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    Preferred new historical theme

    If LEGO designed a colliseum set, I think that there should only be a small section of it, but with technic holes in the sides and a few spare connectors so you could buy something like six copies, then join them together to make a complete circle. It'd be a good tactic for leaving the one slot for a $100 set to something else, like a Roman trireme.
  2. MrBlack103

    Preferred new historical theme

    It seems that Greek mythology is the majority here. I too would be really into this theme, but there is just one problem - How would it be split into factions? LEGO seems to feel the need to put conflict in every set recently, but the "Viking" man vs beast angle lasted only a very short time. To easily solve this problem, I think there should be an "ancient" theme with the various factions as different civilisations. They could start off with Greeks and Romans, then could introduce "barbarians" (eg celts, huns, goths etc), egyptians, persians (with WAR ELEPHANTS YEAH!), even Chinese/Japanese factions. The possibilities are endless.
  3. MrBlack103

    Which Jedi, Sith or other do you want the most?

    *ahem*: normal mace windu That aside, I simply must have Barriss Offee. It's not like it would be difficult to make a custom one, but simply must have her.
  4. MrBlack103

    White Egret Castle

    Great part usage! Waterfall, Rice paddy, roofing, etc, etc, etc... I like!
  5. MrBlack103

    6211 Review: Imperial Star Destroyer

    If you flick it hard enough (however much it hurts), they actually go a bit more than the full length of the ship. What I'm getting from this review is that you got a step wrong or something. Mine works really smoothly and it's quite stable when it comes to that section of the set . Mine does about 50% of the time. It's all about getting the angle of the bars just right The phrase "open it carefully" comes to mind I got mine in '06, for AU$150. Perhaps I was just lucky. Oh wait, I remember - It had already been opened (only the box, at least No arguement there Definitely my favourite set in my collection. 9/10 P.S. sorry if I seem a bit blunt
  6. MrBlack103

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    As for multiples of unique figs, I wouldn't mind getting a few of the gold knight. I could use them as royal guards/crownie commandos etc.
  7. MrBlack103

    New castle sets in 2009

    Ooh, it looks like skellies are making a comeback. Not excited or anything, just interested.
  8. MrBlack103

    Creative Storage Containers

    Fishing tackle boxes work miracles. Especially if you can get the ones with the customizable compartment sizes.
  9. MrBlack103

    Review of 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer

    My folks and I went to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia a few weeks before my Birthday in 2006. My dad went shopping one of the days we were there, and he came back to our apartment with this huge baby. I have worshipped my father ever since. A wonderful set. It cost about AU$150, but the best part was - my parents paid for it! Hey, I would be happy to pay $200 myself. The roof removal mechanism's my favourite part. I'd take the roof on and off 200 times a day. It's just so pushy! 10/10
  10. MrBlack103

    REVIEW: 8958 Granite Grinder

    The new Power Miners sets look great. However, as many people have already said, I personally prefer the "sci-fi industry" feel of Rock Raiders to the "modern industry" feel of Power Miners.
  11. MrBlack103

    Modular Yellow Castle 375/6075

    This is shaping up to be on my personal "year's MOCs of note" list. Well done! Even more congrats because it is due to this creation that the list exists. Two suggestions, though. One, that the stable deserves a center column supporting it along with some arches. ATM it looks a bit "spindly" (I personally wouldn't care if it only housed 2 horses after this change). The other suggestion is that you get rid of the round tower. Don't get me wrong, you've done an amazing job on it (I couldn't do it even if I had that many 1x1 rounds, let alone in any particular colour). It's just that it doesn't seem to fit with the Yellow Castle's "style". Once again, a great MOC, and very deserving of a good old, classic smiley (or two , or three , and so on ).
  12. MrBlack103

    Which Castle Sets Do you want for 2009?

    Light yellow skin tones perhaps?
  13. MrBlack103

    What New Themes or Sets would you like TLG to make?

    How about a "chess theme" where you can buy the master set (board plus classic pieces) and then there are more sets with factions based on different themes. This way people could buy their favourite faction then have a game.
  14. MrBlack103

    Age Seperation: Y or N?

    I think the question is not of "age" seperation, but of "freedom" seperation. For example, for all the little kiddies, there's only a set of questions, responses etc. that they can use. A bit like the brick game on Then all the bigger kids (and slightly braver little kids) can use the "free" chat option, while of course being restricted against swear words etc. Both these options would, of course, be on different game worlds. P.S. random alien dude =>
  15. MrBlack103

    Exo-Force Kanji translation?

    That's not Kanji, that's katakana. Unfortunately, I never learnt that script...