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  1. Finally completed my minifigure shopping for this batch. Took me forever to find the last Velma Staplebot, every Target and Toys R Us in the area is out of figures, but I found a full box at Meijer.
  2. Yeah Target can be pretty strict about their planograms, so they just kinda have to find a balance between sticking to the planograms and not ending up with stock that has to be clearanced.
  3. They had extra stock of series 11 left over because they either didn't sell or they weren't put out when they were supposed to, because they're the same price point it's easy for them to put them out there in the same display because they haven't been taken out of the system they can still sell them. It's not best practice, but they don't have a place to put a display for both so they stock what they have left over of series 11 in the LEGO movie display so that they don't end up losing money on the series 11 they have left over.
  4. If you really wanna be technical they're usually sidecap boxes.
  5. Love it! Love pugs in general, and obviously LEGO, so the combination is a joy.
  6. DrLegostar

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Actually, it not being part of the disney princess line might work in our favor, it's possible they might do it with regular minifigures rather than minidolls.
  7. I'm not sure I'm the first to mention this here, but there are six females in this series, isn't that more than any other series? I don't recall more than 5 in any series and I'm too lazy to look it up.
  8. DrLegostar

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I'm always a little sad that Giselle from Enchanted didn't get to be a Disney Princess. But Amy Adams got to be a LEGO minifigure and so far all the Disney Princesses have only been Duplo or Minidolls, so I'm counting that as a win for Ms. Adams.
  9. I like the bots. I don't need an army of them, actually I don't think there's any in this series I feel like I need more than one of (maybe the coffee house guy, but that's just you need more than one person working in the coffee house), but I do like the new robots, I have definitely have uses for them.
  10. I just think we were all hoping that if they were going to have anything at all like a mariachi that he would have a classical guitar, or at the very least a guitar case filled with guns.
  11. DrLegostar

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The hair actually looks a little better there, might just be the angle in the box picture.
  12. DrLegostar

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Can't disagree with that. I think, in addition to the hair, is that all the minidoll faces look the same, there's no variation in features or expression really, which is a pitty given the amount of faces and expression LEGO minifigures have had over the last few years. I will accept the "girls like the minidolls" better, but they can't want everyone to have the same face, can they?
  13. DrLegostar

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I agree completely. The minidoll is the worst part of the set. I guess you can always swap her out for the Series 9 forest maiden.
  14. Finally a hairdo that's appropriate for the diner waitress from the last series.
  15. DrLegostar

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Also Ariel's hair is regular minifig hair, not minidoll hair.