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  1. yokozuna

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Thanks ordered one (1) horse 😂 Ordered a few torsos before, but I don't need more than 10. I don't want an army where everyone have the exact same outfit. Hopefully we will se some variations of the falcon torso in the 3 in 1 set this summer.
  2. yokozuna

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Any idea of how fast a piece usually come back in stock? Are we taking hours, days or weeks? Or sometimes they never come back? Never ordered from B&P before.
  3. yokozuna

    Tips to start building a Castle army?

    I been thinking about this too. When is a figure (or set) cheapest to buy on bricklink? Right after the release of a set? Or at the end of the cycle (when stores like Amazon and Lego.com sell the sets at discounted prices) or is it even cheaper a few months after that?
  4. yokozuna

    The Goat Mystery

    Really? Just kidding ? That goat has become much more expensive since this topic was created. Browsed random stuff on bricklink tonight and was very surprised that the goat was so expensive. I guess it safe to say now that the goat won't make a return. It's such a great piece though... ?