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  1. [MOC][Space] Curiosity Rover

    Thanks a lot!
  2. [MOC][Space] Curiosity Rover

    flickr The Curiosity Rover of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Mission. I guess it doesn't need much of an introduction, but just in case, it's an awesome robotic rover, cruising around on Mars, helping us to find out more about the planet's geology, climate and conditions for life. Find out more about it here: http://en.wikipedia....uriosity_(rover) I know that there was an official model, but I've always wanted to build my own minifig-scale version of Curiosity. Regards, Stefan
  3. [MOC] Vip Viper MkVII

    Hello, It's Vic Viper time! Here's my build for this year, Vic Viper MkVII: flickr Regards, Stefan
  4. [MOC] SF-39 Banshee

    Hello, Finally, I've found some motivation and inspiration to build and finnish a MOC! Here's the starfighter/futuristic jet fighter SF-39 "Banshee": flickr Regards, Stefan
  5. [MOC] GAIA Space Telescope

    Hello, flickr | Brickshelf GAIA is a space telescope of the European Space Agency ESA which surveys the position, distance and motion of about 1 billion stars (~1% of our Galaxy), creating a 3D map of the Milky Way with unprecedented precision. To carry out its measurements, GAIA is equipped with two reflective telescopes with a focal lenght of 35 m and the biggest camera flown into space to date. Find out more about this very interesting mission here:
  6. [MOC] Vic Viper MkVI

    Hello, Here's my starfighter for Novvember 2013, the Vic Viper MkVI: flickr | Brickshelf Regards, Stefan
  7. [MOC] Rosetta & Philae

  8. [MOC] Rosetta & Philae

    Hello, Here's my latest MOC, the orbiter and the lander of the ESA mission "Rosetta: flickr | Brickshelf Rosetta is a mission of the European Space Agency to study the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. After a 10 year long flight, it will reach the comet by mid-2014. An important part of the mission is the lander "Philae", which will perform the first ever landing on a comet. More information is available here: Regards, Stefan
  9. [MOC] Scarab Mecha

    Thanks a lot!
  10. [MOC] Scarab Mecha

    Hello, Here's my latest MOC, this time it's a Mecha: flickr Best regards, Stefan
  11. [MOC] ADONIS Space Mission

  12. [MOC] ADONIS Space Mission

    ADONIS - "Atmospheric Drag, Occultation 'N' Ionospheric Scintillation" In July, I participated in the Summer School Alpbach, a workshop by ESA, where science and engineering students from all over Europe have 10 days to come up with a realistic space mission proposal. This includes everything from the scientific objectives to the technical feasibility and operations and also of course a cost estimation. A very busy time, but also an incredible expierience! Just for the fun of it I built a MOC of the spacecraft of our mission "ADONIS", which won the award for the most competitive mission. You can read about the mission in all detail here: (Team Orange, but you can also check out the work of all other teams). Also, one of my Team Tutors wrote a nice wrap-up about the Summer School: Best regards, Stefan
  13. [MOC] ATV-4 "Albert Einstein"

    Thanks! @ Only Sinner: Apojove over at flickr has some amazing space MOCs:
  14. [MOC] ATV-4 "Albert Einstein"

    Thank you all, glad to hear you like it!
  15. Hello! The ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) is ESA’s unmannded resupply spacecraft for the ISS. The mission of this “real world X-Wing” is not only to transport cargo and propellant, but also to reboost the Space Station into a higher orbit. Currently, it’s the most powerful resupply spacecraft with a cargo capacity of more than 6.5 tonnes. The fourth ATV , named after the famous scientist Albert Einstein, will be launched today on an Ariane 5 rocket at ESA’s spaceport in Kourou. You can read more about the ATV here: flickr | Brickshelf Best regards, Stefan