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  1. Manta

    The Penguin's Batman Comic Story....

    Great! You leave the comics off on a great cliffhanger every time!
  2. Manta

    Indiana Jones battle packs in the future?

    That would be terrible, I'd go poor, and sell my house. Unless, there are enough bricks to build a house out of. Then I'm gonna be hpaay.
  3. Manta


    Just keep waiting, and check other sites out.
  4. Manta

    Anyone want more Force Unleashed?

    They'd better.... or else.
  5. Manta


    It looks very good. I saw this on MOCpages yesterday, and now I have to comment on it. Great job, I enjoy your use of pieces, and how it looks like a K in a way.
  6. Manta

    MOC: Rebel Short Range Space Transport (SRST)

    Very good idea, but not the best color scheme. You need to make the color scheme a few colors that work together. You should use light grey, tan, and white for the ship, but not just blobed on. Try to make it look like the ship is an official set. You have a great start though.
  7. I think it is very good, and has a great potential. I can't wait till next time.
  8. Manta

    The Clone Factory - Captain Fordo

    This is very cool. I think you did a great job, and could you include teh prices of the custom pieces you used?
  9. Manta

    Review: 7036 Dwarves' Mine

    I have wanted this set for it's awesome design, cool pieces, and viking torsos ( you didn't mention the viking torsos ). You did a great job on this review as well.
  10. Manta

    10193 Medieval Market Village

    New torso print, wolfpack hoods, cows, a waterwheel, this set has everything. I think it'll be in the $110 range, and it'll be worth it.
  11. Manta

    6270 Forbidden Island Review

    I passed through on 3 different reviews.
  12. Manta

    4915 Mini Construction 3 in 1

    It does have some very useful parts.
  13. Manta

    2075 - McDonald's Promo Set #3

    Set = horrible, but I have a worse one to review later. *evil laugh here*
  14. Manta

    Halloween 2008 MOCs

    Not until now.
  15. Manta

    Broken Droid Pieces?

    This has never happened to me, but a few of my brother's Super Battle Droid's arms/ legs haev broken clips, which he superglued. The joint where it broke can not move, but other than that it looks normal.