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    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    this kind of numbers are normaly used for DACTA. So it is a No Go for me too.
  2. rutmar

    2010 themes and sets?

    I saw this picture on brickshelf tonight with probably the complete new elves theme
  3. rutmar

    financial district manhattan

    The yellow train is called "sprinter" and was in use by the dutch railways from 1978 till 2006 for major public transport between the cities Zoetermeer and The Hague. Today the " sprinter " is modified for regional use in Holland. i build that train five years ago and never had the time to build it more realistic ( doors) . I shall upload more pics from the NYC subway next week when some modifactions have ben done, also some pics from the interior. Cheers
  4. rutmar

    financial district manhattan

    hi there, Several months ago i made the first prepartions to build a part of the skyline of NYC esspecially the financial district and some famous landmarks. I had to start to make a suitable place for the lay out and that was finished a few months ago. Many time i have spend with LDD to create models etc. ( flatiron building, chrysler building, wtc, city hall, empire state building and many more) Now is the time to start some building. in the first place we need a subway and a platform, the 6 six coaches are almost complete, some modifications will be added next week. The coaches are 8 stud and because of the weight, each coach need an 9v engine. just take a quick look in my folder and see the (slow) progression of this project. feel free to give comment or suggestions cheers!
  5. rutmar

    4898 raffle tread

    I,m in
  6. rutmar

    Lego Star Wars Spring/Summer 07

    we have pics from the 10179 UCS falcon on our website It's amazing *wub* *wub* *wub*
  7. rutmar

    classic space

    Classic space will return , however there is no date mentioned. This announcement was made by the LEGO Ambassodorsteam so it is confirmed. i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sweet* *sweet* *sweet*
  8. rutmar


    srry didn't noticed :$
  9. rutmar


    first picture of the batmobile!!!!
  10. rutmar

    Lego train from 2006

    and a passenger train, might be an ICE :oD
  11. rutmar

    big news - no caps!

    the hospital looks like an oilplatform, it is so dissapointing. The planes omg are we using duplo parts??????????? and last but not least WHERE ARE THE TRAINS!!!! :'( :'( :'(
  12. rutmar

    1 august

    ok i called lego direct today, and i ordered some parts of set 6600 the straight road parts and a couple of minifigs. It is not placed on the or s@h but you can order parts now at lego direct. I didn't need a credit card, i expext a bill or banktransfer. *satis* *satis* *satis* for quick ordering use peeron parts or set numbers!!!! regards rutger netherlands
  13. rutmar

    1 august

    and still at 1 of august you will be able to order separte parts. Today somebody els got confirmation from lego direct. factory will be availble but got nothing to do with this. remember the 1 of august will change the world of lego building!
  14. rutmar

    1 august

    It was planned to be operative at the 1st of may, due to sofware problems or other problems that date was delayed. I called lego direct because i like to order a part that is not at S@H. That was 2 months ago and that was first time i heard about this. Today i made a call about the status, Lego direct just got briefed today with the announcement that it will be opperative at the 1 of august. Lego direct is now solving the latets problem, online payments, creditcard or banktransfer. Please call Lego direct and ask about this, you will get the confirmation you will need. :)
  15. rutmar

    1 august

    every brick every color from lego sets from past 5 years till now. also every kind of minifigure except star wars etc. also bases,plates slopes etc etc etc.