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    LEGO, frogs, hedgehogs, pi, pirates, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, badger's, tennis, ping-pong, movies and having fun.


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  1. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Conclusion

    Yay! We were right! This was a very interesting game! Defiantly a big congratulations to TinyPiesRUs for giving such a creative (and frustratingly confusing) game! And we got a history lesson! I really enjoyed it! (the game, not the learning ) EDIT: Whoops, forot to call TinyPiesRUs a nasty name! Meany Poopey-head!
  2. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 7

    Poor TinyPius!
  3. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 7

    You're right. You'd think the witches would've use their "magic" either this town is being controlled by the witches and not a single one has died or the witches would've used the spells. Could you not kill somebody too? That might help! It's also getting scary and repetitive. We already know who the next person you kill will be! Goin' to my bakery for some late-night pie! Like pie? Like cheesy adverstisements? If so go to Martinus's bakery! We're now open 21 1/2 hours a day! We'll put a smile on your face!* *With the slight risk of getting killed by the local serial killer! Adam, is it legit killing God in this game? Please unvote him right away, we need to test our theory! Also, that applies to you too, John!
  4. Pickerel

    Are these... rare?

    Hasn't there been rumors floating around saying these sets are to be released in '09? Nice Santa Smiley, KimT!
  5. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 7

    Hmmm... Although I was one of the one's encouraging people to vote for Joan could we at least think through what we've learned! If my theory is correct and NO ONE are witches, then we could at least discuss things a tiny bit before voting for someone? I can just imagine God laughing as he reads this... Could it be that when everyone agrees that nobody is a witch we return to our peaceful lives? If nobody were to vote and all agree that this "witch hunt" is a foolish case of mob mentality? It's worth trying? I agree. This is very foolish. John, if this doesn't work, you can vote for Joan tomorrow, but please unvote for Joan today! Actually the keys were supposed to be a cross, so it would make sense he'd have one. Also the reason the cross kept on disappearing in church was that TinyPius made a mistake.
  6. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    Oh I see! So that makes me.... oh. OOC: I amaze myself sometimes. I'm not sure what else to say!
  7. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    a) It's a special edition! The one book you don't have! Ha, think of all that knowledge you'll never learn! b)Unvote: Joan/Zepher Until next time... 1)We don't? *checks* Oh, right, I knew that! Broadway is a terrible place, located deep in the fires of Mt. Doom, full of menace and hatred Sauron forged the terrible art of... The Musical! 2) A book-worm makes a gramatical error?!?!
  8. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia

    None taken! Thanks! I'm glad you can appreciate us for what we are!
  9. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    Whoops! I'll do it tommorow!
  10. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    I've got a much bigger book called "Philip Has Way to Many Books!" I also think Joan is trying to kill Gustavus because he is willing to speak out! Even is you're not a witch, you're getting on my nerves and aren't making logical accusations so: Vote: Zepher/Joan He ran to Salem 1) He ran away to escape an angry mob! As for why Salem, for Pete's sake he's a witch hunter! Where else is he gonna go? Broadway? He always procliamed someone else a witch 2) This is suspicious, but how is fraudulence witchcraft? He may just be a phony! 2.I don't think you're doing it to quench a bloodthirst, I think you like being in charge and are afraid of others speaking out! 3. Pin your problems on him? No way! You agreed with the Father and that makes it your idea too!
  11. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    After thinking about this more, I realized that there is still the possibility of heretics (non-Christians)! I am at a loss of how to win this game, if it can even be won. Or perhaps we are looking to far into this and the Inquisitor was right and we were all wrong. It is so tempting to think that there could be a few witches whose names we already know just preying on worries! Is "he" supposed to be me? Or is it the Inquisitor? Proper nouns, use 'em! If this is directed towards me, then, I do too have reasons for defending Gustavus! He is a valued member of Azufre, who even more importantly is willing to speak up against people like you who accuse people of witchcraft to get them to shut their traps! You've been accusing everyone who is brave enough to speak up against yours and Charles's "idea". I personally am very suspicious of it, and your reactions make me even more! If not, then you'd better direct something to me! I feel lonely!
  12. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    That is no answer! Quit avoiding questions! Is there anything wrong with putting your thoughts forward, Joan? Are you saying we should sit back and watch as no conclusions are made? You can't get by stating a "truth" without something called "facts"! Now answer me and Gustavus's questions for real! Also, Joan, are you ignoring me? Twice have I asked you why you accuse Gustavus, and if so why not me too! If you don't like me then you could at least say to shut up!
  13. Congrats on becoming a fellow! This game looks great, I'll defiantly read it ( I'm a big mystery, crime and horror fan :pir-skull: )! Will the players talk to one another like in a mafia game? Hmm... I had this idea too! Not that it will ever happen (by me)! It seems to be popular! Maybe I'll get some ideas from Dragonator!
  14. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    He does have (or should that be had?) a good head on his shoulders, I can see your point. I'm just not sure where his loyalties lie!
  15. Pickerel

    Witch Hunt Mafia - Day 6

    And what are these "many reasons", you've only given me one! I don't think you saw my post (and it was directed to several people including you!): If you can't state any more reasons then that, then you put me on your voting list! Hmmm... the first clue seems unlikely, but possible. It appears to me, since the Inquisitor is supposed to protect us he was in the corner watching us. He may have not taken his hat off because of not actively being in the service. Sorry, but that second "clue" is defiantly baloney! If you looked at the previous sentence God said, "He did not notice the figure making it's way towards him...". Perhaps that is what he was oblivious to? I don't see how being oblivious=Being oblivious to becoming a witch! Sergio, you seem very defensive of Charles' death! Quoting you in the post I've quoted, "Charles gets mudered. (That really sucked. Way to go Miguel!" and "This means Charles, without even knowing got transfered into a witch, which means that maybe witches/heretics can turn you into a witch/heretic and you may not even know it!". And that's just a single post. Is there any reason for this strong defensiveness?