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  1. Are there any other Linux users (Debian/Ubuntu, specifically) who have successfully installed/run LDD in Wine? I try to install it, but I get an error about Adobe Flash player, even though I've installed Flash Player in Wine.
  2. cortman

    Bounty rivalry

    Nice story, great photography! Lol. I worked with a number of German-speakers for a few years, and with the just the smattering I picked up I can sound out your phrase and understand. :)
  3. cortman

    Solid Foundation: Castle Newbie Help

    Google around for it. Try Amazon. As I'm in the US I can't supply you a link that will guaranteed work in the Netherlands.
  4. cortman

    The most complex of all LEGO Idea Books...

    I just bought the newest LEGO Idea book, and I love it- really inspiring.
  5. cortman

    Solid Foundation: Castle Newbie Help

    Have you looked at the Castle Chess set? It comes with 28 minifigs, all with accessories, for (here in the US) $50 USD. I recently bought one for army building myself. Plus (if you're really not interested in a chess set at all) it comes with a large green baseplate as well.
  6. cortman

    Django Unchained

    Very cool, I really like the driver's coat- where's that from?
  7. cortman

    Back on the Lego track

    Welcome! That rediscovery feeling is amazing! I'm about half a year into my rediscovery of LEGO myself, and I'm loving every bit of it.
  8. cortman

    HMS Surprise - 24 gun frigate

    Super job, we need more ship MOCs around. The only thing I'd do different is that it appears to be flush-decked, whereas a frigate of the 24 gun class would have at least had a quarterdeck and fo'c'sle, if not a poop deck as well. Altogether though it's a great MOC!
  9. cortman

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Was at the LEGO store in Overland Park, KS yesterday. First time I was ever at a Lego store and it was pretty exciting! I got 2 PAB cups, with a bunch of brown 2x4's and gray slopes, among other parts. That was pretty fun- just filling up a cup with handfuls of parts. :) I also got 4 Series 9 CMFs- and got 2 policemen , Mr Good-and-Evil, and the Roller Derby girl (another , but oh well). I also got the Castle Chess set, mainly for the minifigures. For castle army building you can't hardly beat it- 28 minifigs w/ accessories!
  10. cortman

    Blacksmith's house and shop

    Or brown, to get a wood look. I really like this MOC!
  11. cortman

    Gondorian army - project

    Nice, but the shield should be blue with a silver/white tree... just FTR.
  12. cortman

    [MOC] Castle Wall

    Great design on the wall itself. I really like the arches.
  13. Very nice mod- looks way better than the original.
  14. cortman

    Am I going through the infamous "Dark Age?"

    If you're anything like me my interests come and go, but always stick around. I'll work at a hobby and enjoy it for maybe a year or so, then take a break (lose interest) and focus on another for a while. Then after a bit I'll be back at the first one. I always have variety, and since I'm always interested in the same 3-4 hobbies, it isn't like any of them is a waste. I'll always return to them at some point. Take a break. Try something else.
  15. cortman

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    The Simpsons LEGO? Yuck. I sure hope not...
  16. cortman

    Why the Colour Changes of 2004?

    Wow, thanks for that fascinating dissertation Lego Historian! Very interesting!
  17. 's/dumb/not very intelligent, judging by the idea and the subsequent FB post.../' But hey. Bad stuff happens. Not sure what I would have thought if I'd been driving down 79 right then. :)
  18. cortman

    Why the Colour Changes of 2004?

    I've often found it's best to direct people to information, rather than just say it (that way they get the source, not tainted with *my* opinion). No offense meant.
  19. cortman

    Robbers' Cave

    Thanks a lot for the comments, all! I'm trying to come up with an idea for my next castle MOC now... don't have enough bricks to make an actual castle though.
  20. cortman

    Robbers' Cave

    My first castle MOC- the Robbers' Cave. I bought the two old Dark Forest men from Bricklink specially for it. Please bear with the poor photography... still learning! :) Comments and advice are welcome! Robbers' Cave by das_cortman, on Flickr Robbers' Cave by das_cortman, on Flickr Robbers' Cave by das_cortman, on Flickr And a close-up: Inside the Cave by das_cortman, on Flickr
  21. Poor kid. Poor drivers. Dumb mom...
  22. cortman

    Why the Colour Changes of 2004?

    See here. I get the feeling this subject has been flogged. to. death...
  23. Well, thanks for the reply- I don't like to do much as root, but it may make a difference- I'll try it.
  24. cortman

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    Thank you! :)
  25. cortman

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    Where does the white robe torso you use come from? I'm looking for a few for a Roman/Greek MOC of my own.