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    I love legos, they're what made me want to become an architect. I'm especially interested in medieval builds, so GoH is a perfect fit. But, besides building I like all kinds of music - from rock to reggae and even Portuguese hip hop. Anything that has a good beat and the lyrics to match.


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  1. HammerBro

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Cat. A #4 #5 Cat. B #4 #2 Cat C. #1 #4
  2. HammerBro

    Drow Ritual

    Wonderful work! The rock work is great along with the ground cover! I really like the posing of the figs and the base is quite interesting.
  3. HammerBro

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Thank you, rogue. @ Grinsebar, I only have one sand green flag, so I mostly use dark green and gold for flag colors. As long as there is one of the two shades of green, you're alright.
  4. I do believe that's a hat! A wizard's hat at that! Amazing doesn't do it justice, the use of different shades of green puts accents in just the right places! And I love the way the tower top slopes outward.
  5. HammerBro

    Book II Challenge III Dwarven Affairs

    I will side on the Men's Quest if it pleases you.
  6. HammerBro

    A Mitgardian Pottery in Ruadh

    Nice mix of the light tan and dark orange! And the roof is very nicely done. Great work!
  7. HammerBro

    Reminds Me of a Song...

    Nice job getting so much detail in such a small space! Stumped on the song, though I support Everything Is Awesome.
  8. HammerBro

    AoM: Archery Phase I

    Nice work on that tree! Cool landscaping too.
  9. HammerBro

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I'll stick with the borders on my last post to makes it easier on rogue's end. I'm mostly elves with some men and I'll plan some Drow builds to be done after Vangard, my task 5 entry, is complete.
  10. HammerBro

    Bran’s Tale [you decide his fate]

    I vote 2A, and I like the idea of tying back to the civil war. It'll be curious to see how this plays out.
  11. HammerBro

    Golem Hunt

    The first build is very clean and has nice texturing on the floor. Oddly, the loose pieces for the base of the second works amazingly well! Great figs too!
  12. HammerBro

    A Kaliphlin Oasis Home

    Cool design with the fountain and I love the colors overall! Great build.
  13. HammerBro

    SG's AoM: Farm Phase 2

    Cool scene, those heads are so great for pumpkins!
  14. HammerBro

    UoP DoH - Warlord stage 2

    Nice job incorporating the bones with tree!
  15. HammerBro

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @ cablefoxley, Sorry for claiming your land. Not like I'm forcefully taking it or anything... Just kidding, I'll redraw my extension, so you can keep what you originally wanted. But its nice to have a new neighbor after it seems like almost everyone was claiming parts of the mainland. Maybe we can do some builds with interconnecting story lines or something. Heres the redrawn extension: (again with rogue's approval)