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  1. Eikichi

    Guess that movie!

    Red Dawn ?
  2. Eikichi

    Guess that movie!

    And we have a winner !
  3. Eikichi

    Guess that movie!

    Nope. It's European, from 2014.
  4. Eikichi

    Guess that movie!

    Thanks ! Here is a more recent one :
  5. Eikichi

    Guess that movie!

    Rambo ?
  6. Really nice. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll give it a try !
  7. Eikichi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Exactly ? 'cause my shelf is 49.5 cm high... Anyway, I found a radical solution by getting rid of an intermediary shelf. And thanks Henrik for your answer.
  8. Eikichi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello, Does anyone here know the EXACT height of the Town Hall (inches or cm) ? I'm rearranging my display area and it looks like it would do at 1cm...
  9. Eikichi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm lucky here in Europe. GE, PS and TH are still available. I get scared at the beginning of summer when I read here all about the GE getting sold out. So I rushed and bought it ! Better safe than sorry. Next one will be PS, next week. And I hope TH will still be available in April. Then I'll start breathing again ! I got hooked in the Modular line thanks to the Palace Cinema. Can't wait now to hear about the next one. Can't wait to get them all !
  10. I made a visual guide I plan to use on my trip next week to a Lego Store. Here it is : It's obviously based on WhiteFang scan. I hope it will be on some use here.
  11. Eikichi

    Lego CMF Series 13 Guessing Game

    So I'm answering without having read the other answers... I didn't want to be influenced ! Let's go : 01 : a violinist or a fiddler 02 : a frog suit guy/girl 03 : a cyclist 04 : an orange alien 05 : a swamp creature 06 : a movie director 07 : a guy/girl in a Russian/Slavic folkloric outfit 08 : an old Egypt citizen 09 : an electrician 10 : a "French" Gallic warrior 11 : a medieval/fantasy prince 12 : a baker 13 : a ballerina 14 : a plane pilot 15 : an Aboriginal Australian with a boomerang 16 : a horse rider
  12. Eikichi

    Emmet's apartment from The LEGO Movie

    Great project ! I like your toaster !
  13. Eikichi

    Minifigure App is free until October 3rd

    Thank you very much ! I'll download it as soon as I'll get home !