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  1. Building BMR Freight cars

    I made a Hamburger too after seeing Ecmo's. Kind of pricey in brown. I just used whatever brown I already had, so it's kind of mottled.
  2. How should I rebuild my bogies for bearings?

    With a sharp drill bit, probably. A lathe with a 4 jaw chuck or a mill would work best I'd think. I used a few 156zz's in my BNSF SD70ACe. Runs good :)
  3. Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    Right, I'm using home turned aluminum wheels. Track voltage is 24V. The super caps provide enough juice to last about 45 seconds. I developed this system a few years ago to keep my locomotives moving through 3rd party plastic track. As long as I have enough powered 9v straight track to keep the caps juiced up, my locomotives will keep going forever.
  4. Fine control for LEGO trains
  5. Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    I never made a build list, I built the first (MoPac) from scratch by staring at photos, then the other 5 are based off the first. The electronics are easier explained by a photo:
  6. Building BMR Freight cars

    I like your trucks, but aren't those black pistols kind of pricey?
  7. Switch Modification

    I've moved the throw to the other side on a handful of switches. It's a pain.
  8. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Huh? There are 3 3rd party motor controllers out there already.
  9. Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    Here's all of them together for the first time.
  10. Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    Very nice nose. I need to hook you up with some portholes.
  11. Train Axle Making Jig

    I've never been able to get my eBay/Amazon 2mm rod to fit in the bearings. The real Lego axles are actually like 1.90mm. BrickTracks's Scott made Cale and I some that are the correct size, which are what's included with the BMR kits. If you ask him, he may sell them to you too.
  12. Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    Thanks. The caps are a very temporary electrical storage that allow my locomotives to travel over unpowered track sections. They charge in about 12-15 seconds and can power the locomotive for about a minute. As long as all of my straight track is powered, the locomotive can make it through my BrickTracks R120 and 4D Brix R148 ultimate crossovers without having to resort to batteries. Oh sorry, yes it's the XL. It can get quite loud :)
  13. Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    :) I don't use any software to plan my builds. I've never used LDD at all, and I've used to recreate one of my locomotives after I had already built it out of brick.