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  1. M153Ry

    MSFC: Final Fantasy VII's Rocket Town

    Bumping post ',:D
  2. M153Ry

    Hello! My name is...

    yes i'm sure i didnt swap my name, M153Ry's the name Choas and Mayham's the game ',: D Located east coast USA
  3. M153Ry

    Glow in Dark Mech

    i love things that glow-inthe-dark, great job! and that cityscape full of mechs well thats fan-bricking-tastic +REP big time
  4. M153Ry

    MSFC: Final Fantasy VII's Rocket Town

    Thanks Si-MOCs, i designed it so its both inside the 16x16 guidlines while at the same time it can be ajusted outside the guidlines!
  5. M153Ry

    MSFC: Final Fantasy VII's Rocket Town

    we all build with what bricks we got, and yeah I too wish it wasn't "rainbow" so I did my best with what i had
  6. M153Ry

    FAPC : Pigs VS Cows

  7. Cloud - "What's that... ! ?" "A rusty old rocket... Wonder what the'd make something that huge for ?" I had a lot of fun with this build its my first micro so please give me feeback. The reason I picked Rocket town is because I enjoy the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy VII is my all time pick franchise wise, and Cid is my favorate character because he's in every game! The MOC is made up of 339 pieces. The MOC is made up of 3 main parts, the rocket platform (8x8) and the two lanscape platfoms(6x8). It's a fun table top MOC due to the 360° rotating houses and free frences, So make the landscpe your own. On the rocket platfom the rocket tilts, the support beams rotate 240°, and the arms bend and move. Now off to some fun with Cid's Tiny Bronco! Fly around the rocket and landscape all day. http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream
  8. M153Ry

    Dragonfly EX-2 (GARC racer)

    great build +rep
  9. M153Ry

    MSFC " Attack of the Squid."

    reminds me more of an octopus then a quid but thats just me
  10. M153Ry

    MSFC: Invasion of the Micro Aliens!

    call out the troops this is WAR!
  11. M153Ry

    MSFC Gallifrey

    the doctor is in
  12. M153Ry

    MSFC: Alien King Kong 3000

    hmm lacks a flyer to shoot him down
  13. M153Ry

    MSFC: Spaceport on Earth

    stop no wait go... no yield?
  14. M153Ry

    MOC: The Great Pit of Carkoon

    great design keep up the great work
  15. M153Ry

    MSFC Encounter with Mongoose & Caplets

    looks well done!