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    Team Fortress 2 [MOC]

    "Team Fortress 2 is centered around two opposing teams competing for an objective. These two teams are meant to represent a demolition and a construction company as a part of the backstory: Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU). Players can choose to play as one of nine classes in these teams, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and roles" - Wiki TF2 maps have a similar and fairly consistant art scheme so its safe to say this map isnt based of a specific scene but I took inspiration for quite a lot of maps, the most noticable being; Dustbowl, Badwater and Upward. With all that information in mind, like Saxton Hale himself, lets jump straight into the action! Blu Team are pushing against red who are defending their Inteligance briefcase (Basicly a flag in CTF). Demoman Drinking on the Job and a Heavy Medic combo pushing against a Scout. Pyro doing well spy checking! "Snipings' a good job mate!". Sniper poking out the window, engineer builidng a level 3 sentry and a Spy about to kill the engineer. The blue engineer below (myself) is stealing the briefcase! Red medic respawning...again... Teams! Demoman, Heavy, Medic, Engineer, Spyand Pyro. Scout, Soldier, Spy, Sniper, Engineer and medic. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think and check out the Brickshelf page -Mightyslickpancake
  2. Hey everyone! I just got the version of Onua mistaka and I got out my Kopaka Phantoka to go along with him and I realised that Kopaka hadn't been reviewed..So here they are! Onua will be done soon Kopaka Mata Theme: Bionicle Set name: Kopaka Number: 8536 Series: Toa Mata Year: 2001 Pieces: 33 Price: £4.99/$7 BOX: First off, the box. If the box doesn't grab your attention then you may not buy it...So how does it look? The front of the box looks nice, with Kopaka in an awesome, chilled out pose http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/crabboy329/Bionicle-reviews/Kopaka/Kopaka-mata/kopaka_02.jpg An interesting feature is the way that the outer box 'skin' slides around so you can see The other toa and special codes. Can lid Can lid 2 The can lids can hold the mask of the toa and has axle holes for many uses, that you will see later. INSTRUCTIONS Same picture as the can, but thats not a bad thing. Random instructions page. Toa Kaita instrucions page. SET The canister has just washed up and the parts have fallen out, so what does it make? Half done, but looks cool! WOW! A true Toa is formed. A really nice mask and weapons! From the back. Not much here, but nice look with the cogs. The only action function with the set, but what would you expect? Overall: Colours scheme - 10/10 Nothing much here, but as a Toa of ice its perfect! Parts - 8/10 Well designed, Nothing wrong with the parts. Design - 7/10 At the time it would be a 20/10! But from we have now, it leaves alot to be desired. Articulation - 5/10 There isnt much, but I love the cog function. Its a shame that has gone. Quality - 10/10 I have owned this game for 10 years and the parts are 100% pine, no cracks. So well done lego . Price - 10/10 Really worth it for that price (back in the day and now)! Overall: 50/60 To me it is a 50/50 as its my favourite lego set , But Compaired to modern sets, it dont stack up well . Kopaka Nuva Theme: Bionicle Set name: Kopaka Number: 8571 Series: Toa Nuva Year: 2002 Pieces: 43 Price: $8/£4.99 BOX First off, the box. If the box doesn't grab your attention then you may not buy it...So how does it look? Kopaka looks epic, skiing down a mountain with his new nuva armor. INSTRUCTIONS Same picture on the front with all the nuva masks on the back! Random page and the Toa Kaita nuva! SET So the set is built, how fun is it? Here he looks like a beefed-up version of himself, which is a good thing! Back, The spare cogs is a nice thing so the arm is held in place! The skis! His spear can be taken apart and made into a pair of skis which that attach to his feet with some techinc pins. Here and here Overall: Colours scheme - 10/10 Nothing much here, but as a Toa of ice its perfect! Parts - 9/10 With the new parts, the score is upped by one. (I dont like the mask as much, but the rest is awesome) Design - 7/10 Very similar to his mata version, but I like that. Articulation - 5/10 Limited just like mata, So just the same I think. Quality - 10/10 I have owned this game for 10 years and the parts are 100% pine, no cracks. So well done lego . Price - 10/10 Amazingly its the same price as his previous version, but with more parts ! Overall: 51/60 Great set, Im not sure if I prefer it to Mata, But its great . Kopaka Phantoka Theme: Bionicle Set name: Kopaka Number: 8685 Series: Toa Phantoka Year: 2008 Pieces: 54 Price: £7.79/$12.99 BOX First off, the box. If the box doesn't grab your attention then you may not buy it...So how does it look? The nice looking vines are just an attachment that fit onto the front of the box. The back has all the boring stuff and shows off the ability to attach solek to double the power! (Gotta love the marketing scheme) INSTRUCTIONS Nothing much here. But looks fine . Dont build on grass . Very nice advert, simple but gets it across. Also the mahri are still being advertised which is unusual. As well as the Toa Ignika. SET Basic body we all love and hate . The chest piece reminds me of the nuva chest armor. The wings are SWEET! . One of the best part of the set! "Come at me bro!" Flight Kopaka and Solek look brilliant, I am so glad I got both . A few pics of Solek: 1, 2 and 3. Sadly all of his joints that connect to his chect are cracked in two places each . Overall: Colours scheme - 8/10 Not sure, The grey is fine but maybe there should be just a bit less? Parts - 9/10 Most of what we have seen before, but the new ones are great . Although what the heck happened to his mask? Design - 8/10 Deja vu, anyone? Articulation - 10/10 13 points of articulation of fine and what I would expect, he can get into some awesome poses! Quality - 8/10 My version has a couple of cracked parts , but nothing major. Price - 9/10 I would buy this set in a heartbeat, so its worth it . Overall: 44/60 Awesome set! Nice change to Kopaka (I bet you are sick of his name by now ) Great touch with solek. Final Thoughts Kopaka is my favourite Toa and I am glad to have him in all his forms. I cannot choose which is my favourite as they all are. The review is rather rushed but its getting late and Im just a bad reviewer , so and constructive critisism is ok... But I do have feelings. Brickshelf here Final Pics, Wow kopaka, you have grown! So has your box. I wasn't too keen on kopaka only having a gun and no real second weapon, So this is a quick change I did. Thanks, CB
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    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Wow! these are getting saved. Initial impressions are they look cool but the beasts dont feel bionicle-y to me yet. Hopefully they will grow. Umrak and Ekimu took some 'roids! Ekimu is serious power over 9000 now! Edit: Just figured out Umrak is wearing the mask of control....but more mutated.
  4. Green Lantern assualt on the Yellow Lantern power battery! I know everyone has the stock outfits, but just pretend they don't guys cause I cant see lego making the full team anytime soon . More images here Thanks, Mightyslickpancake
  5. MightySlickPancake

    [MOC] Green Lantern battle for the power battery!

    Yeah, each lantern has a personal 'lantern' but the source of their power is from a big power battery...if that makes sense... Hence they are fighting over the evil yellow lanterns source of power. Man, comics are confusing!
  6. MightySlickPancake

    [MOC] Green Lantern battle for the power battery!

    Man, you gotta check out the gallery! I gave hal a hand/glove becuase I tried to give everyone unique controcts to their personality. I'll have to make a construct harley for guy.
  7. MightySlickPancake

    [MOC] Green Lantern battle for the power battery!

    Thanks for the kind words friends!
  8. MightySlickPancake

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    What are the yellow technic bricks behind the stud wall under wayne mannor, there is some kind of costume swap mechanism (see back of the box) or is it just my wishful thinking?
  9. MightySlickPancake

    UK Sales

    I found about 10 of the 75052 Jedi defender class cruiser at the toysrus in Derby for £60. Which for a 3 year old set that used to be £100 is really good! If anyone still wants one Get over there before they empty stock!
  10. MightySlickPancake

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I didnt take a picture but a few days ago I bought a tub of 2x2 light bley tiles, approximatly 800 (I weighted them all so Its close). Pretty sure they have sold out in sheffield.
  11. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I Picked up all the new sets on friday as soon as the lego shop opened (and bionicles aside 30+ people bought the ghostbusters set in the first hour). I have been playing with them since and I think I really enjoy them. I can understand what peoples complaints are about limb length and odd designs but im quite impressed. My personal complaints are the toa look awesome combined but its really hard to play with combined imho. Umrak is an absolute gem, I loved him straight away when i saw a tiny grained pictured and hes great to have in hand...that trap armor . I have notices my main gripe is the toa hands for the staff sets, i want to be able to move the hand position along the staff/hammer but you cant so I'd really like to see a hollow hand piece for better flexiability.
  12. MightySlickPancake

    Toa Kaita and Protector Kaita

    Goodevening all, Me and my brother bought the new bionicle sets over a week ago (in the UK) and we have been really enjoying them, however we have been discussing the supposed 'combiners' that lego are currently using with the toa + protectors weapons. We decided to have a go at building them both and some kaita of the protectors. Akamai Wairuha Protector Akamai Protector Wairuha Battle! I hope you like them, more images can be found on brickshelf as soon as its public. - Mightyslickpancake
  13. The omega toa got their golden maskes and decided to train with them to get stronger....by powerlifting.... Onua (Dead lift) Kopaka (Squat) (Then back up again) Tahu (bench press) Bonus pics Hope you all enjoyed, this was just a silly idea I had when I first saw they were 'omega/superstrong'. -Mightyslick
  14. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I really like the new skull baddies, some of the colours are a mess but on the most part I like them (yes even the limbs). My thoughts about the blended masks are that they are infected masks. The reason we havent seen a Hau or a Kaukau 'infected' is either, thay have more sets to release with them in or in the story only Lewa, Onua, Pohatu and Kopaka get infected leaving Gali and Tahu to cleanse them, bit of a stretch perhaps. I would like to see them all getting blended masks however. Looking forward to more pictures.
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    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Thats the Mask of ultimate power!
  16. MightySlickPancake

    Toa Kaita and Protector Kaita

    I made a pet for Wairuha! Im not a fan of Pohatus and the protector of stones trans green colour scheme,it Thank you very much! looks really wierd in a kaita I will deffinatly agree.
  17. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2015 Project

    Fantastic work, That turtle is hypnotic to look at! Its really awsome seeing stuff like this, it shows off really well how high end builds can be made out of CCBS and I hope your build encourage LEGO and other people that CCBS is acctually an interisting system to use. Question QQS; Whilest you have had this opportunity, what are your thoughts on the parts you have had to build? Was it a chore to build some models or were you winishing that you had some type of bone piece that doesnt exist?
  18. MightySlickPancake

    Toa Kaita and Protector Kaita

    Thanks, Akamai is horrendous to try and move and pose, arms are indeed too skinny and dont work too well at lifting his weapons. The main problem was the legs and torso were done first and then i ran out of any good bones and I didnt want to use non set parts. I only read your own Akamai after I posted and I saw you had a similar idea with the heads which was awesome! I am hoping some designers at lego are sat together coming up with good kaita combiner models, I had fun memories of them as a kid cause they just felt so powerful and massive (to a little kid).
  19. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Well if you think about it, with the new heads they use and the fact that their eyes launch the masks off, they couldn't use the origional vahi because the eye launcher wouldn't hit the mask off and it would look really wierd. For the story reason for the full mask, I have no idea.
  20. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The voices seems different in each video, Kopaka talked different in both videos he was in, which is a little strange imho. However as I am british I adore these voices, I would love to see yorkshire and scotish accents for future characters and a female voice for gali.
  21. MightySlickPancake

    Custom AF Banner

    Needs more galidor! haha But I really like it, top work!
  22. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Silly lego, that's not how you draw mata nui.... But seriously that incrediably beautiful and I hope we see more images in HD soon, like this from the FB site.
  23. MightySlickPancake

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Im not sure what otherpeoples opinions are but the middle 3 pannels and the bottom middle pannels appear to be people making some kind of brew and sneaking it into the pool club through the barbers? The one with the hat is giving the barber money outside the shop as well!! so this is some kind of lego prohebition? Seems like a strange thing for lego to do? eitherway, something is being hidden in those barrels and it isnt good.
  24. MightySlickPancake

    Old member returning

    Hello guys and gals, I have been away form eurobricks a long time, life being life and jobs being what they are, I could never find the time. However, I still played and bought loads of lego since. I just decided that with my favourite theme bionicle returning I would get back into the community. I love mechanical stuff, I am a maintince engineer by trade at a large steel plant, its like big metal lego . I love working on cars and motorbikes as a hobbie....and erm.....I like lego? Thats me in a nutshell, I cant wait to get back into stuff here, I have loads of mocs to show off . Thanks for your time everyone and hello again!
  25. MightySlickPancake

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    in this video of the story, ( yeah i know everyone has posted it a billion times) at 0:35 it looks like a vahi in the background! #reading_too_much_into_things