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  1. Gen. Knowledge

    Who uses Facebook and loves LEGO Pirates?

    Thank you. I was hoping it would be a private group so my acquaintances would not see my LEGO related posts. ?
  2. Gen. Knowledge

    Who uses Facebook and loves LEGO Pirates?

    Is there a private Facebook group for this page?
  3. Gen. Knowledge

    [MOC] "Armada Cove" by Jason Brown

    Thank you for the images Mister Phes!
  4. Gen. Knowledge

    [MOC] Second Project: BLACK PEARL

    Very nice! Can’t wait to see it completed.
  5. Gen. Knowledge

    Sabre Island Remake

    Chick on the more pics link to go see the Flickr account. It’s amazing!
  6. Gen. Knowledge

    [MOC] Treasure Chest by Slawek Kaczorowski

    Very nice.
  7. Gen. Knowledge

    [MOC] "Armada Cove" by Jason Brown

    I like it a lot. Any images from the other side?
  8. Gen. Knowledge

    [MOC] USS Constitution by Jim Beute

    WOW, I would love to see what the inside looks like. My only complaint would be, where are all the soldiers? ?
  9. Gen. Knowledge

    [MOC] Darth Scurvy’s Seadestroyer

    I like the Rebel Troops, their chin straps go well with that hat.
  10. Gen. Knowledge

    Holland fleute kinda ship

    I really like the sails. Must have taken a lot of time to tie all those knots.
  11. Gen. Knowledge

    BrickArms Pirate Accessory Prototypes

    WOW! These are awesome. Would you please post some pics of the M1 and bayonet? I think the length of the rapier is good. It's about the length of the katana, right? Tony
  12. Gen. Knowledge

    Contest SMALL: Hard Choices!

    Hello I Scream Clone, This is a very nice MOC. You captured the feel of peril within a small MOC. Likes: -Heads used captures and expresses the expected reactions very well. -The transition of the SNOT water is nice Suggestions: -The top of the tree is distracting and I would recommend changing it or removing the two bamboo leaf pieces on each trunk. Overall: This is a nice MOC whether you take my suggestion or not. Tony
  13. Gen. Knowledge

    Shipwreck Island

    Hello Rook, This is a nice MOC, but if I wasn't paying attention to which website I was on, I would have thought this was an entry for the castaway contest. I suggest starting over and saving this MOC for a castaway contest. Sorry about the harshness of this reply, but I just don't feel this captures the intent of the contest. It is a nice MOC though. Tony
  14. Gen. Knowledge

    CONTEST - Pillage the Village - Creative Critic Award

    I would like to give this a try.
  15. Gen. Knowledge

    6270 Forbidden Island Review

    Thanks for the great review. I never really considered this set until now. There are a lot of usable pieces in this set for ships and forts. I will have to search for this on eBay. Tony