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    Best town layout software

    "Salti Blati: have you built your town yet? That layout example you posted sounds like it's got some really cool features. Would love to see the real thing if it exists." Yes, I have built several versions of my town, using Excel. I use this method for designing my layout at Brickworld Chicago and for my ever-changing town in my LEGO Room. Here is a photo link:
  2. Legodt

    Best town layout software

    I recommend using Microsoft Excel. I have been using this for years. You can adjust the colum width to "6" and the row height to "32" and end up with square cells. I then shade the cells various colors and use borders to delineate various sections. For example each cell represents 8 studs X 8 studs. Hope you find this helpful.
  3. Legodt

    Notre Dame de Paris Modular building dimension

    Amazing. I was measuring my LEGO room to see where I could build and fit this MOC. It is so huge! I love it. I hope to build it one day.
  4. TOUR MONTPARNASSE Created using thousands of LEGO bricks with a 1:180 scale. The LEGO version is approximately 46" tall. Link to photos: Tour Montparnasse Commonly named Tour Montparnasse, this 689' office skyscraper is located in the Maine-Montparnasse area of Paris, France. Constructed from 1969 to 1973, it was the tallest skyscraper in France until 2011. At the time of construction, it was considered the most controversial building in Paris. At this time, it is undergoing a complete re-design and overhaul, which was initiated in 2015 by a design contest. The LEGO version required intricate building techniques in order create a mirror image of each quadrant and to bend the broad facade into the shape of an almond. There is a robust interior structure which was necessary to preserve the shape and maintain the integrity of the entire building. The LEGO version is comprised of four distinct sections: base/foundation, main section #1, main section #2, and the upper levels. This creation took about one month to design and build. This was my Covid lockdown project.
  5. Legodt

    10264 Corner Garage

    I still have not built Downtown Diner. I like the way this Corner Garage will connect with Downtown Diner. I am going to add a 4th level to maximize the brown facade over the gas station. The price is ridiculous. I love the story telling for sure.
  6. Legodt

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would not be surprised if the next LEGO Modular was not a garage. The term Creator Garage could refer to a much smaller set. Are there any other hints besides the term "Creator Garage"?
  7. Legodt

    List of Modular MOC Instructions and Searching for More!

    Thank you. I would love to see the LXF file for Piazza San Marco. I am most interested in the tower. How can you post it or send it to me?
  8. Legodt

    List of Modular MOC Instructions and Searching for More!

    I would love to see Piazza San Marco posted on Rebrickable OR I would love to purchase the instructions.
  9. Legodt

    Building Snaillads Ave. St. Jacques

    Congratulations on completing this. I also completed it a year & half ago. It was every enjoyable. I hope that it is OK to repeat my review here:
  10. Legodt

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    I just rec'd an email from Shop@Home stating that my "Pet Shop" has shipped. Woo hoo! I went back to S@H to order another one, but it still says back ordered. At least I have two others in reserve.
  11. Legodt

    10246 Detective's Office

    US S@H has DO in stock and it is finally listed as "Available Now". I just ordered two and ther order went through no problem.
  12. Inspired by the Paris Opera at Palais Garnier Completed in February 2014, this project took about 4.5 months to design & build. There are over 12,000 LEGO parts. This is my first, truly original design and creation. Also this is my first attempt at an original, Modular-like creation. It is 64 studs wide by 60 studs in deep. As an opera fanatic and an admirer of French architecture, this project was inspired by a copy of a painting in our home by Jean Beraud: "Le Couloir de l' Opera." The Grand Staircase is beautifully portrayed and I wanted to create an ornate interior along with a detailed exterior finish. Microsoft Excel was very handy in order to plot out the footprint, staircase height, tile designs, Fleur d' lis pattern, and more. I also relied on Google Maps 'streetview' and popular images of Palais Garnier for inspiration and guidance. The proper scale of Palais Garnier would have required a LEGO structure about three times the size of this creation. I incorporated the dome and the hip roof elements into this version, although they would be much further back from the front facade. Also, the sides do not have protruding elements, so that this creation can be displayed along with other LEGO modular creations OR two smaller domes on the original Palais Garnier can be added as a separate project. This version does not include the front exterior stairs, not the lower level. The grand piano on stage was copied from mijasper. More details at:
  13. This Modular Ghostbusters Headquarters has been sized to fit in with the LEGO Modular Series. (Developed for LEGO Ideas by OGELSBOB (formerly known as "LEGODT") Only 16-studs wide. Thanks to Sergio512 for the wonderful design of the LEGO Ideas submission: Ghostbusters HQ. I copied some of the build techniques and design elements of the Sergio512 design to inspire the creation of this modular-sized Ghostbusters Headquarters. The garage door facade is made of dark brown 1x4 tiles that cover 1x5x8.5 stockade doors. In order to fit the Ecto-1 Cadillac inside the building with inward swinging doors, I had to extend the depth of the standard 32 stud baseplate by 16 studs. This creation is 16 studs by 48 studs. You can see from the photos that this creation fits in nicely with modular-proportioned buildings. The interior features a pod for Dr.Egon, Dr. Peter, Dr. Raymond & Winston Zeddemore to perform their duties and to relax with some snacks. Little do they know that above their secure pod, Slimer, a ghastly apparition, is about to invade their inner sanctum. What does everyone think about the playability of this MOC? Please support on LEGO Ideas:
  14. Legodt

    Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    Thanks everyone for keeping this post alive. I sure wish some of the blogs would front-page this creation... it would help with getting additional supporters on LEGO Ideas. Any one have any suggestions about how I can encourage the Eurobricks moderators to front page this creation?
  15. Legodt

    Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    Paris Opera House (12,000+ LEGO parts) achieves 1,000 supporters at LEGO Ideas
  16. Legodt

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    (2) Cafe Corner 10182 including one unopened set (1) Market Street 10190 (2) Green Grocer 10185 including one unopened set (6) Fire Brigade 10197 (5) Grand Emporium 10211 (4) Town Hall 10224 (3) Pet Shop 10218 (2) Palace Cinema 10232 and (3) Parisian Restaurant 10243 (?) Detective Agency 2015?
  17. Legodt

    Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    Announcing that this project, PARIS OPERA HOUSE has been chosen is being promoted on "Staff Picks" over at the LEGO Ideas site: ------- Here is you chance to support a large-scale building that has caught the attention of The LEGO Company.
  18. Legodt

    Brick City Depot Buildings

    I really enjoy building from BCD instructions. I usually spend about 10 cents per piece for about 1/3 of the pieces requires. Most of the time, I can find about 2/3rd of the pieces required from my inventory. The WWII French Folding House was my first foray into using profesionally designed instructions to construct a building. Since then I have built four oher BCD designs: Canal Street Houses, Amsterdam Hotel, and Consulate, plus all of the BCD Mini-Modulars. If you love the modular series, then BCD is the perfect choice while you are waiting for TLG to produce a new modular set.
  19. Legodt

    MOC: Avenue Saint-Jacques

    ReflectioN: How is your ASJ build going? Any photos yet?
  20. Legodt

    Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    This MOC was nominated for "BEST LARGE BUILDING" at Brickworld Chicago 2014. Also, please support on Lego Ideas... you can search for it by typing in "Paris"
  21. Legodt

    OAM-club (Owners of All Modulars)

    I remember the shock and excitment when Cafe Corner first came out. I went out and purchased it the first day it was in the store and I have not stopped since. My collection includes: Cafe Corner: 1 in factory sealed box + 1 used Market Street: 1 used Green Grocer: 1 in factory sealed box + 1 used Fire Brigade: 3 in factory sealed box + 3 used Grand Emporium: 4 in factory sealed box + 1 used Town Hall: 2 in factory sealed box + 1 used Pet Shop: 1 in factory sealed box + 1 used Palace Cinema: 1 in factory sealed box + 1 used Parisian Restaurant: 1 in factory sealed box + 1 used
  22. Legodt

    Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    This MOC is now on LEGO Cuusoo. You can visit the site and perform a search for "Paris" and this MOC will appear.
  23. Legodt

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    I definetly will study this MOC again so that I can incorporate some of the innovative and unique building techniques into my next MOC.
  24. Legodt

    Paris Opera House in Modular Style (64 wide)

    This MOC was just blogged on ToysNBricks. Check it out again.
  25. Legodt

    Contemporary Modular

    Your MOC has given me ideas about how to create modern buildings by using "clean lines" and accent colors. I'm going to try this oneof these days.