 1 and and 2, sets that all (with maybe 1 exception in the speed boat) use translucent neon orange, a color lego doesn’t make anymore.

  3. 54 minutes ago, scottypavarotti said:

    Ah! Ok, that makes sense, although is frustrating. I was indeed looking for it via Prime. Thanks, that wasn’t clear, at least to me. I’ve never even heard of Amazon Kids+ as a separate thing.

    Me either, honestly feels like a mistake to put it there since they don’t seem to advertise anything for it, but as long as it keeps whatever’s being produced for the line in China coming to the states, I’ll put up with it. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Lyichir said:

    Are you looking on regular Amazon Prime? Unfortunately (and somewhat confusingly), the show is starting out exclusive to their "Amazon Kids+" streaming service for kids shows, which is a separate streaming app for kids with its own separate payment plan (Prime customers get a discount but still have to pay for it on top of their Prime subscription). It's supposedly going to be available on standard Amazon Prime at a later date (possibly alongside the release of the sets on Amazon).

    The current rumor for the regular prime release is October, so presumably it’ll be the same day the sets drop

  5. glad to be seemingly proven right! Given 1 season and 1 special per year, with 1 full wave and 1 smaller wave to coincide with each seems to be the norm for this line, this should give us a good few more sets. Will be interested to see how us distribution turns out. If the show and sets do well enough on Amazon I can honestly see these starting to go to more stores.

  6. 14 hours ago, Garmetrowolf said:

    So any news whether there will actually be new sets or not? I saw the press release that said there would be new sets, but then read elsewhere that the release might just be referring to Amazon putting up the existing sets for sale on its website... The latter seems unlikely if the sets did well in Asia and they're talking about a multi-year deal but just wanted to confirm... for my own anxiety. :grin:

    Monkie kid sells VERY well in China. Even if for whatever reason they decide to stop releasing it in the us even after finally getting a streaming release, they are highly unlikely to fully stop making the show or line any time soon


    also, I found the mk and red son keychains at my lego store, so the rumor of no more monkie kid products coming to the lego stores seems to be disproved. I highly doubt they’d be releasing tie in products for a line they aren’t gonna carry anymore.

  7. one thing i think may be a factor in the retirement is the fact that, maybe 2 sets aside, ALL of the ones going on clearance use the translucent neon orange, a color which is going out of production. and even if the sets are leaving stores in the us entirely, its still selling like crazy in china. it may go online only, which i think is a huge mistake, but the line isn't likely being canned entirely. I'm cautiously optimistic about that amazon listing meaning the online release may be an indicator of the line getting a wider release, even if only online, and that the retirement is more due to the inability to continue producing those sets due to the color.

  8. I think wherever it goes, the next season or two will have a plot about trying to bring nya back, as well as the vengestone buyer. 

    my theory being that the ninja will use some of the vengestone to depower nya to the point where she can control her mind again, while the buyer tries to use it to wipe out all of the elemental powers, or atleast all the ninja’s powers, for good.

  9. 17 minutes ago, Umbrage82 said:

    You and me both!

    • Overall love the wave! MK continues to impress me with their creativity (until I look at the prices...but this wave seems more reasonable)
    • Pigsy's Tank wins this wave for me --  speaking of creative, the concept here delights me. Poor Tang bout to get a box dropped on him. What a funny / probably lethal attack...
    • Mo getting a variant print is awesome; I know there was speculation he'd get a mech - are their images of that? I may just have to MOC one...
    • I also wasn't sold on the bone mech either, but I gotta reward that kind of crazy design craft. 

    The mech mo used in the show is a smaller version of sandys mech here. Most likely as Sandy is usually a pacifist in the show, they didn’t depict him as using a battle Mech, and scaled it down for mo to use instead since mo has repeatedly been depicted as manning artillery and heavy machines in the sets.

  10. Ok I wasn’t sold on the bone mech before, but the fact that if you don’t combine it you have 2 location elements (one seems to include bone spirit’s prison from season 1 even), 2 or possibly 3 mini mech spiders, and the rather sizable scorpion, plus mk having a mech and a cloud board and Mei having a jet pack, AND all the figs but Mei are exclusive (mk has a new torso print)...

    yeah it’s a day 1 buy for me. I think I’ll have to pick up this whole wave day 1. 

  11. 7 hours ago, Takanuinuva said:

    You know. Save for the Island wave. Every new wave of this soft reboot so far has given us a new ally fig for the Ninja

    Fire Chapter- Clutch Powers

    Ice Chapter- Akita

    Prime Empire- Okino

    Master of the Mountain- Princess Vania

    Island (None but should have been Twitchy Tim. Maybe in the Catamaran Sea Battle Set)

    Seabound- Benthomarr.


    Technically mamatus and the islanders would count as allies by the end of the story and into seabound

  12. On 5/15/2021 at 4:22 PM, Grey Magistrate said:

    The Monkie Kid sets, even the newest ones, are 20-25% off at my local Lego store.  I appreciate the bargains (I'm piling up bull clones for a minotaur spaceship idea) but it makes me a little worried about how well the theme is selling here in the US.  I hope my worry is misplaced.  Please, please don't kill off this theme, already ended my beloved Nexo Knights and Hidden Side...don't take Monkie Kid away from me too!

    Regardless of how it’s doing in the us currently (which will likely change majorly once the show makes its way over here, whatever’s taking that so long...) it’s doing VERY well in China. The theme is here to stay for now.

    as for the panda guy, I’m assuming the set will be pigsys mech with a few of the panda shop characters and some kind of side build, given how unique the design of pigsys mech is I would imagine it will show up again at some point in the show and justify itself as a set the same way the cloud roadster had a few appearances last season. 

  13. I’ve been loving the sets so far, still have to build the horse jet and the lion, but the rest have really been great. Seems like maybe a bit early to start speculation on the next wave, but I do feel safe to say

    -that bone mech will come either next wave or as part of next years sets depending on how the show goes (the head writer has hinted at a cliffhanger ending in an interview so I wouldn’t be surprised if that vision is the seasons end.)

    -as spider queen is still the main threat, I would assume we will get her missing henchman (the big fig) as well as hopefully huntsman in his spider-legs form.

    -it would not surprise me to get an expansion to the mountain, as the technic holes behind the waterfall line up with where sun wukong’s house is in the toon. 

    -the cauldron seems important to the season and will likely appear in a set as it seems to be integral to the bone spirit’s plot

    -would expect atleast one set based around heaven as that location has been fairly well fleshed out design wise.

  14. Definitely intentional reference in the name, as the other tribe members have names like lightning and thunder keepers, they use lightning weapons, and live on an island surrounded by a perpetual storm. That said pronouncing a common word in a slightly different way isn’t exactly an uncommon way to make a name.

  15. I think if people would just stop comparing this theme to ninjago it would be received a lot more positively honestly. Ninjago is an outlier with far lower prices than average. In terms of volume of stuff you get and of number of parts, monkie kid sets are largely a good to great value at their price points when compared to lines like friends or city or creator or even previous action themes like hidden side, nexo knights, chima, ultra agents, etc. 

    the builds are also incredibly well done, feeling more like heavily refined mocs than regular sets compared to most themes.

    You get visually striking, usually fairly large for their price point (in terms of physical size) vehicles, detailed environments, expressive and detailed minifigures for the heroes and villains, plenty of civilians to increase play value, fun features (stuff like the barrel dropping tank or dbk’s glowing chest are so fun!), tons of great parts in good colors, plenty of useful new parts for figs, and to top it all off there is/will be soon (depending on where you live) a fairly solid and gorgeously animated cartoon to go along with it all.


    Just because the line skews bigger for the most part (and even then there ARE sets in the 25-35$ range that are comparable to any other theme, it’s really just missing the 10-15$ mark at this point) doesn’t mean it’s “overpriced” or a bad value.

    The sets are valued pretty well compared to MOST other lines, just not ninjago. for whatever reason despite people on here hating how ninjago is “taking over” every action theme, when a new one comes out all that people seem able to do is compare it to ninjago. 

  16. 8 hours ago, Anonknee Muss said:

    Did you record what code was written on the tape seal?

    No there was a line to get into the lego store, didn’t want to hold people up. I did however go back and grab a whole set of them with a friend later, so I can probably figure out if there’s different tape codes or if they’re all the same per box.

    5 hours ago, jonwil said:

    The thing to remember in regards to the price of these (especially the larger boxes) is that some of the money covers the cost of the music licensing, some of the money covers the cost of developing and maintaining the app, some of the money covers the cost of running and moderating the app (the whole approval process for uploaded content etc) and some of the money has to cover all those new molds in the series (and I bet a lot of the new head/headgear elements need the kind of molds that are more complex and expensive to make)

    In regards to those points, the app is glitchy and missing many features it would need to be what they want it to be and just isn’t fun because of it. the licensed music cannot fully play as the videos are capped at 1 minute, making their inclusion a strange choice. The moderation is poor already, allowing videos blatantly against the rules in regards to what is shown on screen to pass through. they’re ALREADY reusing the molds for some of the characters in the first series with the cat and the red panda, 2 animals which do not work with the same mold.

     I love the figs for this theme but as a whole it’s just not worth the money for anything but the cmf, and No excuse for WHY they cost so much has appeared that actually justifies the cost! If you’re paying that much, the app should have a full fledged video editor and the ability to let you listen to all the music separately offline, and a way to download your vids to your device at the very least. As it is it’s just a special effects spam app with no actual merit.

  17. 7 hours ago, a guy from somewhere said:

    The cheapest set is $35 US, hopefully that new double bike set changes that. I’m a firm believer that wave 1 was the best, but I love all of the sets. My favourite from the new wave is probably either the accessory pack or the white dragon horse jet. I just wish it had some crazy cool play features. Oh well. From anyone who has all of the sets so far, or at least most of them, what would you recommend? I’m not looking to go too expensive, £70 at most and I would like to get as many figs as possible, plus something with a crazy play feature. Love when Lego does something cool. I’m considering the cloud jet, but I’m asking people with experience. Thoughts?

    I would wait and grab the cloud bike to be honest. You get an even hero and villain matchup and a civilian, and a spider-bot, plus mk’s bike has a hover mode which seems fun and 2 disk launchers, and the whole set is 25, so it’s 10$ cheaper than mei’s bike which is honestly not a great set in my opinion. 

    the cloud jet and roadster are both awesome, the jet is the better of the two out of them although the roadster has the best figures, the demon bros being a stand out pair and the civilians even having some less common parts, but the jet is a better build and has more play value with the bike launching function, disk shooters, and just general jet swooshieness.

  18. New polybag and figure pack leaked. The poly is a pretty nicely articulated mini version of the monkie mech. The fig pack has micro builds of the bull tank and cloud roadster, plus civilian Mei and mk and bob with red racing suits on. The picture is too blurry to see if the suits are new prints or not. 

    honestly disappointed that the fig pack is what it is. Party mk, artist mk, any of the apocalyptic variants, or the “beaten up” versions, or the blue powered bull clones, or any version of tang, alternate pigsy expression, etc. would’ve been much more useful than 2 identical racing suits that may not even be blue and a Mei we’ve already gotten twice...

  19. 1 hour ago, a guy from somewhere said:

    someone also has the lion guardian, apparently found in a Legoland discovery centre. looks pretty good in person, and has some cool features. the back looks a bit empty though.

    The lion looks a lot better than it does on the box art tbh, and the function to open and close the mouth is pretty slick, as are the hidden missile launchers. While I still don’t /love/ the look of it, I can appreciate it a bit more now that I see what the functions are. Was gonna get it anyway for the arcade build, but good to know I won’t have to mod it as much as I thought I would to like it.

  20. 3 hours ago, cosmic said:

    Reviewing the images it looks like the mountain has many peg holes on the base to accommodate for add-ons. Regardless if Lego ever expands on the mountain I see this as an opportunity to test my MOCing abilities and maybe create a build to dense out the mountain and expand it as I see fit.

    you can also seemingly use it very easily with the other buildings in the line because of this. does it make sense for a bull checkpoint, a convenience store, or pigsy's shop to be on flower fruit mountain? no, of course not. is it funny and rife with opportunities for play and display with some mods? absolutely. the bit of ffm in the inferno jet is probably the first of several potential add-ons to that environment as well. we have seen a temple in that location in the new special, and a hut that is supposed to be behind that waterfall, both of those would make great sets to add to this one.


    edit- looking at the back of the box the whole build splits into 3 and can be swapped around or played with separately, but i also think that the open spotes on the back, specifically the row directly behind the waterfall, will be used for wukong's hut later on in the line. especially if they keep showing mk training there.