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  1. legoman666

    Improving the 71044 Disney Train (WIP and Idea thread)

    I've got similar replacement stickers for the Lilly Belle on my website:
  2. legoman666

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    It's really fiddley to line up fabric perfectly to do double sided. And if it's even slightly off, the whole batch is ruined.
  3. legoman666

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Nothing is stopping you from starting a lego train company and giving away a $200 prize. You do sound ungrateful.
  4. legoman666

    BrickTracks wheels

    Very confusing reading this when you refer to the lego wheel holder as a bearing and are also talking about ball bearings in the same paragraph.
  5. legoman666

    Modified 71044 - C.K. Holliday - Disney

    Damn! That's what it should have looked like to begin with! Glad the stickers worked out. I bet you're one of the only ones to add some extra carriages. Now I actually want to build one for myself!
  6. legoman666

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    How it looks with the laser cut fabric sails I sell that were designed by Alazon. Available here:
  7. legoman666

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Alazon and I produced these tattered sails for displaying on the shipwreck build. Printed on fabric and laser cut, grab a set here:
  8. Free for anyone who purchases the full set here: Just leave a note when you checkout mentioning you saw this post here and want the spanker sail.
  9. legoman666

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    How's that? :) Grab a set here:
  10. legoman666

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    Im going to print a few batches of these on fabric and see how they turn out. Single sided since printing on both sides of fabric is impossible on my printer.
  11. legoman666

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    I have a vector copy here:
  12. Is there a file for that somewhere? More or less impossible to redraw that to scale just from the photo. And it would be for 10210, not the Barracuda?
  13. Added 10210 Imperial Flagship both to my pdf resources and to my eBay:
  14. I haven't done those yet because the prices for originals on BrickLink were still fairly reasonable at last glance. Although I'm looking at the prices again and it'd run around $60-100 for a full set if bought from US sellers. Maybe I ought to take a look! My goal with selling the laser cut replicas and sharing the art is so people can relive the classic sets. They were a big part of my childhood and I hope they were and continue to be for other people as well.