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  1. ridgekitten

    Potted Plant

    Kraata are a lot of fun!
  2. ridgekitten

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    Hello! I went by ridgekitten as a joke many years ago, and haven't used the name for a long time. I've gone by Rowia.Builds for the past eight or so years, and would like to leave ridgekitten in the past. Thanks!
  3. ridgekitten

    Aquasharks Drill Squid

    Even the Aquasharks sometimes mine for crystals themselves
  4. ridgekitten

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Does Aquazone count? It's definitely space, but funky space.
  5. ridgekitten

    Those Who Remain

    I don't quite see the resemblance, but thanks nonetheless haha It's a lovely weapon, I had gotten a few to make a giant spider, but that didn't pan out. Maybe this fella needs some company though...
  6. ridgekitten

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    Nice use of slopes for sand dunes!
  7. ridgekitten

    Those Who Remain

    I did try to make it look bioniclesque, and I'm glad you liked it! Funnily enough, this build was actually a warm-up to biocup! It doesn't have enough Bionicle pieces for me to consider it Bionicle, but that can be changed for future builds!
  8. ridgekitten

    Those Who Remain

    I am planning on making a base, so I can actually show it at cons, if it can't stand up it can't be displayed.
  9. ridgekitten

    Those Who Remain

    The whole build is leaning on the cane, it's not attached. It takes about 10 minutes to pose him without falling over!
  10. ridgekitten

    Those Who Remain

    Its fun to make creepy builds! Very far out of my comfort zone, but it turned out rather well.
  11. It's close to Nocturnus, lets me make it a little more fantastical I suppose.
  12. I'm starting to flush out what I want the Jade Sands to be. If it's ok, I want the region to be in the middle of the Rakath Mountains, nestled between some volcanoes. It's essentially an oasis, but in the mountains instead of the desert. I plan on making the architecture look like a blend of Chinese and Japanese structures. The Jade Sands aren't very large, just big enough for a small settlement and can be crossed in a day on foot.
  13. ridgekitten

    [Freebuild] Jingu's Departure, Calamity's End

    Thanks! I need to do more mosaics, this was my first!
  14. ridgekitten

    [Freebuild] Jingu's Departure, Calamity's End

    I just think red looks really good against sand green! It's supposed to have been carved from a red stone. I tried building it in black, but it doesn't photograph well. I want to make lots of ancient ruins, as the desert where parts of my storyline will take place is supposed to be one of the oldest settled places in Historica, and it's fun making things look warn down and ruined.
  15. Jingu's Departure, Calamity's End | Ridgekitten| Kaliphlin