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    Jabba's Sailbarge Review

    Looks like a good set. I especially like the inclusion of a cooking unit, which I thought was a tranparent gonk droid in all the low-res pics we had before. I think out of the last three big OT SW sets (in the new colours :/), the Sandcrawler comes off best. Somehow I'm unsure if I'll buy this or the ISD.
  2. I'd buy 8813 for the pieces. I saw a pic of this set the other day but unfortunately cannot retrieve it. The nice thing was that it featured the old 80s knight helmets with grille in pearl silver! Probably just a prototype.
  3. Rivets

    Favorite Train Engine Poll

    The red 7725 has always been my favourite train set although it looks a bit simple right next to the super chief with its brilliant silver cars. dunno, I'm just a big 12v fan.
  4. Rivets

    LEGO Star Wars from 1992...

    I like Leia's room in Cloud City. Well done. It even has this strange spiral sculpture in the middle.
  5. Rivets


    A 7725 Electric Passenger Train in excellent condition that is also my favourite set so far.
  6. Rivets

    Slave I Pic-Review

    Thank you for the review! Man, the bottom is incredibly detailled. I'll buy this in the new year.
  7. Rivets

    new crane

    Wow, finally a set that uses those red train windows! I just don't really need the crane :-D
  8. Rivets

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    Sorry, I don't really remember Dengar's looks from the movie. He just appeared for the blink of an eye in that Star Destroyer bridge scene, didn't he? I didn't even know he wore an armour. "lol" Wasn't he more of a Nomad-headscarf type of character?
  9. Rivets

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    I agree. I never liked those clone robot bodies. They are not even real figs. Always annoyingly bend over.
  10. Rivets

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    IG-88 will go into the Sandcrawler, Slave I and the guard onto the CC landing platform. Dengar will man the Desert Skiff when the Barge hits the shelves *knight*
  11. Rivets

    A-Wing pic review

    Yup, thank you for the review, Mr. Yoda. The re-design is really better than the original one. Out of the winter 2006 sets, I will only buy the Slave I, though.
  12. Rivets

    PHOTO REVIEW: 7891 Airport Fire Truck

    Yes, thanks. Yellow is one of my favourite colours! I like the yellow slope bricks in the back but won't get the set because I am not that fond of those wheels. Moreover, I don't really have a need for the entire new city/airport theme and I won't buy all those vehicles just for parts.
  13. Voted Merpeople, though there really isn't much to it... I think I just like the green in this small set. Creates a nice atmosphere. City beneath the Sea or something.
  14. Rivets

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    I read somewhere that the SW sets will come out on December 29th in Germany.., still in the old year lol