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    2853835-1: White Boba Fett Figure

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  1. ridgekitten

    Contest! The Frozen Beyond, Results are in!

    Well, I guess it is time for me to finally join the GoH! Now, time to start building!
  2. Noctaax Noctaax is the oldest Makuta ever; created in another universe at the same time as the creation of the Great Beings. It dwells in the oceans under Mata Nui, devouring all that dare to venture into the depths... https://www.flickr.c...57649125833248/
  3. Is ther egoing to be a series 12 building contest?
  4. Hey The Joker1, Maybe you didn't know this, but the cape for prime squadmaster zalux is in the Alien Villainess in Collectible minifigs series 8.
  5. ridgekitten

    MSFC Gallifrey

    This is AMAZING! Good luck Lego Chris!
  6. ridgekitten

    MSFC: Invasion!

    The ship is fantastic!
  7. ridgekitten

    MSFC: Homestead

    This is my first Micro-Space MOC, and I think it turned out better than I expected. What do you guys think? Space Homesteading by Squid Kid Will, on Flickr Space Homesteading 2 by Squid Kid Will, on Flickr Planetary Hopper by Squid Kid Will, on Flickr
  8. ridgekitten

    MSFC Iron Giant

    I had never thought of anything like this, and I like how you made the trees.
  9. ridgekitten

    MSFC " Attack of the Squid."

    This is Awesome!
  10. ridgekitten

    MSFC: Ice Planet Colony

    Nice use of the garage door pieces in trans-orange!