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  1. How likely is it that the Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149 will get a new set in the next few years? Or maybe even a UCS? I'm trying to decide whether or not I should buy this set or wait a bit for a newer/better looking version since i'm not in a rush. Edit: I have another question actually, how likely is it that we'll see another U-Wing set? If we won't then I want to buy it since I saw the mod for it.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if the ships from set 75150 are minifig accurate?
  3. I got myself the new AT-ST for 43,99. It looks awesome.
  4. Kelso

    In need of new powerbrick/adapter

    Thanks for the tip, I might have a spare modem adapter! edit: Found one, thank you.
  5. I have this set: But when I decided to use it today I couldn't find the powerbrick/adapter, so I need a new one. Where can I buy one? Does it need to buy the original? Or does a different one work also?
  6. My goal is to build a RC Tank, however I am incompetent when it comes to Lego Technic, last set I had was many years ago. So i'm hoping someone here could help me out, which things would I need, how many motors? Which size motors? Would it be smart to buy a certain Lego Technic set? Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Kelso

    [HELP] Building an RC Tank

    Are there certain gear pieces better to use with these XL motors? (different sizes?) edit: Nvm, found lots of gears.
  8. Kelso

    [HELP] Building an RC Tank

    Okay, I think I know what to buy now. 2 questions left, does it matter how many gears there are between the motor and the drivewheel in the tracks? And will I need 2 receivers and 2 remotes if the tank and turret motorized?
  9. Kelso

    [HELP] Building an RC Tank

    I've been using the LEGO Digital Designer for about an hour now. The size will be about the same as this tank, maybe slightly longer: I think I need about 140-150 track pieces. I still can't figure out how to create a rotating turret though.
  10. Kelso

    [HELP] Building an RC Tank

    I find it rather difficult to figure out which and how many bricks and plates I should buy. Any recommendations? I plan on building something of my own. I'm not even sure what type of suspension I should use, though torsion seems the easiest. How many tank threads will be a good idea to purchase? 100? 200? edit: Also, what kind of part do I need to make my turret rotate?
  11. Kelso

    [HELP] Building an RC Tank

    I think the size will be about the same as set: 42042 minus the hight, and with those tracks. I'd rather have extra power then not enough, so I suppose XL motors will do. Will I need 1 for each track? Btw your tanks are fantastic.
  12. Kelso

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Most impressive.
  13. Looks great so far, can't wait to see more.
  14. That looks fantastic! Would it be rude to ask for building instructions on that awesome Phantom..?
  15. Kelso

    [MOC] Episode 7 crashed X-Wing

    That's a fantastic MOC!
  16. Kelso

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    There is also a leaked teaser on youtube, for those interested.
  17. Kelso

    [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    This is jaw dropping awesome!
  18. Kelso

    Star Wars Constraction 2015 Discussion

    They both look pretty good!
  19. That's a fantastic looking MOC, I love the destroyed TIE!
  20. Kelso

    [LDD] Obi Wan's jedi starfighter

    It looks good, but the cockpit seems a little high? The pictures don't seem to be working. edit: problem was on my end.
  21. Kelso

    New Harry Potter sets?

    Are there any plans or rumors about new Harry Potter sets coming in the (near) future? I've looked for sets but they aren't for sale anywhere.
  22. Did you post this on 2 April? The post date is 2 April for me, please don't be an April fools I really want Stitch!