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  1. aemil

    [MOC] Yoda and Luke on Dagobah

    Well, I think (as everyone else! ) this is spectacular! The lighting mood is spot on, the swamp is so realistic! Love Yoda's legs as well!
  2. aemil

    [Moc] Throne Room

    Indeed, I have to agree with the previews comments, the statue's movement is great and it makes it feel larger, nice!
  3. aemil

    !n the dark of Augmar

    Just saw on flickr, nice to see more pictures of this amazing house, the texture of the walls is great and the angles add a nice realism in the tree. Well done!
  4. Great journey this one must have been! Looks awesome man, as it is intended to look! Hope to have time (and some money) to do it my self in the future...
  5. Thank you, it actually happened the other way around, I made the kid first, then I changed the torso to make my avatar, I liked the combination of these hair with that face
  6. aemil

    Review: 79111 Constitution Train Chase

    Thanks for the amazing review love the comparison with the other trains , your photos are spot on, they make me want the set even more than before. I'm not a train lover, but this set has an extremely nicely built, and some amazing figures as well.
  7. aemil

    How to decorate a wall with shields

    Indeed, a nice and elegant technique! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them!
  9. aemil

    Iron Builder: 28 days later

    You should have make it white! It's still visible Great work though man, it was an epic battle with unique builds, both of you should be winners
  10. aemil

    Duplo Batman & Robin

    Hehe, these are awesome! Cool looking as well!
  11. Nice review Joe, it looks like a good set, and indeed, this gate piece is somehow really cool
  12. Thank you guys! It seems I'm in the right path for medieval/castle era mocing, it was actually quite enjoyable as well! Well, If I had a son like Joffrey, I don't know how happy I'd be
  13. Glad you like it, and that you've noticed the little details I've tried to incorporate in it
  14. aemil

    MOC: Gollum & Smeagol

    This is simply fantastic Bircknave, well done!
  15. 2. Ceclie - 1 3. Quarryman - 1 7. Rick - 1 10. Ninja Nin - 1 11. KartoffelViking - 1 Good job everyone & good luck!