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  1. Another awesome Advent Calender not released in the U.S.!? Come on LEGO! This one looks cooler than the Castle one from last year! If I can't buy it, I'm gonna be really depressed! So PLEASE! Release the Pirate Advent calender in the U.S.! Signed, Calebexo01
  2. im not a big technic fan, but this set looks so great that i am highly considering buying it! great review and thanks!
  3. calebexo01

    [Review]7754 Home One

    Wow. this set is better than i thought! i was not too impressed with anything in the preliminary pics besides the figs, but your awesome rewiew shows a lot of cool stuff in this set. i really like the new a-wing. i didnt realize that it was not exactly the same as the last one! hopefully i will be able to afford this set too because it looks amazing! thanks for the great review CopMike!
  4. calebexo01


    Wow! this is awesome! I voted for you!
  5. calebexo01

    Troll Y-wing

    Wow! This is amazing! I love the details on the engine, the chains on the sides, and the astromech! I voted for you!
  6. calebexo01

    All Terrain Ragnarok Tool

    Great idea and awesome MOC! I voted for you!
  7. calebexo01

    Black Falcon X-wing

    That's cool! It looks like a falcon and an X-wing! Great entry.
  8. calebexo01

    Power Miners AT-RT walker

    Looks just like a real power miners vehicle! I love the little bits of power minery detail, like the floodlight, chain, and smokestack thing! Great entry!
  9. calebexo01

    REVIEW: 7198 Fighter Plane Attack

    I had orriginally decided not to get this set because of the price, but your awesome review made me change my mind. i didnt get the motorcycle chase so indy is the only old (he is really old by now) minifg for me. i love the design for the planes and their detail the exploding plane is cool to. i think it is also supposed to be used for when it is chasing the car in the tunnel, breaking it's wings off to fit inside. overall, an awesome set and much better than i thought. hopefully i can find it on sale. thanks for the review!
  10. mata nui is really cool. i love the shin armor and the shield/shoulder armor piece is amazing! thanks for the review!
  11. calebexo01

    Mars Mission: Gungan Sub

    Thats great because my camera is broken! Thanks for the comments everyone!
  12. calebexo01

    "Review": 8984 Stronius

    stronius is awesome! even better than i thought! that massive club looks like it could smash your brains to pudding! im deffinatly getting this set. thanks for the review!
  13. calebexo01

    Review: 8988 Glatorian Legends Gelu

    awesome set. im definatly buying this. thanks!
  14. calebexo01

    [Review] 7753 Pirate Tank

    this set is better than i first thought. i really like the minifigs and the detail on the ship. thanks for the review!
  15. calebexo01

    Review: Hyperspeed Pursuit 5973

    Wow! this is even more amazing than i thought it would be! there is so much detail! must buy now! thanks for the review!