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  1. Lord Bacchus!

    do not forget to sing in your hero from the Trident to the Drow gladiator games! :)

    Pozdrav! :)

  2. Bacchus

    Avalonian Ballista and Mantlet

    Great work. From wich set are those wheels on mantlets?
  3. Bacchus

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Trident's triumvirate pledge ours tridents, souls and bones to Nocturnus guild. Triumvirate controls southern regions of Eastern Darklands at point, where the Rakath mountains meet ocean and Moruth swamplands. Area is also known as Trident. So, from these land coming our three leaders. Necromacer Veles (left), Lord Bacchus from Mokoshka clan (middle) and Jerei Mrimor master of Mochwara Shadows(right). Here is standard keeper Mora. Mochwara Shadows suck-out souls from enemies (human's are most delicious). Veles collecting remains from Mochwaras and Mokoskas meals and summoning his immortal army. Mokoshka clan is the biggest and hungriest clan in Trident's lands, they eat everything they could, but they most like (you know whose) flesh.
  4. I'm signing up, for the Nocturnus guild!
  5. Bacchus

    Favorite pirate/nautical films

    For me one of the best movie is PIRATES from 1986 IMDB link
  6. Bacchus

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    Hi, I'm new here so first post, let be my collection. I started to collect a month ago and till now I have: 6257 Castaway's Raft 6270 Forbidden Island x2 6273 Rock Island Refuge 6274 Caribbean Clipper 6280 Armada Flagship 6285 Black Seas Barracuda