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  1. Voxovan

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    He's way too small to be a bigfig though, he'll most likely use the gorilla fist piece from Chima or a completely new mold if he ever gets released.
  2. Netflix isn't as popular among kids in many countries, as opposed to TV cartoon channels.
  3. What does that even have to do with anything? I was pretty confident about what I was saying. And just because I'm not nice doesn't make my arguments any less legitimate. It is not, but whatever. This is not a place for such discussion.
  4. Just throwing in my 2 cents, the sets shelfwarm pretty hard in my country too (the toy store I go to in one of the biggest shopping malls in the city I live in still has Jyn Ersos on the shelves, and lots of kids roll through that place (I visit it quite often), not to mention how terribly these sets were selling in my hometown, but, granted, it was a much smaller place), so I don't think it's a UK-specific occurance. I was actually thorn whether or not I should reply to this post, seeing your other posts on the SW sub-forum, how you were so stubborn that nothing I'd write would really change your mind, and how you edited the post I was replying to in order for it to better support your latter reply (for the record, you actually did say you were certain that these two sets are not cancelled, just because I worded it differently and didn't quote you 1:1 doesn't make my reply less legitimate and I was not, in fact, "desperate to find stuff that will support my point here"; I also find it funny how you deleted that bit in the latter edit. The only thing I have to admit I was wrong about is the bit about less sets being released in each wave - I was pretty sure that Lego was still releasing these figures in the standard 2-wave formula, not this weird 3-wave one, and the only brickset list I managed to find didn't list all of the CCBS Star Wars sets so, my bad here). But, I'm glad Sir von Lego actually cleared things up and proved that you were wrong all along, despite you acting so confident about stuff you had no possible way of being 100% sure about.
  5. You're even more delusional than I thought, but that's okay, you can believe what you want. However, the mere fact there is a (granted, not confirmed) statement about these sets being cancelled/not realesed in the US, along with the official NYTF PR statement is the evidence. Even you yourself stated that you're 100% certain that these 2 sets will only see release in the EU. If the previous constraction sets sold like hotcakes, why would that even happen? It's true that LEGO still makes these, but have you noticed that there's less sets each wave? Ever thought that this might have to do something with the sales? Also if you never heard me saying anything positive about constraction, then you're clearly new on this forum. Also it's not that hard to check and see that I post constraction MOCs on deviantart and various other sites, and I very much enjoy making new builds using the CCBS, the OG Bionicle system, or mixing both. But yeah man, I sure hate constraction :)
  6. The absolute state of Star Wars constracion And to think people used to claim that these sets sell well...
  7. Except I'm not the only person around here who observed these sets shelfwarming, but whatever floats your boat buddy. And I'm glad you like the sets, good for you, although I'd personally prefer the system to be used in something more creative and interesting rather than the same bland copy-paste builds this line is known for.
  8. Literally every toy store I go to has these sets shelfwarming, I've spoken with some of the employees and also saw a bunch of posts on various websites coming from Lego store employees from around the world, they can tell you these sets just don't want to sell at all. Like, one of them even said that they still have a full stock of Jyn Ersos (set released in 2016, mind you, and it's almost 2018) and they have no idea what to do with them because literally nobody wants to buy them. Besides, these sets are very bland, it's literally the same build over and over again, large pieces that make the building process less interesting, but the worst thing about is the price - these sets are WAY overpriced. No wonder nobody wants to buy them, it's just waste of money. I have no idea why Lego keeps making those sets, but I can assure you their sales are pretty bad.
  9. Voxovan


    Tbh the face kinda ruins the otherwise fantastic model. I'd suggest swapping the eyes for something less... nightmare inducing.
  10. Continue to sell? They never sold well in the first place.
  11. Voxovan

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    It's BZPower, what did you expect?
  12. Voxovan

    [Digital MOC Commission] Akida and Ikir

    I think they need more watermarks.
  13. Voxovan

    Future Constraction Lines

    Isn't that the logic behind all these rip-offs of blockbuster movies? And yes, it would be getting hurt by Star Wars. Even more than Bionicle probably.
  14. Voxovan

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    Actually that's not true, there's also Melea, Ako and Oda from the third book :P
  15. Lol it was obviously Izotor in the last scene ._. How can anyone confuse a white and blue character with the exact same armor placement as Izotor with gold and blue Ekimu?