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  1. Shtick

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    Thanks kindly. It was a bit tricky to accomplish, but I'm pleased with the result. :-)
  2. Shtick

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    Jinkies!!! Scooby Doo Gang by CyclopsPhotog, on Flickr
  3. Shtick

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks much! I originally had some transparent panels underneath, but ultimately Photoshopped them out.
  4. Shtick

    LEGO Noir Photography

    Thank you all so much! I am studying the building for more angles and scenes to create. I hope to have more soon. The only shot I took with a macro lens was the Johnny Blades pic. And for that shot, I used my 50mm prime mounted backwards with a reversing ring, so it's not quite a true macro setup. The rest were shot with my standard 18-55 lens, with the focal length set close to the high end. No flash was used. I have a single key light (or "desk lamp", as it's commonly known), and occasionally some fill lights from around the room. For the alley pic, I used a commom food photography steam trick. Dip a cotton ball in in boiling water. Place the cotton ball behind your subject, and capture the rising steam. Next time I take shots, I will grab a set shot showing the process. Glad you all like! p.s. In case anyone asks about the Maltese Parrot, yes, it is one of the more rare black birds (only sold in one castle set in 1990), and yes, the tail has been shortened. But I bought it that way off Bricklink specifically for this purpose. And I did have to Kragle it to the 1x1 plates in order for it to stay properly.
  5. Shtick

    LEGO Noir Photography

    Thanks for all your comments and encouragement! It's inspired me to take some more shots. Here's round 2! Al the Barber Roughing up a witness Johnny Blades Eavesdropping on the plans
  6. Shtick

    LEGO Noir Photography

    Greetings all! I bought the Modular Detective Agency over New Year's, and decided it needed to be photographed. So I've created some film noir style scenes for you. Click the images for links to my flickr page, where you can view them larger. Hope you enjoy! Ace Brickman, Private Detective The Troubled Client The Maltese Parrot Searching the Alley Damsel in distress, or femme fatale?
  7. I'm sure these suggestions have been covered, but just in case: 1. Improved decoration tool. It is almost unusable in its current form. Maybe a further breakdown by category (male/female faces, etc). And better selection. So many options are not available. 2. Part direction indicator. Some parts (faces, tiles, etc) are direction specific when it comes to decorating. Toggle an option to see which way the part is facing, so it can be placed properly prior to decorating. 3. Better flexible hose selection/controls. 4. Illegal placement indicator. Instead of deleting parts placed incorrectly, have them blink or flash upon opening, so missing parts don't need to be searched out. 5. More parts. All the parts, please! :-D
  8. Shtick

    Autographed "Lone Ranger" Stagecoach Box

    He showed him other photos I had taken that day as well. But that one made him chuckle. I think it was more of the "I know the guy whose LEGO box you signed" thing. If you want to see the rest of my photos, check out my photo page. ( )
  9. Not sure if this is the right forum for this, But I wanted to show off my latest score. I was able to attend the red carpet premiere for The Lone Ranger at Disney's California Adventure on Saturday, June 22. I had the crazy idea of getting the Stagecoach Escape set autographed. It is the smallest set that had all the main characters. I bought the box at the Downtown Disney LEGO Store that morning. After waiting in the roasting sun for almost 8 hours, I was able to get autographs from both Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger) and Johnny Depp (Tonto)! I am stoked! Of course, now I can't open the set to actually play with the set. First world problems, right? Also, I want an acrylic case to put this box set in. Anyone know of a good (cheap) comapny that makes these? p.s. A friend of mine works at DCA, and Johnny Depp hung out in the Radiator Springs Racers attraction breakroom after the event. My friend showed Johnny the photo of the signed box. Johnny giggled and said "Cool!"
  10. Shtick

    REVIEW: 30111 The Lab (Harry Potter)

    I picked up the Harry Potter Trolley set at Whimsic Alley, a HP themed store in Los Angeles about a month or two back. It's an OK set. Nice to get a plain clothes Harry and a Hedwig for pretty cheap. The set is pretty small and basic.
  11. Shtick

    WW Catagory 2: Big Thunder Mountain

    I have now! Classic! Great techniques. :-)
  12. Shtick

    WW Catagory 2: Big Thunder Mountain

    That's fantastic! I've forwarded the link on to a buddy of mine that works with Tony Baxter (the Imagineer that designed BTRR). I'll let you know what he says! p.s. He LOVES the Temple of the Forbidden Eye diorama you made too. :-)
  13. Shtick

    Tatooine Sand Dunes

    Fair 'nuff! ;-)
  14. Shtick

    Tatooine Sand Dunes

    That is some badassery right there! Great details. On complaint, though... Your cloud poster is upside down. ;-)