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    Metal, geocaching, guitar playing, and of course, LEGO.


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Hi there.

my initials are a r c, which is what the username means.

I'm not really a writer. but I'll give this my best try.

My interest in lego started in 2005, when I was received the clone turbo tank as a Christmas gift. the next year I bought my first bionicle, piraka vezok. which remains one of my favorite bionicle figures today. and ever since then I've been collecting various lego. among my favorite themes are star wars, dino attack, and especially bionicle.

Nowadays I'm checking eurobricks every chance I get. to check out the latest set news and updates, looking at set reviews, or just browsing the community. So big thanks to the mods who keep this place running and spam free. :thumbup:

I also have flickr If anyone is interested in that.

alex. ARC :classic:

If I'm online, I'm probably in the bionicle forum. So what are you doing here?