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  1. stormybricks

    Collectable Minifigure Sightings & Availability

    Two boxes of series 10 in TRU in Woking, one empty, one half full. Managed to grab 5 uniques - Sad Clown, Roman Commander, Baseball Fielder, Skydiver, Tomahawk warrior
  2. stormybricks

    Collectable Minifigure Sightings & Availability

    Just spotted my local Sainburys has Series 9 at 2 for £3. It looks like the discounts are starting before series 10 arrives. Had to grab 2 to check the discount (yeah that sounds convincing). Managed to get another policeman and alien to add to my small army.
  3. stormybricks

    MSFC Iron Giant

    wow, that's a very nice build. The giant is very well put together.
  4. stormybricks

    Future of SW Contest: Large Category Voting Thread

    6. Empire911 - Expecting High Visit on the Training Grounds - 2 points 13. ACPin - Yoda's Legacy - 3 points
  5. stormybricks

    Future of SW Contest: Small Category Voting Thread

    14. Lobot - The Resurrection of the Emperor - 2 points 18. Pablo94 - The Statue of Darth Vader - 3 points a very nice selection of entries.
  6. stormybricks

    Collectable Minifigure Sightings & Availability

    Looks like I've been quite lucky with my local Sainsbury's having two boxes and strings of them hanging as well. Fairly easy to stand there feeling all the packs while getting strange looks from passing shoppers. Finally managed to get a Battle Mech today to complete my set. Also have a nice collection of Knights, Cyclops and Policemen to go with them. Not bad for my first minifig series. I really like the Knights and Policemen.
  7. stormybricks

    Back after a long time

    Hi folks, it looks like I'm another long lost fan returning after quite an absence - about 25 years! It all started before Christmas when a work colleague mentioned getting Lego for his kids. That got me looking at sets again, but with far more desire to pick one up. I had looked at them on and off over the years, but either didn't have the money, or had other interests to focus on. They also always looked so expensive, it makes me appreciate what my parents spent to buy sets when I was a kid. So, after a trip to TRU to get the Sith Interceptor a Tie fighter I was hooked again. I've managed to grab two of the winter village sets on sale after Christmas, some of the smaller Star Wars sets, couple of creator sets and whole host of collectable minifigs. I've got a lot to catching up to do, and I'm having a blast doing it.