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    Chicken Walker MOC

    stunningly accurate! shaping is top notch here, well done.
  2. This list is good. Too good... But I'm told its legit, and if it is, oh boy. Ashoka vs Maul? ITT? Moff Gideon's cruiser? Hell yes. UCS gunship should be absolutely massive, I'll have to save for this one. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Hoping for P2 Cody, but I'll keep my expectations in check. Either way, I'll be very happy to pick this up once it comes out. Mando fighter is a maybe, and slave I is an easy pass since I just bought the 20th anniversary edition right before it left shelves. Bad batch doesn't really interest me, but maybe it will if the show turns out good. We'll see.
  4. Absolutely nailed that giant spider, mouth, eyes, everything. Very well done.
  5. Day one buy for me My only real nitpick is the lack of a jetpack for mando, but not a deal breaker by any means.
  6. Those Bionicle parts for baby yoda's cradle are pretty clever. Super solid build all around ?
  7. Been on a jedi starfighter kick lately. Picked up the 2020 Anakin one, Obi's 2016 edition (which I slightly modded to make R4 sit more flush with the wing) the 2012 dark green version which also included a small mustafar duel, and finally the Azure Angel set based on the old clone wars micro series. They compliment each other pretty well. Picked up the vulture droid from 2014 too, as well as some more 501st. Grievous' ship is next, when I can purchase it for less than $80. I've seen some rather good deals on sealed ones on eBay, might have to jump on one of those soon.
  8. Definitely more cohesive as a team than the originals, very nice. Saw hands onua is pretty sick.
  9. 501st sets are back in stock at, seems like some stores got shipments too. For anyone still looking for one, now is the time.
  10. Not sure what's going on with the under the cockpit of that shuttle, but it's looking pretty good to me otherwise. The others look pretty good for their new size as well. I feel like the tie could have benefited from some larger pieces for the wings as opposed to more pieces, but it's not bad. If this is maybe a soft reboot of sorts for Lego star wars, I'll be cool with it. As long as we get more variety down the line that is. I grew up on the prequels and the OG battlefront II, so I'm hoping for some more stuff from that era come summer. An ARC-170 or vulture droid would do great with this new style, but I digress. Hoping the minifigs and Mando set spill soon. Does anyone know how many the shuttle comes with?
  11. What if, and this is a stretch, but what if the new tie and X-wing are mandalorian based rather than OT? Probably just wishful thinking, but they do both appear in the trailer, so who knows.
  12. Razor Crest from the LEGO store today. I've had the AT-ST raider for a minute that I bought on sale, so now I can build them back to back.
  13. Got my 501st battle pack and AAT from target today, they had the whole summer wave out on the shelf, Even the mosaic; which isn't something I expected to see there. I'm not super thrilled that $15 battle packs might be coming to an end, but like others have said, they've been kinda stale lately. While I would love to see an endless stream of clone battle packs (And droid battle packs, we've had the grand total of one) I understand that might not be practical from a business perspective. Anyways, I'm happy with my 501st battle pack. Hopefully there are more sets like this to come. Edit: Just wanna add that a super simple mod can be done for the AT-RT with the extras included in the set. If you aren't too big on the stud shooter cannon like me, you can take out the red stud, and add the black stud and lightsaber handle included as extras. Looks much better in my eyes.
  14. I just now noticed the printing on the new 501st trooper torsos is Clone Wars based, as opposed to the "regular" style. I guess it makes sense to have it match up the the ahsoka clone in the AAT set, I just thought the cartoonish printing was over, regardless of what era the set is supposed to be from. Even weirder, it looks like the airborne trooper has this style too? I find that especially wierd as they already had a perfectly fine design for the airborne trooper in the utapau troopers set, didn't see any reason to change it.
  15. arc

    AAT mod/moc

    The brickvault AATs are gorgeous and much more detailed, almost UCS level, but they also involve quite a few more pieces than this. This is more just me fixing something I didn't like about the set, while still kinda keeping that official set look, for the most part anyway. Thanks everyone for the kind words
  16. arc

    AAT mod/moc

    If you're like me, you were disappointed with the 75080 AAT set. The proportions seemed off, and it was missing the six tubes on the bottom. So i bricklinked a few parts from the 2001 version and tried to make it work. This was the result. I kept most of the top half, while the bottom needed some work. Not the cleanest underneath, but I was just using parts the set already had. Aside from that, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. What do you think?
  17. arc

    AAT mod/moc

    I've taken a few pictures here of what I've kept form the original set and what I've added. Couple small errors though: The gray axles and 2 of the 4 2x2 tan round brick should be in the second photo, as they are from the original set. Also, the tan 4x4 dish i forgot to put back here, as I have it on something else currently; it's not essential. Here's what I added, minus the aforementioned errors: Here's what's I kept from the original set: I also added a couple pictures to help with construction, just let me know if you need anything else.
  18. The AAT is worse than the last one, and that's kinda saying something. I'm still going to grab it for the figs though (That includes those droids, love those). The only other one I'm interested in is the 501st troopers.
  19. arc

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Those gold parts on the kid's staff are just begging to be made in silver for Darth Maul ? That aside, these look pretty solid. Not really my thing, but I might pick up the demon mech, that one looks sick.
  20. arc

    Minifigure-Scale Rahkshi

    Really dig how much articulation you managed to give it while still being at the right scale. Nicely done.
  21. arc

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    That Kongu is JACKED. Very well done, especially on those cordak magazines and blasters.
  22. arc

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    Very interesting. Sounds hopeful, but I'm going to do my best to keep my expectations in check until we have an official answer. (That being said, I'm gonna be hype as hell if this makes it through)
  23. arc

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    Not only that, I think fans know LEGO isn't going to bring back a bunch of discontinued molds just for a one off ideas set. This one actually has a chance at being made.
  24. arc

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    Even disregarding them all together, I think there's enough of us Bionicle fans to warrant one little niche set. It's at over 8,000 as of posting, it's inevitable it's going to get to 10,000. I just hope it passes.