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  1. cortman

    Bounty rivalry

    Nice story, great photography! Lol. I worked with a number of German-speakers for a few years, and with the just the smattering I picked up I can sound out your phrase and understand. :)
  2. cortman

    Solid Foundation: Castle Newbie Help

    Google around for it. Try Amazon. As I'm in the US I can't supply you a link that will guaranteed work in the Netherlands.
  3. cortman

    The most complex of all LEGO Idea Books...

    I just bought the newest LEGO Idea book, and I love it- really inspiring.
  4. cortman

    Solid Foundation: Castle Newbie Help

    Have you looked at the Castle Chess set? It comes with 28 minifigs, all with accessories, for (here in the US) $50 USD. I recently bought one for army building myself. Plus (if you're really not interested in a chess set at all) it comes with a large green baseplate as well.
  5. cortman

    Django Unchained

    Very cool, I really like the driver's coat- where's that from?
  6. cortman

    Back on the Lego track

    Welcome! That rediscovery feeling is amazing! I'm about half a year into my rediscovery of LEGO myself, and I'm loving every bit of it.
  7. cortman

    HMS Surprise - 24 gun frigate

    Super job, we need more ship MOCs around. The only thing I'd do different is that it appears to be flush-decked, whereas a frigate of the 24 gun class would have at least had a quarterdeck and fo'c'sle, if not a poop deck as well. Altogether though it's a great MOC!
  8. cortman

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Was at the LEGO store in Overland Park, KS yesterday. First time I was ever at a Lego store and it was pretty exciting! I got 2 PAB cups, with a bunch of brown 2x4's and gray slopes, among other parts. That was pretty fun- just filling up a cup with handfuls of parts. :) I also got 4 Series 9 CMFs- and got 2 policemen , Mr Good-and-Evil, and the Roller Derby girl (another , but oh well). I also got the Castle Chess set, mainly for the minifigures. For castle army building you can't hardly beat it- 28 minifigs w/ accessories!
  9. cortman

    Blacksmith's house and shop

    Or brown, to get a wood look. I really like this MOC!
  10. cortman

    Gondorian army - project

    Nice, but the shield should be blue with a silver/white tree... just FTR.
  11. cortman

    [MOC] Castle Wall

    Great design on the wall itself. I really like the arches.
  12. Very nice mod- looks way better than the original.
  13. cortman

    Am I going through the infamous "Dark Age?"

    If you're anything like me my interests come and go, but always stick around. I'll work at a hobby and enjoy it for maybe a year or so, then take a break (lose interest) and focus on another for a while. Then after a bit I'll be back at the first one. I always have variety, and since I'm always interested in the same 3-4 hobbies, it isn't like any of them is a waste. I'll always return to them at some point. Take a break. Try something else.
  14. cortman

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    The Simpsons LEGO? Yuck. I sure hope not...
  15. cortman

    Why the Colour Changes of 2004?

    Wow, thanks for that fascinating dissertation Lego Historian! Very interesting!