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    Lego! Especially Space-related.


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  1. ImDanz

    Hello! My Name is Nix

    Hey there! Yay! another Space/Sci-fi fan/collector! Enjoy your time in Eurobricks!
  2. Wow. Really, really stellar job on making the vehicles look movie-accurate (the lego ones were ) Would buy these in a heart beat
  3. ImDanz

    MSFC Saturn V launch

    Wow. Really great work, awesome smoke effects
  4. ImDanz

    Your dream Lego theme

    Definitely Jurassic Park and Independence Day(since the 3D version of it is coming out soon, and reportedly a trilogy is why not?) edit: 3D version got cancelled......darn

  6. ImDanz

    FAPC: Animal Farm

    Really, really great entry. Loved the book and adding the sci-fi theme into it makes it even better. Definitely one of my favorite entries in the competition. Good luck!
  7. Hey guys, Danz here. Finally joined the forum after a few hiccups(not being able to get my account validated, etc.......). I am from the sunny, sunny(sometimes rainy) island of Singapore. Been a life-long fan of lego(oldest set I still have currently and isn't dismantled is the 1254 Shell Convenience Store). Never really an all-out fanatic of lego, been collecting sets on and off. A lego shop opened near where I live(which is totally unexpected), and after my dad told me about the 10231 Shuttle Expedition being sold there- it sparked the passion in lego again. Bought that set(but from another lego shop, introduced to by my friend), and Tower Bridge, and now certain City sets. Hopefully I'm able to complete the Discovery line of sets. (getting into Modulars aswell :D) Not really crazy about certain themes, but if Lego decides to release another space or flight-related exclusive set, I'll definitely be the first one to get it. Well, that's the end of my introduction. Hope to meet new friends, learn new things, and most importantly enjoy the journey that is Eurobricks. Singapore isn't "lucky" per-se, as the sets here are marked 20%-30% higher that sets sold in the US, for example. It's crazy. But it's Lego.