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    MSFC Containment Breach

    Very nice. The work is perfectly done but how did she get in there?
  2. Phantom X

    MSFC Blacktron Mining Plant

    It's awesome man and...... Grazie per I'ispirazione di cui avevo bosogno For those who can't speak or read Italian I said " Thank you for the inspiration I needed"
  3. Phantom X

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    NOOOOOO! They are becoming more mobile! They will have wait NOOOO THEY HAVE WEPOEONS THEY WILL SOON TAKE OVE!
  4. Phantom X

    FAPC The Parrots will conquer the world!

    Yeah too happy if you ask me..... XD pretty good dude
  5. Phantom X

    Hawken - War is a Machine

    Nice man! Oh and the bars lift going downishness and then the glass lifts going up. Try front mission too you might like it
  6. Phantom X

    [LDD] Hawken-like Mech

    Kewl if you like mechs or mech shooters/ turn based strategy games try front mission
  7. Phantom X

    Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon

    Umm wow
  8. Phantom X

    Mecha "Centurion"

    Jeez man! Awesome and brilliant! Did you get the word Nirvana from front mission?
  9. Phantom X

    Heavy mech Statan Mk.3

    Just awesome! And it looks like a mecha or mech aka wanzer called a kong in the game front mission
  10. Phantom X

    FAPC: Octopushy

    Yeah need to make legs thicker but over all awsome
  11. Phantom X

    Space Marines!

    Nice. But what was with the blue thing?
  12. Phantom X

    MSFC: Micro Mars City

    COOL! But what the heck is the claw thing pick up? A cow mabey?
  13. Phantom X

    FAPC - Warpig Mech

    Wow that is cool man!
  14. I love mechs and mecha