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    Review - 75036 - Utapau Troopers

    agree with the above, the droid looks nothing like the few seconds we see it in the movie, and basically no effort was put into it....not even worth building when first opening it, the piece went straight in the pile!
  2. baron

    MOD: 75019 AT-TE Dropship compatible

    love the crystal for the muzzle of the canon, looks great
  3. baron

    Review: 75037 Battle on Saleucami

    seems to be the trend this wave, throw in some droids with one exclusive fig (Tri-Fighter, Vulture Droid, this!)...disliking this new distribution...
  4. baron

    Review: 75043 AT-AP

    overall biggest improvement would be the legs, but aside from that I find that it's still pretty similar to the 2008 version...I'm still more interested in the Police Gunship first just because it's actually an original design, which seem to be rarer and rarer now.
  5. baron

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm also getting tired of these constant minifig redesigns, especially when they're becoming more and more frequent, but I have to say that the B-Wing Pilot has officially become my favorite minifig of all time.
  6. baron

    Review: 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Nice set, with another new R2-D2! Are there any differences to the body piece?
  7. baron

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Glad to see a mix of the old and new in the arctic sets, with the return of some more classic pieces like the pick axe, snowshoes and the general feel of the sets is the same. I wonder if the old style backpacks fit with these new parkas...i've never really tried with the ones I have at home
  8. I really like the design of those guns, the clip pieces works perfectly as a magazine
  9. Pretty neat set, and interesting new "gun" piece...was that in the last wave?
  10. i don't know how to feel about the new police caps! after 30 years of the classic one!
  11. I think that after so many years of collecting, these sets are starting to wear down on me...once in a while there's a gem but it's becoming more and more disappointing. I have to say this year's first wave is probably the worst yet for me...the actual sets themselves are not particularly interesting and its obvious minifigs are the main drawing point now, with a poorly built speeder/turret/droid slapped on...I would be satisfied it it were to end now.
  12. found two new batman sets today (man bat and riddler) at lego store.
  13. baron

    Review: 75041 Volture Droid

    personally just getting for the Nemoidian...pretty sad state of affairs in this years collection IMO
  14. a card that's not yours i.e a stolen one. Thats why these sites only accept paypal.
  15. Sounds like a drop shipping site, like hombz....apparently the sets do get to your house but they are shipped from other areas with another credit card...