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    Well, I've been here for a while so I might as well tell a little bit about myself. Naturally, I like Lego's I guess I could be considered a collector, as I purchase almost every Lego Star wars and seldom dismantle them. I also love Pirates and Castle, so I generally focus on those 3 themes. <br /><br />Anyway on lighter note I'm dieing (I guess that's not a lighter note =P) for an Aayla Secura Minfiig. Definitly one of my top favorite Jedi, can't wait for her. So many people want her lego-afied, so what are you waiting for TLC!


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  1. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Is it just me or does the Clone Turbo Tank look bigger than it's predecessor? Regardless it still looks pretty good, not to many advances, but it's still pretty good. Very excited for Aayla Secura and Cad Bane!
  2. Matteo Kenobi

    UCS Delta-7 Athersprite Episode II

    Wow great job, this is one of my favorite ships and you really did an excellent job! I really like the way you did the tip of the ship, once again great job!
  3. Matteo Kenobi

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    I believe I meet the requirements and would love a tag, thanks so much KimT!
  4. Matteo Kenobi

    Jedi Duel - Character Databank

    Matteo Green - Jedi Youngling Health: 5 Force Abilities - Mastery Abilities - Bio Matteo Green never met his mother, his father said she died during child birth. Matteo never believed that, he always knew the truth, that she left him. His father was a senator to the planet Uyter. Matteo was always under the pressure of his father to act as if he was perfect. Sit still, only speak when spoken to, only show his perfection. Matteo always resented his father for making him act as if he had no personality. His father's ship crashed in an assassination attempt. Matteo was on board, as he had accompanied his father to the senate. His father wanted him to go into politics, to follow in his footsteps. The ship crashed on the Wookie-inhabited planet of Kashyk. Matteo survived the crash, his wounds healed in time. He befriended the Wookies, they saw good and innocence in him as he was only 7. He was rescued by a Jedi knight who sensed the force in him. Although they sensed that young Matteo was broken and filled with much pain, the force was overpowering the negatives. He was brought to the temple and trianed as a powerful Jedi. The Jedi knight that discovered him never took an apprentice, but when he was killed in the clone wars, Matteo was given his deep blue lightsabre. He has becomes skilled with the use of two lightsabres, using one in a backhand style and the other in a classical style. He has devoted himself to the practice of the Jedi arts, and believes that concentration and focus are the key to overcoming an opponent. Duel History Won: - Lost: -
  5. This sounds amazing, I'll join as soon as I photograph my jedi. This will be great, bring it on =]
  6. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Wow, these sets are great, I personally can't wait for the turbo tank and to see the final Aayla Secura figure. However, I do have a little tiff with Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter. Just looking at a quick comparison The blues are different, a lot different. The lego version is much lighter, do you think that will change as these sets become finalized? I hope it does, but I wouldn't be surprised if TLC keeps it that blue.
  7. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Okay, thank you both for clarifying. I was a little shocked at what I had seen, so thank you for bringing me down to earth a bit! I wasn't sure if TLC had announced some price surge or what was going on, but I'm very glad it was just a mistake.
  8. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Okay I have a question and I'm sure it's already been brought up but I looked through the past 5 pages and there was no mention of it. I think you can agree that looking through 136 pages is completely absurd. Anyway, I was just looking at the front page at the January 2010 sets and I saw the prices. I know I've looked at those pictures and prices on the front page and they were not that high. I mean the Arc-170 for $80.00 USD, that's insane! That's the around 500 pieces for $80, I can't get over that because that's just disgusting. A price surge like that is insane. Is there a reason for the price jump, because I was excited for some of these sets (more specifically the summer 2010 sets, best wave yet as far as I'm concerned, if the rumors are true) and if the Clone turbo tank is going to be 1000 pieces and $200, it's just not worth it. So what's the reason for the high prices? Are they just overpriced estimates or am I missing something?
  9. Matteo Kenobi

    112th HC-Z Hardsuit

    This just amazing, besides the fact that the design is really well done. The idea is incredibly creative, and I personally wouldn't have thought about it. Just great all around, the bullet holes in the wall, great touch!
  10. Matteo Kenobi

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    1. Cloud City by Kaitan 2. Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter by DutchRebel 3. AT-OT by Mutley777 4. Hoth by Morten Sonne 5. K-Wing by Rook
  11. Matteo Kenobi

    [MOC] Working Blast Doors

    You know I've been playing around trying to get a smaller version of this, so this is great example! Well done, glad this worked out really well, it looks awesome by the way!
  12. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    If this thing were midi-scale I would be SERIOUSLY dissapointed, I don't think TLG would do that to us, I really hope they wouldn't. I mean we have had 3 falcones, that's why they gave us a midi-scale one. But we have only had 1 Tantive IV. Plus the midi falcon had no minifigs, it looks like there is a place to seat the minifigs in the RBR
  13. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    It does look nice, I mean there is no image of the interior, if there will be any. I mean you have to admit the exterior is pretty nice and well detailed, I do hope we get some sort of good minifigs, I would guess Leia, some rebel soldiers, Artoo and Threepeo, perhaps Vader and a storm trooper, I hope that's not true, with so many generic figs. It wouldn't surprise me though, I would hope for the expected Leia, R2 and 3PO, a rebel commander( ), and some rebel soldiers. I have to agree if this thing is $150+ I mean that's not right. That may be a deal breaker there, I already forked out a bit excessive $250 for the Dropship and AT-OT.
  14. Matteo Kenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I'm in a good mood now! Hopefully this is some sort of proof, I tried to make a good resolution as best I can with photoshop, sorry if this is a bit late and I'm not saying anything new. EDIT: After looking at Svetle's image it does look like clones, but it appears the figures in the back still have hoods on, perhaps they are snow suited clones. I don't know I just can't tell, oh well, I'd love it if it were hoth, but who knows.