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  1. L Motor Freezes

    I've had issues with the axle into the motor being shoved in there too hard and causing the motor to stall/not work at all. Both the AAA and the AA battery pack have a 800mA fuse, so there should be no difference as long as the batteries you're using are similar enough.
  2. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    3d printed. If you have more money than sense, you can order them from Scott's Shapeways store like I did. Just this short video.
  3. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Can't wait for the r120!
  4. Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    Yes, can print and cut. Any color ink including white. Any color vinyl including clear.
  5. Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    Which could you possibly mean...
  6. Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    Funnily enough, my friend and I were talking about that. I'm considering 3d printing a thinner piece. I guess I need to start drawing the model.... Thanks everyone! Very funny about my soda can bearings :P I considered printing a sticker that more closely resembled the real bearing, but decided to keep it as pure as possible.
  7. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Haha, I just threw the rest of mine on eBay yesterday. Need to get rid of them.
  8. Hello all. I've been working on these for past several months. I built the first one last year and completed the remaining 5 just recently. I did all the vinyl stickers myself, and I take custom orders. I can print and cut on any color vinyl. Just shoot me an email to Anyway, here's the first one I did, the Missouri Pacific aka MoPac. This one was a little tricky because it's powered and the rarity/lack of selection in medium blue. Custom steel wheels pick up 24V DC track power that charges an on-board 10F 24V super capacitor bank. Homemade bluetooth motor controller powers 2 PF L motors. And the second was the Missouri Kansas Texas aka Katy. I regret that I had to resort to red vinyl to do the diagonal striping, but there was no other way to achieve the effect I wanted. The third was the Rio Grande. I debated whether or not to use bright light orange, bright light yellow, or yellow. Fortunately, my wife picked bright light orange (chima yellow), which turned out to be the perfect color. A few tricky bits as a result, no 1x2 grille tile, so I had to creative with the grilles on the rear of the body. Luckily, the ladder is available in bright light orange. Getting the mountain silhouettes to line up across "elevation" changes was difficult. I tried to precut everything perfect, but my mental model was wrong, so I had to do a little slicing and dicing. Fourth, I built the Western Pacific. I just realized my photos were taken one BrickLink order prior to completion, but I think the only thing missing are 1x2 dark green grille tile. Anyway, getting the artwork for this one was the hardest part. I ended up downloading an addon pack for a train sim that I dont play, extracted the texture files from it, and vectorized them. It was a lot of work! Also, the 2 x 2 weird slopey piece I like to use for the angles on the nose is not available in dark green so I had to get creative with cheese slopes. Fifth, I made the Chicago North Western, aka CNW. After using up all my own dark green tile and small plate to make the Western Pacific, I had to buy a bunch to build the CNW. I was glad that I was able to brick-build the dark green to yellow transition. It was kind of tricky to get all the snot to work out, but the result is good. Lastly, I built the Southern Pacific. I was dreading this build, I almost didn't bother with it because I thought the prototype was so ugly. But seeing as how I had already completed the previous 5, I decided to go through with it. I'm glad I did, as it had started to grow on me during construction. I tried brick-building the orange/black/red color transition on the front under the cab, but gave up and used a few small pieces of orange vinyl. Lego doesn't make any pieces to do the inverse of a curved slope. Those white pin stripes were a lot of work too. I printed/cut them with my printer pre-spaced, so all I had to do was lift up all 4 at once with transfer tape and put them on the model, but it was still very time consuming getting all the curved and angled bits right. Anyway, that's all for today. Thanks for looking.
  9. The Grand Budapest Hotel [moc]

    I think my wife will kill me if I spend another $1500 on a second facade.
  10. Greetings. I recently bought a nice printer to do my own stickering for my trains. It is a vinyl printer/cutter that has white ink in addition to full color CMYK. I can print and cut full color on to clear, white, black or any color vinyl available for purchase (there are hundreds of colors). It wasn't really my intent when I bought this printer to make money, rather it was to print custom stickers for other Lego fans for their mocs and models. It was quite expensive, so the only reason I'm offering this is to help make some of my money back. My pricing: $5 flat fee + $0.35/sq in. Shipping to USA is free (as long as your order is small enough to merely require a stamped envelope). Shipping to the rest of the world is charged at my actual cost ($2-5). Here are some examples of things I've printed. Those are clear stickers with mostly black ink. The lower yellow stripe is yellow vinyl with black ink. White ink on clear vinyl showing off the opaqueness. The window is green vinyl cut to look like the regular train window. Yellow vinyl just cut to look like train windows. Cut gold vinyl for my Grand Budapest Hotel. Ink on to cut white vinyl. All of the lettering on the train cars and logos and such on the containers are cut & printed. Anyway, if you're interested in having me do custom work for you, give me a shout via PM or email to my username at
  11. The Grand Budapest Hotel [moc]

    The Lego pinks weren't a perfect match, ideally I would've used the new bright pink and the old pink from Paradisa. But I don't think there would have been enough of the old pink in the entire world to build it. Anyway, the colors I picked had some nice contrast.
  12. The Grand Budapest Hotel [moc]

    The model is only 16 studs deep, including the walkway and walls in front, so there's no interior. Thanks everyone! Next part of the build is to add the funicular.
  13. The Grand Budapest Hotel [moc]

    Oh, for those of you who haven't seen the movie, here's the scale model the artist made for filming:
  14. Lit up during World of Lights at Brickworld. Greetings, I think this is my first non train MOC. The build is of course The Grand Budapest Hotel, a 2014 Wes Anderson film. Dimensions are 6" deep, 90" wide, and 42" tall. The build started out as this small corner as a proof of concept. Which then started to grow. And grow. Once I got certain sizing and details worked out, my work pace increased and my bank account balance decreased. The awning is a photography light diffuser. To get the quantity of tan windows I needed, I had to order them from Lego bricks and pieces. I cut the logo and detailing out of gold vinyl with my Roland BN-20. A problem I had was lack of space to set up the whole thing in one place. So my trains were out of commission for the time being. The dark pink areas on each wing are unique, but the bright pink are identical. And that's all the photos I have, hope you enjoy.
  15. BNSF SD70ACe - 7 Wide Diesel American Goodness

    The balls fall out.