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  1. What are you listening to?

    Ron Pope - Nothing Ravenscode - My Escape
  2. Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    And that's Nanana's Buried Treasure done with as well. I have to say, this series really caught me by surprise. I went into it with relatively muted expectations, not exactly expecting anything spectacular or unique. What I watched surprised me entirely; Nanana's Buried Treasure was actually really good. The plot idea in itself, though not really unique on the face of it (after all, Anohana also had the boy meets ghost thing), quickly separates itself from the crowd with the idea of finding loads of items that have unusual (and often remarkable) magical properties. Granted, that second part of the plot idea doesn't sound too unique either, but I assure you that it certainly feels unique as you watch it; this is mainly down to the way in which the plot is executed and carried out. Of course, only being 11 episodes long, a lot of stuff (and I do mean A LOT of stuff) has to be compressed in, but this is handled rather well. The characters (for the most part) develop in a realistic manner, and many characters receive thorough character development throughout the series. All of the important characters are given their own unique traits to distinguish them from the crowd, and some of them even have extremely surprising secrets about themselves. There is also romance present in this series, though it isn't exactly developed as well as it could have been (though I blame this entirely on the short length of the series). The romance that does begin to develop is carried out well and effectively shows how relationships of a romantic nature often develop slowly and unseen, even to the people who will be involved in the romantic relationship. All in all, this is a series which doesn't have much of an unique plot idea, but it still stands out from the crowd due to how uniquely it is presented and due to how good the series is as a whole. Again, I've already started my next series, this time in the form of Heaven's Memo Pad, which seems like it could be very good based on the first episode (which is 48 minutes long for some reason). Here's to hoping that it ends up as good as it has started.
  3. Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Dream Eater Merry is done, and I can say that it wasn't exactly anything special. Sure, it was decent, but it wasn't mindblowing or anything like that. This was another series which is an incomplete adaptation of a manga, which means that the story is incomplete and a lot of stuff is compressed into a small amount of episodes. I've already started my next series, which is in the form of Nanana's Buried Treasure. So far, it seems like it will be very interesting. But will it continue to be as exciting and intriguing?
  4. What are you listening to?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No_8vq24ME8&index=1&list=PLy31tMdfMH66wKcHnCQtOznSbfRvXByWC Mariko Nakatsu - I Call Your Name Again (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou OP 3)
  5. Reconmend Some Songs

    I could be here all day with recommendations, but for now I'll just stick with this: Anything that is by Ron Pope
  6. Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    I finished The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou earlier, and I would like to start by saying that this well and truly lived up to the high expectations that I had of it beforehand. This series is, in many senses, a typiucal slice-of-life anime, by which I mean it includes romance, is set in school and doesn't always have a lot happening (though there is always high amounts of character-based drama). As with any series of this type, the whole thing is essentially dependant on how much you can like and relate to the characters; if you don't like the characters, or cannot relate to them, the series falls flat. Thankfully, the characters in this series are all very relatable and likeable, and all are developed well and in a realistic manner. Of course, some characters do cater to typical anime archetypes (e.g. overly nice and clueless protagonist, tsundere, little sister, shut-in etc.). However, these characters are presented and developed in such a way that you cannot help but like them. Of course, the characters are integral, but the flow of the actual plot is also important, and here it is carried out perfectly; it doesn't drag out for too long, packs a few surprises along the way and keeps your attention, even at the "duller" moments. Another aspect of this series which helps makes this so good is the extreme hilarity of it, particularly early on; I frequently laughed so hard that I cried while watching this series. Of course, this comedy is balanced out by the more serious moments which develop as a result of the drama and romance. Speaking of the romance, or in this case romances, they are all developed excellently and presented in such a way that you can really get behind it. It's also interesting to see a series which develops multiple romances as the series progresses, which is something that I have almost never encountered before (at least, not on the scale that The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou does it. Overall, this series is absolutely amazing and is definitely a must watch if you enjoy slice-of-life anime and romance anime (as well as anime with a healthy dose of comedy). I've already started on my next main watch, which is in the form of Dream Eater Merry. It seems interesting so far, though I have to admit that I got distracted in the first episode by all the voice actors that I recognised from Clannad and Angel Beats (at least 5 in the first episode alone).
  7. What are you listening to?

    Konomni Suzuki - DAYS OF DASH (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou ED 1)
  8. Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Black Bullet is done already, and it turned out to be an interesting watch. The premise of Black Bullet is pretty much exactly the same as Attack On Titan's, but obviously in a more modern setting than what Attack On Titan is set in. The first episode consolidates this similarity, with some lines and aspects seeming like they were literally taken from the Attack On Titan script and adjusted slightly to fit the minor differences between Attack On Titan and Black Bullet. In all honesty though, all similarities between the two more or less stop there. Episode 2 onwards is where Black Bullet begins to diverge and become its very own entity. From here, the plot transforms, partially becoming a psychological thriller, discussing concepts such as discrimination and, in this case, the cruel irony of the discrimination. In this case, the cruel irony is that the people being discriminated against are the ones who can actually give humanity a chance of survival and, eventually victory; the cruel irony is that people are persecuting and killing the very people who could save them all. In other places, the plot is a typical action anime, with hints of politics and romance mixed in as well. It all adds up to an interesting and well executed story. As for the characters, though they aren't exactly bad, few of them receive much actual development, so few of them are really very memorable. Obviously the two main protagonists are the most memorable, and two characters who start out as villains are also very memorable. As is a third protagonist, though this is only because her personality seems to take a massive u-turn in the final episode, which really came out of nowhere and almost ruined the entire last episode. Thankfully, the scene that followed ensured that the final episode wasn't ruined, while also ensuring that the series ended in a satisfactory manner. Overall, this is a great series, though I think the addition of a second season would make it even better. Next up is going to be The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou, which I have heard lots of good things about, so my expectations are quite high. Hopefully it will be able to live up to my expectations.
  9. What are you listening to?

    Future Diary: Redial ED - Happy End
  10. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    That rumoured movie name list image is completely fake. All of the unconfirmed names are just photoshopped versions of some of the others. That image has been circulating the internet for a while now, and is always confirmed as fake (which is no surprise, seeing as it originated from someone's Deviantart account). However, though the image itself is fake, that does not necessarily mean that the films listed are. Of course, even if the listed sequels happen they may not use those suggested names either. Frankly, I wouldn't read too much into anything from that list in the image.
  11. What are you listening to?

    Ron Pope - I Do Not Love You
  12. Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Finally finished Shakugan No Shana in its entirety. I won't say too much, but I will say that this series is an amazing, intense action ride from beginning to end, occassionally balanced out by a slightly slower, more peaceful pace in places. The characters all receive exceptional amounts of development, and the plot is unique and gripping almost instantaneously. Each of the three seasons have strong points and weak points, but of them all season 3 was undoubtedly my favourite, and also one of the most enjoyable experiences of anime that I have had so far. The third series takes on a very unique plot concept, one which I find unlikely that many series would even have the audacity to attempt. Essentially, the plot of season 3 focuses on This alone is interesting enough, but the main protagonist's reasons for his actions are highly intriguing and show the lengths he is willing to go to to do what he believes to be right, regardless of how his friends may perceive his choices. The romantic elements in this third season serve to act as foundations, upon which almost everything the third series starts and ends as is built upon. The ending is basically the perfect ending for everyone, as more or less everyone gets some kind of happy ending. Even some of the villains get happy endings (of sorts), which certainly caught me by surprise. Overall, I would highly recommend Shakugan No Shana to anyone who has the patience to sit through all 72 episodes, even at the points when it simply descends into filler territory. It's brilliant, and it is worth watching the first 2 seasons (which are both excellent in their own right) to be able to watch the masterful third season. As for what's next, it will likely be Black Bullet, seeing as it seems to have been on my watch list for absolutely ages now. *EDIT* So much for not saying too much
  13. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    If her hair has been styled like that for the film, then there's surely no way whatsoever that she won't become the Wasp at some point in the film. And it's only logical for her to be brought into the fray to make the film more exciting, at the very least.
  14. What are you listening to?

    The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun
  15. Super Smash Brothers

    I may not know who this Shulk character is, but I have to agree with the general consensus that he is the character to get most excited about of these new characters revealed in the leaks. Saying that, Duck Hunt will be quite a fun and interesting character, I'm sure. Doctor Mario seems an odd choice, if not only because he was dropped from the roster previously. I agree with others about Dark Pit: surely that could just be an alternate costume rather than an entirely new character? If Bowser Jr is a legitimate character, that will also be interesting. And I'm so glad of the confirmation that Meta Knight will be returning and that he will be virtually unchanged from Brawl. I loved using him in Brawl and always did quite well with him, so it's good to see him unchanged from before. Not only that, but it also means that I have one less character to get to grips with when I get this game.