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  1. Maybe you yourself tell me what pack gather in LDD? Desirable in 1995-1996.
  2. 8425 – Sky Stormer – Theme: Technic [bricklink] [brickset] link for download lxf-file Notes: - No Decals Skiped and replaced detail (I`m not found there details in LDD 4.3): P.S. @Calabar, get on the front page of one of my works marked "IRREGULAR" because I corrected the screenshots. Thank you.
  3. Model 8460 has a very good, functional alternative model. In 8480 the submarine from the set, I do not see any interest in the game, just an original and all.
  4. desrs6

    Hello from Russia

    I understand everything that I need at least 10 posts. I hope you will please his models in LDD. Since my childhood, accounts for 1995-2000, respectively, and the Lego model I will collect from the same period, I hope you do not mind :)
  5. Hi Calabar, please see screenshots collected corrected models (6516 and 6155).
  6. desrs6

    Hello from Russia

    Hello. My name is Alexander I of Russia (city of Arkhangelsk), I'm 29 years old. Fond of Lego in 1997, favorite episode Technic. I used to have a few sets, but due to financial problems, I could not afford the kits like 8880 8480 etc. Collect model for instructions in LDD began a year ago. But look out of those sets that I have collected for many present at the site. Generally I will be glad to join your community :) P.S. 1) Sorry for my English is not very literate, at school and university, I studied German :) 2) Why can not I write personal messages forum members? Thank you.
  7. 6155 – Aquashark Barracuda– Theme: Aquazone [bricklink] [brickset] link for download lxf-file Notes: - No Decals Skiped detail (I`m not found there details in LDD 4.3): - - - P.S. At the moment I'm working on Lego Technic №8425
  8. 6516 – Moon Walker– Theme: City [bricklink] [brickset] link for download lxf-file Notes: - No Decals - Space Visor large hate wrong colour
  9. Hi all! I'm from Russia, and I love to collect LEGO sets in LDD. Soon I will start to spread their work.