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  1. Fraunces

    Romanos-Port Royal 2.0-harbor and fort

    Looks great! Really nice port with many goodlooking colonial houses. The market and the warehouse are my favorites.
  2. Fraunces

    [MOC] Pirates Battleship

    Looks very nice for a first moc, keep going i'd say!
  3. Fraunces

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    Excellent work! Welcome and hopefully many more classic remake builds will come!
  4. Fraunces

    [MOC] The Fortress V.2.0

    Exceptional! I think your table will be very popular on Skearbeak
  5. Fraunces

    [MOC] American Whaler Melville

    Amazing ship, i like the colourscheme and so much details. Took me a while to check it all out. Great job.
  6. Fraunces


    Beautiful ship as the others have said. I read the small comic then and it was really good. You have got good writing skills so I hope you finish this New comic soon for us to enjoy! Thanks for sharing and congrats on reaching the Front Page
  7. Fraunces

    [OL - FB] Old Crazy Bill's Iron Mine

    Looks good, i like the character crazy Bill also ,
  8. Fraunces

    [GOC] ETTC Warehouse, Stormhaven

    I like it! Very cosy build. You made it look realisticly mangrove-like.
  9. Fraunces

    [COR-FB] Whisky Distillery, Wullham

    Is this a declaration of war against the Sea Rats? great build however , love the architecture and the feeling of it
  10. Fraunces

    [COR-FB] What Will Be Will Be

    Nice, interesting build and character ! Would like to see more of his adventures
  11. Fraunces

    Lurker's Bay

    i would like to point out to the Lurkers that we at the Sea Rat faction are always in the mood to help one another, and remember; we have the best grog around these parts. good idea, i lurked a long time myself before signing up, I can image more people get thrown off by the amount of rules, builds and history which has been build up, but we love new stories and there is no need reading everything before you sign up. me too, i envy the fact i didn't came up with this original name earlier for a settlement
  12. Fraunces

    [OL - FB] LBSF Quartermaster Farm

    nice big farm for sure. whats the big flower on the right side
  13. Fraunces

    [COR-FB] Primary School, Queenston

    great first post, as the others have said, we are very exited for your career on the brick seas.