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  1. Runninglizard55

    Car Talk

    Hey guys not really a car guy but I just found this topic and was wondering if anyone has a Subaru forester or outback? I need to upgrade from my 98 Mercury sable to a decent family car (I have a 2 year old and one on the way). I like the look of them but want to know details: gas mileage, reliability,yadda,yadda,yadda Thanks in advance
  2. Runninglizard55

    Possible new LEGOLAND in Illinois!

    South Shore mall. I generally go to Burlington too but Natick is nice too
  3. Runninglizard55

    Possible new LEGOLAND in Illinois!

    i wouldn't mind having to only go halfway across the country to get to legoland. as for stores i have 3 within a half hour of me. i love boston!
  4. Runninglizard55

    need a little help

    I'm in the process of building a minifig scale house. its a very ambitious project on an entire 32x32 baseplate not including yardspace and garage. i have most of the structure built but its some of the details i'm stuck on. mainly on the kitchen counters i want to recess a sink but i can't quite figure out the right way to do it. does anyone have any ideas? i know it might be tough without a pic but i lack a decent camera so hopefully somebody can imagine it for me. also if anyone has any other ideas for a basement that would be great too. if this is the wrong forum i'm sorry and someone can move it.
  5. Runninglizard55

    MOC: Post Office

    the link didn't work for me while i was using firefox but i tried IE and it worked fine just a heads up for anyone having problems
  6. Runninglizard55

    MOC: Post Office

    i like it not crazy about the colors but if that's what lego gives us then that's what we use right? is that color scheme a european one, because i've never seen a post office in the US that uses colors like that. also what is that building to the left it looks pretty cool too.
  7. Runninglizard55

    Disney and Lego Join Forces

    i just hope these are done with the same care as the indiana jones and star wars licenses and not very <insert that tiresome argument>
  8. Runninglizard55

    What was your first LEGO set?

    i think my first was 6534: beach bandit i think i got it when i was about 5 or 6 and i still have it complete. my first big set was 6389: fire control center, my dad is a firefighter so naturally i loved anything that was fire related so lego was perfect for me...also my favorite fire station on another note one of my favorite sets is the 6581: dig n dump mainly because it was the last christmas present that i ever recieved from my grandfather(he died shorty after christmas), it is still complete and kind of my memorial to him
  9. Runninglizard55

    What's your opinon on the mudguards?

    wow hink you made my little topic awesome with your improvements you rule.
  10. Runninglizard55

    Review: 6772 Alpha Team Cruiser

    sorry for bumping an old topic but i just wanted to say that i had this set: and i loved it i wish i had more of these sets
  11. Runninglizard55

    What's your opinon on the mudguards?

    these are much beter mudguards in my opinion:
  12. Runninglizard55

    What's your opinon on the mudguards?

    exactly they're way too big and what other uses do you have for them i can't think of anything
  13. i'm wondering what everyone's opinion of this piece is Personally i don't like them at all, i think they make the car look ugly and too wide...then again i like 4 wide cars. if a mod could add a poll to this that would be great. if not thats still cool too.
  14. Runninglizard55

    REVIEW: 6335 Indy Car Transporter

    I love this set! i had it along with 6348 and 6346, and this was my favorite. do you have the Surveillance Squad legofan? that would be a great review to compliment your other 2. i actually have rebuilt all of them in prepreation for a truck stop moc. just seemed like the thing to do at the time. also the tools that come with it, are they still around in new sets? i feel like i haven't seen them in a loooooong time.
  15. Runninglizard55

    Worst Part

    my mistake guys i was wondering how a minifig camera could be a bad piece